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Singapore's largest optical retail chain.

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Great service

I often visit Spectacle Hut once every few years to get a pair of glasses, the most recent being last year in order to get a pair of standard black glasses before my enlistment. Though poorly dressed that I was (In singlet, shorts and running shoes after going for a run), I found the experience pretty satisfactory. The salesperson was genuine in his attitude towards me, patient in showing the range (limited though it was) of glasses that were available, courteously answering all the queries about the promotions that were available. The service was so good that the person called me immediately upon arrival of the spectacles and even gave me spectacle hooks for free.

Moreover, I like it that Spectacle Hut offers vouchers. However, they often come at the wrong time, when I wasn't planning on buying spectacles. With the short validity period, it often creates a rush to purchase a pair, which i gave up in the end. Maybe I could blame it on my good quality spectacles, which often last me a long time. Though somewhat expensive, I believe the quality more than makes it worthwhile.

A decent shop marketing decent wares!

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Cosy Hut

Spectacle hut was the first spectacle shop that I visited to find my first pair of glasses - I was Primary 3 then, and I cried knowing that I would no longer have perfect eyesight.

The result of my incessant playing of computer games and reading in poor light conditions, I suppose. Even though I was so sulky the day I went to get my spectacles, I remember the person in Spectacle hut being really friendly, helpful and sweet. Having found out that it was my first time getting glasses, she gave me so many designs to choose from - it was as though I was having a spectacle show. Yes, the place was filled with spectacles and it felt so cosy like a hut.

Maybe I misjudged the idea of wearing spectacles when I was young. Ever since that experience I have loved trying on different spectacle styles to see the different kinds of looks I give.

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(Updated: April 22, 2013)

Nothing spectacular

Spectacle Hub seemed to thrive all thanks to it's uniquely vibrant logo. Most stores that sells spectacles would own logos that pales in comparison to the one Spectacle Hut own. Apart from that, the contents weren't that amazing. This store is a master of advertising though. Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, even humongous posters directly in front of it's store. I was swayed. It said I could attain several contact lenses under $50. How rare is that?

I entered the store to enquire more regarding the offer stated outside. Not bad. The store was deserted yet the worker there seemed keen on providing me more information regarding that offer. Apparently, stores that are usually empty throughout the day will contain workers that are buzzing with annoyance and persistence over the slightest hint of activity. The worker attending to my enquiries was brief yet concise. Far from the realm of persistency.

I recalled attaining a voucher for spectacle hut after purchasing something in a store that escaped my memory system. Armed with this voucher, I scoured the store in search of a new pair of spectacles. Unfortunately, the array of spectacles available in Spectacle Hut was rather mediocre. Nothing refreshingly amazing. They sold all the been there, used that, seen that frames.

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Mixed experiences

My experiences at spectacle hut have been rather mixed. When I first got my contacts, I needed to be trained on how to put on the contacts and I was taught by this rather rude and uncaring lady. She just roughly gave me broad instructions and left me to try to put on the contacts, sometimes giving me this condescending 'i-can't-be-bothered-with-you" look. Urghh.

but the other staff members were pretty nice and they gave me advice on what kinds of contacts I should get progressively (from dailys to monthlies and all). Comparing with my friends contacts, i've realised that spectacle hut's prices are quite expensive. But my mum says to buy from there cos she trusts them, so oh well.

As for the spectacles, well, I think other shops have better variety. I never really got any specs from spectacle hut. Mainly, for me, its the contacts supply.

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West Mall
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