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Listing created by equina on September 18, 2013    

Uke GOT TALENT is a ukulele open-mic series organised by Ukulele Movement. It is both a platform to showcase ukulele talents and a meet-up for ukulele enthusiasts or anyone who is just curious about the ukulele.

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Light music

Being an avid player of the ukulele, this is one event that really appeals to me.

With the local talent that signs up for the event, it is a treat for those that go to appreciate the music that is being played there. Depending on the location, the event can be good for a family day out to enjoy a series of light music.

The players there also tend to inspire me to play the ukulele even more. Maybe if someday if I train hard enough, I too can join in this event and be looked up to by beginner ukulele players.

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