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Museum of Horrors

Museum of Horrors

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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on June 25, 2013    

The Museum of Horrors, a showcase of the classic Hollywood movie monsters, scenes of legendary horror folklore from different horror genres returns with all new monsters, new levels of terror and also debuts SE Asia’s 1st Creepy FunHouse Horror in 3D!

There will be dioramas depicting the best of Hollywood movie horror scenes, popular folklore, tales of terror from all horror genres... all set up in SCAPE’s Warehouse Hall, with live costumed trained talents adding a shock factor to add to the experience.

The air-conditioned 500-seater Warehouse auditorium at SCAPE will be transformed into a horror theme park, with more than 20 sets and incorporate a horror mini-maze, where visitors can interact with live characters, props, backdrops, recreated scenes of terror in air-conditioned comfort in the heart of town!


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