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Wawawa Bistro by The Reservoir

Wawawa Bistro by The Reservoir Hot

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901 Bedok Reservoir Road Singapore 479266
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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 23, 2012    

Wawawa Bistro is located in the sculpture garden in Bedok Reservoir Park, and offers a menu selection of food influenced by traditional German cooking. The restaurant also houses a cafe section, in which there is a dessert bar, and even space for live musicians to perform. 

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Lovely Western food accompanied by reservoir breeze

Wawawa Bistro by the Reservoir is certainly aptly named. Though I don't quite understand why a restaurant would name itself Wawawa, it's certainly a bistro by the reservoir (Bedok Reservoir, if I may add), and its unique location certainly adds on further to its charm.

Wawawa is a pretty good place for a romantic date. Picture a dinner, with a cool breeze from the reservoir coming in from a side, accompanied by indie/jazz/oldies music, while you're seated on spacious lounge chairs - is there anything about this combination that does not sound remotely romantic? Thumbs up for ambience, I would say, because Wawawa certainly nailed it perfectly.

The food at Wawawa is above average as well - though the food cannot be considered absolutely delicious, it was certainly good enough for me to finish my entire plate of pasta. I tried the Chicken and Mushroom Carbonara, which was creamy, but not excessively so such that it made me queasy.

Service was prompt, as my food was served up relatively quickly. The staff was pretty friendly as well, and he even cracked a few jokes with my family while recommending some dishes.

A good restaurant with amazing ambience. Couples ought to come here for a romantic dinner, then go for a light stroll after that around Bedok Reservoir Park to aid with digestion!

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