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Rasputin Russian Bar & Restaurant

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3B River Valley Road 179021
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 06, 2012    

Rasputin Russian Bar & Restaurant is a contemporary ambient pub located in the heart of Clarke Quay that offers superb Russian cuisine which is the only one of it's kind in our city. Rasputin's is perfect for chilling out and unwinding or even a romantic dinner with your loved one. the food is served in hearty portions coupled with the quantifying elegance that one associates with fine dining.  

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Just like old times

Rasputin is one of the clubs I frequent, ever since my other favourite clubs have all been shut down - those that used to be at Mohammed Sultan and Boat Quay. (Small clubs, ghetto vibes.)

This is a place where you can make it your home. Very cozy setting, and friendly crowd. The people who go there are usually regulars. And if they're not yet, they will be.

Love Rasputin because it's probably the only club these days where you can find good ol' school hiphop and RnB music! Especially on their event nights - 'Promiscuous'. Everyone is dancing and practically everyone knows everyone in there!

I was just there yesterday to celebrate my friend's 24th birthday! Dropped a side of my earring while dancing and there were these two bouncers who were flashing their torchlights and helping me search for it! We eventually found it thanks to one of them.

Great experience as always. I never fail to leave the club feeling drunk. So for people looking for chill out/ mediocre weekends, this is definitely not for you.

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Good Music
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Clarke Quay
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(Updated: December 03, 2012)

Classic Bourgeois !!!

A sleazy, third rate place that reeks of cheap plastic! There is nothing Russian here except the Vodka!! All the waiters, bouncers are Indians who are underpaid, have low IQs and a short temper! Went there on Wednesday and bouncer slapped me inside the club because my legs were inappropriately resting on the sofa!! When I came out to look for him, he punched me (Photo attached)!! Criminal lawyers working on 'Assault' charges against bouncer!

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I bought vouchers on Groupon for Rasputin awhile back, and I didn't regret it!

The waitresses are very friendly and are all Russians, lending an unparalleled air of authenticity to this place. With trendyand catchy Russian music playing, we were ushered to our seats inside. The menu was not very thick, but had lots of dishes inside. The waitress was very helpful in explaining to us what all the dishes were, which was tremendously helpful, given that we didn't recognise anything on the menu!

Our order came within minutes and was super tasty! The huge portions and flavoured meats and soup made for a very good meal, and I honestly can't wait to head back there again!

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(Updated: September 23, 2012)

Friendly Staff, Great for Trying Russian Food

It was my first time ever sampling Russian food, so I cannot comment on the authenticity of the food. However, most of the waitresses are from Russia, and they are really friendly, and eager to share their culture with the locals here.

For starters, I’d recommend the Mushroom Blini. It’s basically a pancake with mushrooms stuffed inside. It isn’t too rich, nor fluffy like a dessert pancake, and the mushrooms are cooked well, so it’s a great way to start the meal. For the main course, I had the salmon and trout dish. It was peppery, and it was a bit one-dimensional for my liking, but the portion was huge. Overall, it was a decent meal, and I am sure it’s a great place for anyone who would like to try some Russian food.

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