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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on January 08, 2014    

Did you know Singapore had once had to abandon an entire HDB estate? Conspiracy theorist love to say its because this place is haunted and the residents were 'forced out'. I think its just because Singapore is nearer to Australia than it is to Lim Chu Kang.

All these buildings in Neo Tiew estate still remain, a more algae looking version of themselves devoid of human life. Just be careful if you want to go exploring here because the SAF uses it occasionally for training and notices are put up when that happens.

Pictures from joyloh.

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picture from joyloh
picture from joyloh
picture from joyloh
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Famous yet spooky

If you have noticed that near the opening of the film Ah Boys to Men, the HDB scenes are actually filmed in the abandoned Neo Tiew HDB estate. Scenes of carnage and slaughter of civilian are made extremely realistic, which I definitely attribute to the loneliness and isolation of the estate. Central to Singapore's chronicles of its spooky local legends, the housing estate really looks bright, sunny and peaceful by day, but by night, it really feels spooky. I generally allude this to the aura of the entire stretch of Lim Chu Kang area, home to the largest cemeteries of the island nation.

Rumours are about that this estate was abandoned due to paranormal encounters, and I'm inclined to agree as the whole area seems illuminated at night when there are no wired electricity. Although I have never used the area during my NS, I had travelled past it to Sungei Gedong Camp in many occasions, and it looks terribly lonely. A step in the play would definitely bring you back to the era of the '80s. Thats really how old the estate is!

However, such a site is indeed a valuable asset. How rare is there a chance to actually visit an actual site remnant of the old days these days. It is really a part of Singapore's past heritage, one which we indeed should cherish.

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