Attitude Performing Arts Studio

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  #01-29 & 15, Bukit Timah Plaza No 1, Jalan Anak Bukit Singapore 588996
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Attitude Performing Arts Studio opened in 2001, and has taken many students under its wing. The school specialises in classical ballet, but also offers a wide range of other dance genres such as jazz, hip-hop and tap dance. The school has 6 dance studios, a merchandise store and their own cafe. 


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The best cheesecake at the most unimaginable place
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From its name, it’s obvious that Attitude Performing Arts Studio is a school for performing arts. The centre is huuuge, with 6 dance studios to host a variety of dance genres such as classical ballet, tap dancing and hip hop. But you wouldn’t have imagined, that the best cheesecake is found in the Fringe Café at the entrance of the school.

The New York Cheesecake is the best I’ve tasted. The creamy texture of the cheese, the right amount of firmness in the cake and the authentic cheese flavour – it’s really amazing. The cake is not too spongy like the other cheesecakes I’ve tasted, but not too thick either. If cheesecakes aren’t your kinda thing, you should try their chocolate cakes too. The rich chocolatey flavour won’t disappoint for sure.

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet like me. Just visit Attitude Performing Arts Studio for their Fringe Café to try out their glorious selection of cakes that would satisfy your sweet cravings.

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