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The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World at Sentosa, Hard Rock Hotel 8 Sentosa Gateway Singapore
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Listing created by bxbong on April 05, 2013    

The Coliseum is an outdoor concert venue situated above Hard Rock Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa. Able to house about a 1000-strong crowd, this location has held concerts by popular acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, FUN. and Demi Lovato.

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Quite a large venue, but remains intimate

When one of my favourite Indie Rock bands announced that they would be performing in Singapore, I was both excited yet nervous. Wrongfully I thought that a rock concert in Singapore would be on the tame side, with lots of security telling people not to push against each other too hard and amongst other fun ruining rules. What I found instead, was that the Coliseum was the perfect venue and created an electric atmosphere.

I also wrongly presumed that as it was at the Hard Rock Hotel, it would be in an oversized room and the atmosphere would be lost, but what I was instead met with was an intimate space, just the right size and allowing us to be up close and personal with the band itself. It gave the feeling of being in a small venue back when the band were first forming and even though I had seen the band previously at a festival, at the Coliseum it was just a whole new level.

The negatives were those that often come with music venues, not being able to bring in your own bottles of water, understandably for safety reasons, but then ridiculously overcharging for bottles of water and beer inside the venue. Also, a major design flaw is revealed when everyone tries to leave, the one small entry/exit which everyone slowly passed through to get in, suddenly faces everyone trying to get out all at once. You end up standing in a hot, sweaty pile of people getting nowhere for 20 minutes and just generally feeling uncomfortable. Minor flaws with an otherwise decent venue.

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In my honest opinion, an sheltered, literally indoors concert space is not a good place to enjoy a concert. Squeezed among big packs of people, not only do you get a whiff of people's unwashed parts, but also tend to feel a lack of space and phobia of the crowd pressing around you for the hour and a half as well.

The Coliseum at Hard Rock Cafe was built with good intentions in mind. Designed to be an outdoor space conducive and convenient for visitors at Sentosa to see the odd performance or two, it is well equipped and sheltered so that programmes can run smoothly and not be affected by faults or by the rain/ intense sunshine. The design is very pleasing as well with the posh Hard Rock Hotel nearby offering authentic Western cuisine as well as breezy air-conditioned places to chill out.

However, one thing I do not like also is the degree of the noise as a result of the enclosed space. A loud vibe of sound resonating again and again is uncomfortable and not conducive to properly enjoying a good performance. However, I'll still find it acceptable as a place for a performance despite areas where it is lacking.

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Meh, could be better.

I came here for the One Republic Native Concert which was free-standing, and although the concert and One Republic was just SPLENDID and beyond words; I have to give the venue two thumbs down. First off, it is a MIGHTY small place; hence it gets REALLY squeezy (as if free standing concerts aren't bad enough). Given my disadvantage of being vertically challenged, my entire concert was pretty much accompanied with having to smell other people's pits, kissing other people's sweaty backs and shifting to and fro to get a decent view of One Republic.

Queuing was also pretty bad. It started raining, and those who were at the outer end were completely drenched in the rain because the area was not completely sheltered. The rain eventually got in and we got a little soaked; nevertheless the ushers were pretty efficient in mopping up the mess.

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Good concert location

I've been here for a B.O.B. concert, and all I can say is, I love the atmosphere here.

Although I'm someone that's really picky about being moshed in between sweaty bodies and annoying people, I find that this venue was one of the better locations for a concert.

When I first walked into the place, I was greeted by a spacious enclosure with the stage in the front. Even from the back, the stage was in clear-view, it was elevated high enough for easy viewing. Before the concert started, people were already clustering to the front. I decided to hang back a little and chill out to the music in my own little space behind. Surprisingly, while there was a huge turnout, the place still had lots of space for movement (and no, I did not have to squeeze between sweaty bodies)).

Acoustics wise, the place was reverberating with the catchy raps of B.O.B. and his original tunes. It was the best night of my life.

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Perhaps not a very good idea for a rock concert

I went to a Japanese rock concert held at The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel a little less than a month ago, and I have to say - while the music was truly amazing, the venue did little to satisfy.

While The Coliseum may be spacious, I don't actually think the space matters that much at a concert where everyone is probably trying to push forward in an attempt to touch the lead singer's holy feet. Furthermore, The Coliseum, being an open-air arena, definitely gets overbearingly hot and stuffy mid-concert. In fact, during the concert that I attended, everyone around me was jumping and screaming and wiping their sweat every 5 minutes. And let me tell you this - there is absolutely nothing more horrifying than to feel a drop of water land on your cheek, and you look up to see if it's raining, only to realise that the venue is sheltered and that the drop of water actually belongs to someone else's sweat.

Not to mention, the fact that a thousand (or possibly more) screaming fans are being packed together under a stuffy roof means a lot of reused air, and I do suppose this could potentially spell trouble for those with asthma. In fact, just in the span of an hour and a half, I'd witnessed at least two people being carried out by their friends for some fresh air.

That being said, The Coliseum undeniably has a wonderful audio system, and the music simply reverberates around the hall and the bass goes deep into your spine.

The Coliseum definitely has the potential to be a wonderful concert venue. Just box it up and put in an air-conditioner (or twenty), and it'd certainly be rock haven.

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(Updated: April 08, 2013)


I thought this venue was allocated specifically for most probably line dancing or taichi. It is so spacious. The wind seemed to billow constantly there. Come weekend, this spacious area transformed. There were humongous black boxes circumferencing the area. Wires were coiled up to a tangled mess at one corner. Microphone stands were erected. There was a humongous banner sprawled across the floor. The words "Alien Huang" was emblazoned over it.

Who is he? I had absolutely zero idea. His name is rather apt though. Alien. I googled him and discovered that he was slated to perform the next day.

The Hard Rock hotel room's balcony windows rattled as Alien launched a full blast rehersal. Fortunately, Alien produces songs that wasn't so out of earth till my ears may bleed. It was actually listenable. I should subscribe myself as a fan. Where is his official fan page?

This venue has the ability of producing a stereo surround audio quality. Remarkable! It is also located by the large spread pool Hard Rock hotel offers. They should totally smash down the partition that separates the pool and stage. It may be like a standing pit. Except a wet one. In Singapore's. Who could resist that, who?

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