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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

A specially designed kid-friendly playground arena to engage your child’s sense of direction, motion and coordination. Friendly facilitators ensure play is both fun and safe and they also offer party rooms to host birthday parties and field trips.

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Great fun for kids

I used to frequent Kidz Amaze quite often when my brother and I were younger. I was a great indoor playground, especially if you are looking for a place to hide from the rain or the scorching sun and still be able to have some fun indoors.

The entire playground is extremely kid-friendly, as all the structures are padded and the balls used are all foam. Nettings and other structures are also in place so it is very safe even for very young children to play. What makes this place great is the central catapult machines on every level and I remember forming teams with some of the children and “attacking” the others who threaten to snatch our spot at the catapult machines. This is a great way for children to learn to play with one another and really encourages teamwork!

The playground, however, does get very crowded especially during the school holidays and the playground is also not built for older children and adults as the crawling spaces can be very small.

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I went there as a volunteer together with about forty children, but there was still plenty of space to move about and play. Originally, I was quite afraid that the kids were going to fall and hurt themselves, but relaxed after a while when no accidents occurred. The reason why is because the entire structure is children-friendly. Poles and floors are thickly padded, and there are additional nets strategically placed to prevent injury should any accident occur (not that I've seen or heard of them being used, fortunately).

The slides are the best part of this place. Ranging from heights of one storey to a few storeys high, they are perfect for testing the courage of all ages. During the time I played there with the kids, even the primary 1 children dared to go down the highest slide, emerging safely from the other end with exhilarated smiles and eager to try it again.

Unless you're going on a non-crowded day, I do not advise those above age 14 to go. The structures there mainly require you to go down on all fours; so the height factor should be considered. Since I was much taller than the children, I took up a lot of space and frequently blocked the excited children who were more nimble than me. No footwear is allowed in there, so people who are going, please remember to bring along a pair of socks, or else you'll have to purchase them for $5 a pair at the counter!

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Makes me feel like I wanna be a kid all over again!

My kid cousins are always bugging me to bring them back here after I brought them here for the first time last year. And honestly, I can understand why. this playground is literally the best I've seen! The first time I was there, I was surprised to see secondary school kids there as well!

Their soft play centres are a hit and I find that this place subconsciously encourages learning while playing, and the best thing is that the kids don't realise it! Their facilitators are always friendly and eager to help, I have no complaints about them whatsoever. Kudos to SAFRA for this establishment!

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Bounces you back into childhood

I wish there were more places like this one.

Kidz Amaze is our old-school bouncy playgrounds except 5 stories high and with mroe obstacles than the old ones. I came here with my baby brother and sister a few weeks back and it has made me feel young again.

The structures here are all equipped with thick, cushioned linings so the kids here like to fall off the stairs or plop themselves onto the racks. The balls are soft and there are machines that'll catapult them into the air and all around. There are also guns where you can load the balls to and aim to the noisy kids and try to silence them with harmless bullets. I have learnt, very sadly so, that it is to no avail though.

The slides are stories high and it's fun to hear the screams all the way down. It's not too steep though despite the height of it. I'm pretty sure with enough skills, I can knit a sweater entering at the entrance and be done with an intricate piece worthy of winter by the time I'm down.

Overall a really fun place. My baby brother managed to drag my parents into the play pen with us and it was fun watching them hopelessly mounting the structures. So either come with your family for a good time, or drag friend/lover down and judge their stamina today!

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Jurong Safra
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