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Listing created by swingapore on April 19, 2012    

Jitterbugs Swingapore® is excited to present to our new Dance Education Programme! For the last 14 years, Jitterbugs Swingapore® has been one of Singapore’s largest commercial dance studios. From Jan 2014 onwards, we have redirected our focus into your children. We offer an elite programme based solely on the prestigious syllabi offered by the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance (CSTD).

From 1 Jan 2014, we will only be offering classes in CSTD Modern Jazz, CSTD Tapping and CSTD Classical Ballet syllabi. For our older students, we will offer CSTD Contemporary and Body Conditioning. Our programme will commence at 4 years old, with combined classes in Jazz, Tap and Classical Ballet.

Our Adult dance programme includes classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and street social dances – Lindy Hop, Salsa and West Coast Swing.

We also have studios for rental. We offer 6 studio spaces with sprung floor and dance mats in 3 of the larger studios.

For more information, please see our Web site at

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Weekday Opening Hours:
2pm - 10pm
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9am to 6pm
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  • $10-$20
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Swinging the wrong way

This is one of the dance school that seems to be quite a popular choice amongst dancers who are keen on learning how to dance. This could possibly be due to the fact that Jitterbugs has been known for their acrobatic training which offers dacners who are good enough a contract with Jitterbugs - they are invited to stay with the studio and perform for them either locally or internationally, which can be very good exposure in the field of performing arts.

However, despite that, the studio always seems to be empty. I had a trial lesson with an open session once with Jitterbugs and did not really have a good impression of the studio. While I had taken up the contemporary class that was supposed to be 1 hr 10 mins, more than half the lesson was spent warming up the body which made the class too short and ineffective. The teacher was also not very engaging which didn't entice me to sign up for any of their classes despite the range of dance styles they offer.

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(Updated: January 08, 2014)

Bad Experience

I try to always give positive remarks about anything I review, but I truly did not enjoy my experience here. First of all, the classes are quite pricey, and an average student would not be able to afford it.

Secondly, the instructor that I had was not very friendly. Since my friends and I were beginners, we tended to make quite a few mistakes, and it was obvious that the instructor was irritated by us. We felt belittled compared to the other participants, some who had dance backgrounds.

In the end, I did not even retain the dance moves I learnt. Trust me, this place is not worth it. For the money, I would have expected at least to have some fun, but the complete opposite happened.

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Either you are already a dancer or you are out of the game in this school

Jitterbugs is a dance school with a large variety of options for dance enthusiasts. This a school for those who want to try out something new, have fun or simply make new friends! The space is extensive and they are many studios for classes. The time slots for classes meet with the needs of working adults and it is located in the basement of The Cathay, making it easily accessible for those travelling by public transport. Moreover, the prices for classes are really affordable and it provides the opportunity to pay by each lesson or a stretch of lessons for $100++. Plus if you are a member, you get discounts of new classes you sign up for. Many students take different types of classes from Jazz to Ballet to Hip Hop and even Salsa. They even have instructors to teach acrobatics.

Despite all these, I personally feel that this is a place for people to have fun at and when it comes down to serious dancing or structures, this is no place for beginners. Although they do provide beginner lessons, upon entering the class you will find that most of the students have either attended the lessons in the previous term or are already much more experienced. The students are not on par with each other and this easily causes serious beginner dancers to be disheartened. For example, the school provides beginner ballet for a period of 8 weeks and after that the same students are left to join a HUGE class of students already learning ballet for more than a year or even 2 years. Some would even be doing exams. Personally I feel that the school aims on quantity rather than providing quality. I also know of many people who leave Jitterbugs very quickly from entering. Furthermore, the staff are not very helpful and it looks as if they are gossiping about the students from their attitudes.
They do not specialize in any specific dance. Therefore, beginner dancers who want to learn on a structured level and in a class where you are on the same page as others, you might want to consider schools concentrating on Ballet, Ballroom dancing and the like.

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Location and price
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great fun

Sign up for student/NS membership at only $25 and you stand to register for classes at only $15 each instead of the usual $20! They also offer dance cards where purchasing 12 lessons gets you 1 lesson free.

Jitterbugs is not only conveniently located near Dhoby Ghaut, it also offers a great variety of dance lessons. From Jazz to Hiphop to Tap, Ballet, Salsa, Contemporary and even Circus. Their dance instructors are also very talented and helpful, patient enough to guide you through and friendly enough so that you won't feel intimidated approaching them for help.

Offering 8-week courses for beginners, it is a effective way for one to begin learning the basics of a certain genre of dance by practicing regularly. They also offer open classes for the intermediate and advanced students, which gives them the flexibility to attend when they can since they have the ability to keep up.

Do try to make it for their annual [email protected], Jitterbug's open house, where you can attend a day's worth of classes from any dance genre for the price of only $10!

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so many classes to choose from

Dancers are spoilt for choice with the wide range of classes offered here from partner dances and kids classes to street styles. Plus points include the convenience of its location, fairly big studios and the fact that they offer an open class system but also intro courses for absolute beginners who want a more structured start.

However, classes can tend to get quite crowded especially for the more popular Jazz and Hip Hop lessons. That said, the teachers try their best to change lines and are friendly and open to answering any questions during the lesson.

Their annual open house is a good time to try out the classes there at a really good price – paying for one class but dancing a variety of styles for the whole day. They tend to have discounts for their courses or dance cards on that day too.

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