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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Acro Polates is Singapore’s most dedicated pole-fitness studio with the sole aim to bring passion into dance and fitness, in a safe and professional environment, through our internationally-certified instructors. Acro Polates, as the name implies, indicates our focus on conditioning your body for the acrobatic flexibility, and elevating your fitness level on a pole. Our studio specializes in pole-fitness and pole-dancing on both static and spinny pole. We are privileged to be recognized as the first school in Singapore to venture into Tissue/Silk and Lyra/Hoop, and offered our students the opportunity to be the first to indulge in the beautiful art of aerial dance locally. The often misconception of pole-dancing is link to its roots of burlesque and if you think the only style is being provocative and sexually-charged, we are happy to open your eyes to this healthy sport, which is no mean feat as a fitness regime! Pole fitness is not only fun, but it works and tone more muscles than you can imagine, including the abdominals, biceps, triceps, abductors, thighs, calves, shoulders and the list goes on.

We believe in non-conforming each individual’s expression of self, thus allowing our students to communicate their sensuality and personal stories through a myriad of styles as they progress, creating mesmerizing art-forms in their dances. It encourages confidence, creativity and a unique style that is not limited to simply exotic dancing. Our priority is to ease our students, regardless of beginners or experienced dancers into the various courses available, suited to the fitness levels of individuals to ensure the experience with us will be an enriching and fulfilling one amidst the fun. The programs transcend all ages and fitness levels as we rely heavily on the expertise of our instructors pacing your progress. We are engaged in building passion and love for what we do, and take pride in elevating the confidence and experiences of our instructors and students alike. We definitely look forward to you to be a part of this special camaraderie, and share the concrete bonds we have established and valued with each and every one of our students.

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