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#04-43, Sim Lim Square 1 Rochor Canal Road Singapore 188504
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on June 15, 2013    

A repair shop on level 4 on Sim Lim square

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great repair shop

Having been to two repair shops before this, I was getting really frustrated because the "technicians" seemed really clueless. I was getting a blue screen of death error. The first ignored everything I told him and ran windows recovery and system repair which I told him I already did.

So of course he ended up in the same spot as me and then told me the computer was irreparable and I had to reformat it. Come on! I did those things too like I told you! That's why I came to you after that!

The second shop had a bunch of ah bengs who had no idea what they were doing. I am all for rehabilitative jobs but people gotta have proper training. Little beng was asking big beng how to start windows in safe mode, fiddled around with the computer for 10 minutes then gave up.

Basically they just wasted time and were unable to diagnose the problem. At least the repair service fee in Sim Lim is $30 so if they are unable to solve the problem they won't charge you.

I was quite disheartened at this point and then I stumbled upon the drop & fix shop. It looked like he was the owner - exactly the type of guy i was looking for so I went in. His name was Azrin was able to instantly diagnose the problem - a faulty graphics card. He booted the computer up with his per-configured thumbdrive to check on the drivers first which confirmed his suspicion.

And thanks to his help I saved a whole lot of time and effort. Yay for qualified technicians and I hope those looking to find repairs in Sim Lim Square find this review useful.

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