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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 20, 2014    

A drugstore brand of shampoo specifically manufactured to target different hair types and hence providing a solution for unmanageable hair. Easily found at supermarts and convenience stores.

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Average brand

I had the honour of trying Sunsilk at least more than once since my mother makes the shampoo decisions.

From the outset, the brand Sunsilk strikes me as an average brand that has been growing through the increased number of advertisements on television. While there is an impression of silk from the texture and colour of the shampoo that comes out of the nicely packaged anorexic bottle, it seems that there isn't much sun - the glow on one's that is promised from the advertisements never materialise. I don't see a glow that comes from my hair - in fact, the smell of the shampoo seems to fade very quickly unlike other shampoos such as herbal essences.

To be honest, I hardly pay attention to the feeling of the shampoo on my head, but I do remember the nice texture of the shampoo before application.

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Neither sun nor silk

My father was an avid fan of Sunsilk. It was one of the world’s mysterious mystery as to why he finds Sunsilk shampoo impressive. Personally, the shampoo seemed ordinary. The packaging is banal. The contents seemed lackluster. Even the scent isn’t as aromatic or strong as their competitors, Herbal Essences.

I attempted using Sunsilk shampoo for several days. Similarly, like Herbal Essences shampoo, it felt like I didn’t shampoo my hair for centuries. This one was slightly worst. It just felt like I applied H20 on my scalp as a form of shampoo. Herbal Essence, despite feeling like applying merely H20 too, had at least some sort of delicious scent. Sunsilk didn’t function as a shampoo. Nor did it have any strong aromatic scents. The scent that emitted from the bottle, stuck on the hair or roots for several seconds after applying it. Then, there were no traces whatsoever that I had just applied shampoo. My roots itched and my hair felt dry. I was appalled when I attempted to comb several strands of my hair with my fingers. It was severely tangled and it felt like the horse’s mane. Sunsilk failed to impress.

I purchased another renown brand of shampoo which functions as how it was supposed to. Then, I introduced it to my father. That shampoo has pried open his eyes towards the harsh and literally rough reality Sunsilk lathered out to be. Hence, his interest towards Sunsilk weaned. He’s now much more loyal towards another shampoo from a differing brand, that functions as how it should function; like a shampoo.

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Hell NO!

One sentence is all that is needed to get my point across about Sunsilk - their products gave me dandruff and inflammed hair roots. I thought, just because it is a drugstore brand that is widely used, the line of products will be good. Boy, do I have to learn that the hard way!

I don't know if it's just me, but it caused me to have a horribly itchy scalp with an added bonus of red blotches everywhere on my head. I wasn't able to wear black during this period of time. Maybe I'm allergic to some of the chemicals found in their products, or maybe it is made with a very low quality. Either ways, I am never letting Sunsilk products to be in contact with my scalp/hair for the rest of my life.

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Too much silicone

My hair will feel very lumpy and greasy if I use the shampoo. At first, I thought it was doing a good job making my hair smooth but continuous usage makes my hair lumpy. The shampoo also gives me lots of dandruff!

I only use the hair mask since it is cheap and doesn't need to be put on the scalp and most hair masks work the same anyway. I'm not sure if silicone is damaging to the hair but if I only use shampoo of any sort without conditioner or hair mask, my hair will be very messy.

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Only Marketing

Sunsilk has a wide range of hair products. They market their items strongly, giving their packagings makeovers and using hair experts to certify its effectiveness. I was enticed by their advertisements, it's pretty hard not to. I became more of a Sunsilk fan, and my personal favourite was the everyday light shampoo. It's the one that comes in a light blue bottle.

However, I soon realised that Sunsilk was more talk than good. I didn't find the products effective, nor useful. My hair condition stayed the same, and no improvements were made. I think Sunsilk is simply normal shampoos with good packaging and marketing. If you are looking for something that will better your hair condition, I do not recommend Sunsilk.

But I like using it together with other products. The light shampoo that I mentioned earlier is indeed mild and it doesn't feel so chemical. It makes a great complement to the other shampoos I use, like my anti-dandruff or anti oily scalp one. Probably depends on your preference! I have friends who love Sunsilk and swear by it. For me, it just doesn't work.

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Nothing too fancy

Sunsilk is widely used by a lot of females, especially. I used for a couple of months back then and thought it was generally okay.

I got the pink one; silky smooth and manageable. For a drugstore brand, I believe it's of the better quality. It smells not bad with hints of sweet fruit and the conditioner does its part well in ridding my hair of the usual tangles but what I think is not that fancy, is that they use silicon in their conditioners -a lot of it-, like many other hair care brands.

How could I tell? Because only a very little amount was needed to smooth-out my entire head of hair, which is a lot, trust me. The fact that it was also hard to rinse off is a tell-tale sign as well.
Silicon though not entirely damaging, isn't really encouraged because it's not natural.

I'd recommend other miracle-working conditioners that are rid of silicon, like Reveur!

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