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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on December 09, 2013    

An online store that sells authentic and high quality cosmetic lenses. They specialize in magic lenses that provides enlarged pupils for the doll-like effect. Fast order confirmations and shipping.

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good place to get lenses

Honeycolor is one of the best cosmetic contact lens websites I've ever come across. The wide range of brands that they stock, affordable prices, and efficient service makes shopping there quite a pleasant experience too.

Unfortunately since I don't wear cosmetic lenses often, the shipping costs weren't very friendly to my wallet. The first pair costs USD4 to be shipped, with each additional pair costing USD1. Hence if you're just going to buy a few pairs, the shipping costs may be a consideration! However, if you're a regular user of cosmetic lenses, or have many friends who are, then ordering in bulk together would make the shipping costs cheaper.

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Quality lenses

I don't wear cosmetic lenses often but for the occasional important day or two, I'd wear those I've purchased safely from

This website, has plenty of cosmetics lenses for you to choose from, everyone would surely be able to find something they like! I am especially grateful for how they keep their website organized. They have tabs that help you filter out lenses you're looking for according to:

- Type
- Diameter
- Price Range

I think these functions are really helpful because I don't like browsing through a whole list of random lenses (which clearly takes up a lot of my time) before I'm able to narrow down to the few I like. They also allow you to view prices according to your country's currency which is really much needed. Saves me the trouble of visiting every time. HAHA!

When it comes to shipping, they give the options of normal/express mail. I've tried the express delivery once and guess what?! It came just 2 days later, which was extremely efficient for an online store!

This cosmetic webstore is also recommended by Xiaxue so it's definitely a trusted source!

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