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Holika Holika is a cosmetics and skincare brand from Korea.


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Good Stuff!

The first time I actually visited a branch of Holika Holika was actually in Korea itself, and I bought their Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer, which was a great decision, because it was really cheap (about SGD5, I remember), and the product itself worked pretty well with its given price.

Over here in Singapore, I came across in by chance while taking a trip downtown - the salesperson was friendly, and completely indulged in all my question about their products. She was able to answer some health-related concerns I had with their make-up because I'm personally quite an anal person about anything that goes on my skin. And I really just enjoyed being around that place because of how clean-cut and bright the place was.

I ended up getting a couple of things that day, but I was also given a couple of sample packages, one of them being a Wine Therapy face mask of sorts which worked surprisingly well on my skin (Combination), so I will definitely be going down again sometime soon to check out more stuff.

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Cuteness Overload

I have a confession to make. I was only drawn to this brand cos' of Jung Ill Woo. But he's such a cutie how can you not?? But i was pretty glad I came to this brand!

My favourite product from them from my tiny collection is the Pure Mellow moisture tint is 03. It's a coral tint, great for everyday wear that instantly brightens your face. I personally like tints since the don't wear off that fast and require little touch-ups. And this lip tint especially because it has such a great fruity smell and is less drying, though it's still better with lip balm.

Another product I purchased is their nail polish in 28, a coral colour. And yea, if you haven't yet guessed, I've got a thing for coral. The colour is amazing but I did find the formula a little too thick, which hinders the application process. And does require a longer time to dry. But it is such a perfect colour when totally dried, and I've received such compliments on them!

Besides, all their products tend to have cuter packaging. Just like the Egg Soap which I purchased. It actually really comes in a mini egg carton! The soap works decently too. I got the charcoal one for oily skin.

I'm looking to give their Aqua Petit Jelly bb cream a try next!

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Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

I have had the chance of using the Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner and I am still on the fence about it. The shades I have are 11 Light Brown Amber and 12 Olive Jade. Seeing as these eyeliners are glitter infused I decided to get colors out of my comfort zone (black). The colors are indeed beautiful. The colors were infused with complex shimmers and it is not hard to see why they used the word 'Jewel'. It is really soft and creamy, so soft that I broke 11 Light Brown Amber when I used a little too much pressure :( I guess the softness contributes to the creaminess so yeah it can't be helped that is is soft if you want it creamy enough to go across the sensitive eye area.

The disappointing part was that it wasn't waterproof for me. I yawned and I found my eyes littered with shimmers and the color from the upper lid transferred to the lower lid. Something which I don't really like! The annoying part then steps in. Once I found the glittery party around my eyes, I immediately went to remove it. The shimmer/glitter was SO hard to remove, I must have used all of my force. The glitter is not waterproof and hard to remove and this means that it will stick on your face. Sorry but I am not signing up to be a walking disco ball...!

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My current makeup staple

Holika Holika is one of the many Korean cosmetic brands that managed to appeal to the international masses. I started to notice Holika Holika after Korean rock band CNBLUE endorsed the brand but I was cautious about using their products because I didn't know much about them. After seeing swatches and getting opinions, I decided to switch from using Skin79's bb cream to their Clearing Petit BB Cream - and I have absolutely no regrets doing so.

While I tend to avoid scented beauty/cosmetic products, this bb cream was absolutely amazing. The bb cream was very natural on my skin and it suited my skin tone unlike the other bb cream brands that I have tried. It also reduced my facial sebum slightly, masked enlarged pores and didn't cause me any acne breakout. Furthermore, it is very affordable, especially when purchased from reliable online sources. The fact that the Clearing Petit BB cream provides UV protection (SPF 30) is a huge selling point for me.

Aside from Holika Holika's bb creams, I have given their 'Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner' a try. While they held true to their word about the pencil eyeliner being waterproof, it did not change my preference of liquid eyeliners over pencil ones.

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Clearing Petit BB Cream
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