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Listing created by poppy on February 18, 2013    

Majolica Marjoca is a cosmetics line under Shiseido. 


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Really great first experience with makeup

THE NAME. I have to say, if there was one thing I'd change about this product, it would be the name. When I first saw it in stores, it really didn't ring a bell at all. Didn't help that the name sounds a lot like some other drugstore brand I saw in Watsons once upon a time. It just sounded cheap to me, I didn't figure out it was by Shiseido till much later.

I have to say, Shiseido knows what it's doing (can't really say the same for its cleanser, though, much too dry, although the range of masks fixes that quite nicely). This cosmetics range is pretty decent, and really did some work settling me and readying me for my other forays into the world of makeup. The products do not clog my pores or break me out, which is saying something because I break out quite easily from unsuitable products. This is good if you have sensitive skin.

The mascaras are good, I suppose. Haven't really tried enough other mascaras to say that with much certainty, but they don't smudge, which is a plus point (sensitive eyes that tear up easily). So you can wear it on days with guaranteed waterworks (i.e. romcom night?)

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I chanced upon Majolica Marjoca in Watsons while having my makeup shopping frenzy. The first thing I thought was "Wow! This brand looks vintage with a touch of Victorian".

Awesome packaging. TICK
Good variety of choices. TICK
Good quality. TICK
Wallet-friendly. TICK

My list of criteria ticked, I decided to get myself a tube of mascara. I must say, it was beyond my expectation. It lengthens and keeps my eyelashes curled without the need of an eyelash curler, which has become a hassle for me as of lately. Majolica Marjoca's range of mascara is now one of my holy grail of mascaras.

I have yet to extend my purchase and use of their lipgloss and eyeliner. It will probably be on my next beauty products shopping list!

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Gothic Lolita Style

When I first saw Majolica Marjoca on the shelves of Watsons, I told myself that I had to own the entire collection, even if I didn’t use make-up much. The packaging is so classic victorian lolita and it really appeals to both girly girls as well as those more into punk!

The first item I purchased was the eye-liner. Sadly, it was really prone to smudging and because the pigment was really rich, it was just not a good combination.

However, I am all praise for the perfume which my sister got for me on my birthday. The scent makes you feel young and sweet, and among my perfumes, it is my favourite.

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Best drugstore mascara brand

My rating is solely for their mascara. I rave about their mascara to my girl friends all the time. Whenever someone asks me for an affordable mascara, I would recommend MM without hesitation. I've tried their different range of mascaras and my favorite would be the Lash Expander Frame Plus.

It really opens up my eyes by elongating my lashes and holding the curl well. The mascara does not apply in clumps and separates my lashes well too. Of course, you have to apply the mascara properly if not even the best mascara would not perform well. The mascara is smudge proof and water proof and looks very natural when you put 1 coat on. For a more dramatic result, layer it on. I really like their packaging as well. You can tell that they put in a lot of effort on the design of their products. They have seasonal releases as well and sometimes, there are even tinted mascaras! Last year, they released a brown and a blue one. I did not get it but I am sure MM mascaras will not disappoint :)

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They promised long fluttery lashes, and that's what they gave, and that's what they are famous for. I've only tried one item from MM, which of course has to be their Mascaras, and honestly, I'm very amazed how long and softer my lashes can look with their mascaras! Most mascaras that I apply seem to give this crusty look to my lashes, which is really weird to have crispy hair on your eyes. MM is one of the few brands that ensure that my lashes don't look like spider legs and crispy!

I adore their packaging. Vintage Art Nouveau style with very whimsical and mysterious alluring beauty. I LOVE.

Recently, I noticed that they have brought in liquid blush is raspberry and it gives the loveliest color ever! Definitely next on my to get list!

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(Updated: February 18, 2013)

No more short lashes, yay

If you have yet to try out the famous Majolica Marjoca’s mascaras, you better hurry! This is one of the best mascaras brand I’ve tried, and at a bargain price! My favourite mascara from the line is the Lash King — expect voluminous lashes with just one single swipe (of course, pile it up for that extra dramatic effect). It is not that difficult to remove as well, for me at least, though my friends have complained otherwise. The entire make up line is also very affordable (at below $30, I think). The Shiseido company did not disappoint indeed.

You can always stock up on their mascaras during Watsons/Guardian sale.

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