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Founded in 2010, MISSHA is started by one of the four major beauty company in Korea. MISSHA offers a wide range of beauty products from skin care, body care, foot care, colour cosmetics and accessories.


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Best BB cream missha singapore

I myself have never buy any makeup misha because of concerns that blain, based on past experience to use Korean beauty products. I'm not saying that misha protect skin to taste will aggravate the condition of my skin, but I do have a tendency to categorize brands such as with other south Korean brands TheFaceShop I have major problems. I think, this is just my preference.
I am eager to try revolutionary anti-aging product range, is usually compared to SKII, known as a cheaper option. Stores have sales promotion, I decided to treat nature after I found that my skin is not sensitive. After two weeks, I feel my skin become a little more fair. Did not reduce defects of products. However, it does not cause any rash or rash. In addition, it helps the skin. I also bought a pure revolutionary exfoliate, it proved to be effective. And the other I have tried to cutin, mild, not to the skin's natural. I'm going to buy an oil-free sunscreen, but unfortunately, the lump in my palm on the application of the tester which is definitely a didn't go.I often buy:

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Crazy for Nail Polish

I've never personally purchased any makeup from Missha due to a fear of breakouts, based on past experiences of using Korean beauty products. I'm not saying that Missha's skin care products will worsen my skin condition, but I do have a tendency to categorise the brand with other Korean brands such as TheFaceShop which I had major issues with. I suppose, it's just preference on my part.

However, I love their nail polishes. They have a good range of colours which will attract customers of various ages. I have had purchased quite a number of them over a span of a few years. One thing we have to keep in mind is that they are unlike OPI or Sally Hansen, which are of great quality and doesn't chip so easily. Besides the average quality, it is perfect for anyone who changes their nail colour every so often.

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Cheers for PERFECT cover!

So I was just done gushing about how bad the SKIN 79 BB Cream was and I am here to write a good review for the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream! I have it in shade #23 and it's a perfect match for me. I only need a little of the BB cream to cover my whole face and it does not give me an icky pasty look. It brightens, covers and makes me look fresher, which is the whole point of a BB cream! It controls my oily face as well. I don't see myself blotting that much anymore. It does not get patchy or oxidize throughout the day. Stays true to your skin color!! Coverage is awesome, you won't need additional concealers if you have some surface redness or light scars/hyperpigmentation.

Watsons is selling them at $36.90 but I would probably buy it online where i can get it for much cheaper. I really like this BB cream and I've even stopped using my foundations.

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(Updated: February 26, 2013)

Best BB cream everrrr!

I was searching for a bb cream that would suit combination skin and I came across reviews stating that Missha's Perfect Cover M has relatively good oil control and good coverage as well. I have decided to give this a shot and the verdict is.. I LOVE IT! (!!! SO MUCH)

So much to the extent that I never bothered looking for other bb creams and i'm currently at my third bottle. It's unfortunate that Missha in Singapore overpriced them, i think it's about $40+ for a 50ml bottle, I always resort to buying them online because it would be less than half the price (about $20)

I think i will be using this for a long long time. I went to Korea last December and bought 5 bottles at a go. Till I find a better one, you're all I have Missha (hahahah)

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In quest of the Korean Complexion

I have read raving reviews about this Korean brand online, and when it opened its third branch at JCube, which is a stone's throw away from my home, I was so excited and eager to visit it.

The JCube branch is small, and thus it can be rather crammed. Nonetheless, there were enough shop assistants to cater to the crowd. I would like to commend their quality customer service. They are most helpful in assisting patrons. Some of the products only have descriptions in Korean, which most people are unable to comprehend. They also have strong knowledge of the products. For instance, I asked for an oil-free sunscreen and the beauty adviser was quickly able to direct me to a range of oil-free products. While a couple of the beauty advisers can get rather pushy, most are friendly and keen to help.

I was eager to try the Time Revolution anti-ageing range of products, which are often compared to SKII and known as a cheaper alternative. As the store was having a promotion, I decided to get the treatment essence after I discovered that my skin wasn't sensitive to it. After two weeks, I felt that my skin became slightly fairer. The product did little to lighten the blemishes. Nonetheless, it hasn't caused any breakouts or rashes. Furthermore, it hydrates the skin well. I also bought The Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater, which proved to be effective. Unlike other exfoliators that I have tried, it is mild and not over-drying on the skin. I had intended to buy an oil-free sunscreen as well, but sadly, bumps appeared on the back of my palm when I applied the Tester so it was definitely a no go.

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