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Kose is a cosmetics and skin care brand.


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Not for dry skin

My mom buys this from Japan all the time!

I have the entire range of products at home - with the lotion, emulsion and moisturizer, the works. The smell is really faint, and quite unnoticeable after a while. Although it does leave a pretty nice feeling, leaving your face feel bare and not oily or anything, it doesn't do much for my skin. I suppose a plus point would be that it didn't break me out either.

I don't blame the product, really, I have pretty dry and hard-to-manage skin, so if you have oily skin, this may be the product for you. It really isn't oily at all, in fact, on the contrary, it's pretty matte.

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A brand worth trying

Recently I have tried on Kose’s sunscreen lotion and bb cream and was rather surprised with their effects.

For the sunscreen lotion, I really like that it isn’t oily at all! I seriously couldn’t feel a thing on my skin, which is what I am looking for. And for the bb cream, the same goes for it. It isn’t as oily as other brands and the cream really glides smoothly over my skin. I also love the fact that the texture isn’t like those thick cream, hence completing the whole natural look.
Before these, my friends have been raving about their black mask. I’m sure many of you have heard about it. I like that it can easily remove the impurities and I secretly love the pain of peeling them off :x

Before I end off, I think Kose is rather good for people with sensitive skin as well. I have a friend who is sensitive to many brands but kose seems to work wonders for her. But as like all skincare products, I think the safest bet is to try some samples to see what really works for you!

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Not too effective

I have tried the medicated sekkisei lotion and emulsion. The lotion acts as a toner and it reeks of alcohol. However, it doesn't dry out the skin. I received them free as a gift from a friend.

The sekkisei lotion helps to soften the skin but I think that's all that it does. I somewhat like the smell of it. The emulsion clogs my pores a little so I end up using it on my neck instead. The lotion can also be used as a mask by pouring it on cotton pads. I wasn't careful in placing the cotton pads on my face so it stung my eyes a little.

I have also tried the black mask once and it was painful when I peeled it off. Not recommended.

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Powder wash

I have had the chance to try out their popular white powder wash and it is a unique experience because it was my first time using a powder face cleanser. I had a sample bottle that came together with my mother's purchase of some items from Kose and the small bottle was exactly like how the full-sized one was, just that it was smaller.

I poured the white powder onto my palms, about the size of a 20 cent coin. Added water and it lathers SO fast and so well!!! Upon lathering, I realized that the amount of powder I poured was just too much and I only needed a little for it to lather to the right amount for my face. It did a good job in cleaning my oily face but it felt a little tight and squeaky after that. I guess because it is essentially a powder and powders are known to be dry as compared to say a cream or liquid cleanser. I used it on and off and didn't notice any irritations. I would choose to bring this powder cleansers overseas because carry on baggage have rules over liquids and powders are a safe choice to bring. No worries over accidental spills or leakages as well. If you have dry skin, I would advise you to stay away from the powder cleanser. It is more suitable for normal to oily skin types.

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Love this brand

In the rare moments I apply makeup, which is usually for dance performances, it is essential that I have a good facial cleanser after the removal of makeup. Kose's Sekkisei Emulsion is my essential requirement, and it is really good on the skin. Not only do I feel that it absorbs well into my skin, it also makes my face feel 'cleaner' after all the layers of makeup. It is light on my skin and also moisturizes my skin, which is in need of nourishment after the grueling dance hours.

However, do use it after serum, as I had a friend who also used Kose straight after cleansing and her skin felt grimy :S Also, you do not need a large amount to cover your face, a little bit will go a long way! My Sekkisei Emulsion has been used by both my mum and I for quite a number of years, and it does not cause any irritation whatsoever.

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(Updated: February 16, 2013)

Good skincare line

Because my mother has been a Kose user for years, it is no surprise that I would eventually use their products as well. I have been using the Junkisui cleanser (most recognizable by its green packaging) since I started a cleansing routine and found it satisfactory for my combination skin. No breakouts, no itchiness, so I have stuck to it for quite awhile.

A popular item from Kose has got to be the Seikisho Mask White, used primarily for the removal of dead cells. It is a peel off mask that helps in clearing pores, and it is effective as long as you use it religiously.

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