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Benefit Cosmetics is an America cosmetics brand that adds a dash of humour into their products. 


Benefit Boutique at Westgate
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Love Benefit!

Going to a Benefit counter would be like a kid going to a candy shop. Everything about Benefit screams fun and girly. The counters are pink, the products have creative names such as “Gimmie Brow” and “Hello Gorgeous” and their friendly SAs are called Benebabes!

Benefit often releases sets with tiny mini products inside; these sets are a great way to try the products before committing to the full size! Over the years, I have accumulated many minis and was able to try many Benefit products without ever purchasing the full size. My top three picks from Benefit would be: High Beam, Hoola, Benetint.

Benefit calls High Beam the “supermodel in the bottle” and I would have to agree with that. It is a must-have for me whenever I want to look like I’m a Victoria’s Secret model (which let’s face it, I’m not). It gives me a beautiful glow on my cheekbones and yet it’s not overly shimmery or glittery. It’s the perfect liquid highlighter for cool-toned ladies. It is similar to Nars’ Copacabana illuminator. For warm-toned ladies, opt for Moon Beam instead. It is described as a “golden apricot” shade which will add a warm shimmer to your face.

Whenever I want to channel my inner Kim Kardashian, I will use Hoola to contour my face to fake those cheekbones. When contouring, you’d want to use a matte bronzer and Hoola is completely matte brown which makes it perfect! Hoola and High Beam are a match made in heaven to achieve the Kardashian look. Well done Benefit!

Lastly, Benetint is an amazing multi-tasking product for the cheeks and lips! No wonder it’s one of their cult products. Apply it on the cheeks with your fingers for a natural flush that will last you all day or use dab some onto your lips to look like you just ate a bowl of cherries. ;) If you are going for an even more intense look on the cheeks, you can layer Sugarbomb blush over Benetint.

Benefit is a brand that has won me over with their cute packaging and quirky names. Every girl needs Benefit products in her stash!

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Benefit Boutique at Westgate
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(Updated: January 16, 2014)

Value for money

Every time I pass Benefit in Sephora, I never fail to see girls swooning over all the prettily packaged products. They can cost slightly more than what you'd expect to pay for cosmetics but is certainly worth it.

I purchased and am still using their eyebrow crayon in light brown. It comes in 2 shades, light and dark brown. Remember to get the shade that is 2 tones lighter than your hair for a more natural look! I've always had this problem with drawing my brows because somehow, my past brow products aren't as easily applicable as Benefit's. I had to keep swiping the pencil across my brows to build up on the coloring. Oh how many strands of hair I might've already lost..

With Benefit's eyebrow crayon, only a light swipe is needed. You can't imagine how much time that saves me! A few accurate swipes can give you perfectly done-up brows in just a few seconds.

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I came specifically to rave about the Porefessional. It is amazing amazing amazing. Is that enough to convince you of how much I like that product yet? It really IS AMAZING.

I have genetically bigger pores, which can be a great hassle when you're trying to do an air-brushed photoready look. And honestly, in my opinion, whilst pores are natural and look perfectly acceptable, my gaping wide ones are an exception. So when I came across this product and read of its wonders, I grabbed my chance.

And it really really does minimise the size of my pores, so magically. And the best part is how it acts as an amazing mattifying primer. Applying this on my t-zone and cheeks, where I grease easily, my make-up lasts so much longer.

The only thing I have against this is probably the price. Sighpie.

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Best packaging out there!

Perhaps the best part about Benefit Cosmetics is their packaging. Very 50s-60s inspired, with women in retro looks featured on their products, often quoted saying witty and funny one-liners.

In terms of quality, Benefit is pretty good. Similar to what you'd expect from slightly upscale brands like MAC or Urban Decay. They do have some special items, like the 'Sexy Motherpucker' that is worth a look. The product that I mentioned, for example, helps to make your lips bigger and sexier, which is a product I've not seen anywhere else.

Overall, if you'd like to purchase from Benefit, consider going for the special items that are not manufactured by other brands. For items like foundation, mascara, eyeliner etc, it might be a good idea to look at other brands first before deciding whether Benefit has the best ones.

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the prime of your life

I received a tube of Porefessional primer from Benefit for my birthday this year and I must say, it works wonders. I used to have big pores when I was younger due to all the pimple squeezing I did during my secondary school years. I've tried many brands and wasted a lot of money on products that promised to minimise my pores. Porefessional is the very first product that actually works. It also helps smoothen my complexion underneath my makeup.

I do find the prices of their cosmetics and beauty products to be quite expensive. I recently just finished my Porefessional tube and popped by one of their stores to stock up. At $45, it was beyond the amount I would pay for a tube of face primer, especially for a measly amount. However, I decided to give their brow bar a shot. It lasted for 30 minutes and professionally done by a brow expert; which was worth the $22 I paid for.

As much as I want to purchase Benefit products that come in attractive and pretty packaging; I would rather just stick to the brow bar instead to maintain my untamed eyebrows.

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All in one

I have always preferred going out with my bare face, maybe with an application of a layer of sunblock and that's it.

Recently, I have received a Benefit Cosmetic Kit as a birthday present from my aunt and I was so thrilled when I first saw it. As a 'beginner', I would say that the cosmetic kit was absolutely perfect for me because it consists of almost everything that could glam my bare face up.

Apart from its contents, in the kit, it also provides you with a small postcard as guidelines to using each content found in the cosmetic kit in the correct way. Adding on, it also provides you with the ingredients used for each content in the cosmetic kit as well as its origin.

Now, I can go out shopping feeling even more confident with proper makeup put on. Thumbs up for Benefit!

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Products for lazy girls

Benefit has carved a name for herself among girls all over the world. They capture fluttering hearts with their smart packaging, witty names and products that are good for lazy girls. I don't mean anything negative by saying 'lazy' but as we all get so caught up and busy, don't we all appreciate simple products with double or multiple purposes?

My favorite from Benefit is the cult favorite lip and cheek tint called BeneTint. It is a strawberry red tint that when lightly dabbed on your cheeks and lips, gives you the rosy glow that even Snow White would be jealous of. It stays on and does not fade. The tint can be drying on the lips but there's nothing a swipe or two of lip balm can't solve. The color is natural and fits my warm skin tone. I have seen it on girls with cooler skin tone and they look equally great as well. If you are wary of red and pinks, you can try their ChaCha Tint which is a coral tint. That's what I am aiming next!! It looks like it would give me a healthy glow like I've just came back from the beach.

Benefit products do not come cheap but they last really long and the quality is worth every cent. Every girl needs to own Benefit!

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Love their packaging!

All hail gorgeous, cleverly-designed packagings! Everytime I go to Sephora I would always stop by the Benefit area because they're such a treat to the eyes!

Anyway, I splurged on myself the other day and brought the BeneTint. I'm not really a fan of blushes and a bit of cheek/lip tint is all I need, really. It works wonderful. It looks and feels completely natural, and it actually stays on all day (maybe because I put on primer beforehand). But because it's quite pricey, I save it for special occasions. I haven't tried it on my lips, even though I know I can (it'll just be weird for me).

I'm eye-ing their Bad Gal Lash mascara now..

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benefits to the next level

Benefit's best seller, Benetint is the best product ever made for ladies who prefers natural & fresh make-up on a daily basis. It is a rose-tinted lip & cheek stain which is kiss-proof, naturally sheer & sexy on all complexions. I simply rely on benetint for my daily make up as it instantly brightens up my face & my lips would appear like I've just eaten a popsicle :p

Most importantly it saves me a whole lot of time in the morning, because I can just apply the tint on my lips & cheeks and rub it around till it’s fully absorbed into my skin and off I go to work. Benetint is definitely my number one choice for natural, kissable lips & cheeks. Your man wouldn't be able to resist kissing those flushed cheeks! I know mine cant ;)

Make-up Tip : Apply Vaseline on the apples of your cheek to achieve a dewy, sweet look along with Benetint.
Wallet savvy Tip: Purchase Benefit's Benetint from their website. Although shipping is a hassle, it really can save you a lot of money.

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More than just Cosmetics

I first got to know this brand when I saw its section in one of the bigger departmental stores in Singapore any years ago. This was also where I bought my first bottle of perfume. I was very attracted to the store because of its unique design that stood out from the other shops. It was a younger change, with more spunk and colour and the designs on the cosmetic were more graphic as compared to the standard ones with plain looks.

The "lee-lee" scent I purchased was of one with a mixture of fresh and fruity and the bottle was printed with nice details, even paired with a case that had an "open-walkway" for the bottle to be used. I really like it and still have it till today, even though I eventually got quite sick of the scent because it was too popular around and I did not want to smell like everyone else. I tried their other cosmetics, and they are pretty regular other than the fact that they really do have nice decorations and prints that make it extra attractive. The price range of the cosmetics are relatively cheaper than luxury brands, although I find more of cosmetics than of beauty supplements and products at the counter. Recently discovered some nice matte lip colour from benefit online that I have yet to check out in stores!

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