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The L'Oreal Group is currently the largest international cosmetics and beauty company. 


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The Best Of Drugstore Cosmetics

I must admit - I’ve always been rather skeptical of drugstore cosmetics as they often don’t put into practice what they preach. But I am almost never disappointed with what I get from L’Oreal. From hair to night creams to mascara, it seems that L’Oreal has it covered.

Two beauty staples that I wear on an everyday basis are their Brow Artist Plumper Mascara ($10) and Nude Magique CC Cream ($14). What I love most about these products are their affordable prices coupled with no-fuss formulas. Both glide on very smoothly and are highly long-lasting. In particular, the brow plumper is sooo pigmented and took me by surprise for a drugstore brand. Ah, every girl’s dream.

Due to the popularity of this brand, it makes its appearance in literally every major shopping mall. Check Watsons, Guardian, NTUC… anywhere also can find lah.

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(Updated: July 08, 2016)

Summer skin protector

In the land of eternal summer, sunscreen is a must have. After trying the UV Perfect Even Complexion SPF50 PA++++ Advanced 12 Hours UV Protector, I decided to get the Anti Dullness and Aqua Essence in the same line.

Right off the bat, the packaging appealed to me as it was easy to get product out while maintaining hygiene. The Even Complexion works best if you’re looking for a tinted moisturiser, and the Aqua Essence would be a brill base for your makeup. My personal favourite is the Anti Dullness, as it does a substantial job reducing the sallowness of my skin.

These sunscreens need time to settle into your skin, or you may risk looking extremely oily. On me, the Aqua Essence dried down the fastest and looked the least greasy, almost like a serum. However, the Anti Dullness and Even Complexion took a good fifteen minutes to be completely absorbed into my skin.

This line has quickly found its way into my daily skincare routine, and I urge you to try one of them out if you’ve always struggled to find your go-to sunscreen.

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Wide range of hair care

They have a variety of hair care products that I simply love, especially their new Mythic Oil. This is oil is quite a miracle to me when I got it as a conditioner replacement for one of my overseas trip.

For me, it's a MUST to use conditioner every time I wash my hair, else my hair would just be unmanageable and frizzy. My friend and I were running out of time and didn't have a small container to store my conditioner in. So the lazy us just bought this mythic oil with our fingers crossed that it'll work as well in keeping our hair moisturized.

In my opinion, most hair oils are either too greasy, smell weird, not effective enough or doesn't last long.

This oil is just brilliant! It can smell a little strong for some but the quality is superb. The oil isn't at all greasy once its absorbed into the hair. It also kept my tresses shiny and straight throughout the day!

I also know of many salons that use this oil as a finishing touch after fixing their customers' hair.

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I love L'oreal! Especially their shampoo. *_* They smell so amazingly great and the best thing is how they actually work.

The affirming product was the Fall Repair anti-hair fall shampoo. There was a period where I had a very bad case of hair-fall, so much so I was starting to bear nightmares of pre-mature balding. Which was when I purchased this product, and it works wonders! For starters, the shampoo smells GREAT, and my friends tell me so. Yes, I have friends who sniff my head. And it really works! My hair-fall debilitated and I was so so so glad and was also the point I just fell in love with L'oreal's shampoo.

So yes, anytime you have a hair problem, that's not too too serious that is, try L'oreal!

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DIY perfection

Out of Loreal's wide range of products available, the one product I have been purchasing without hesitation is their hair colour such as Casting Crème Gloss and Excellence Crème Pro Keratin. They have a variety of shades to suit everyone with all skin types/colours. I normally get brown based colours because of my olive skin.

I love the fact that their hair colour products are ammonia free. This actually lessens the ammonia smell that can cause migraines when sniffing for too long. Apart from their easy application, I find their colour to remain bright for 3 weeks; the longest period of time among all the hair colour brands.

I definitely recommend hair colour products from Loreal to individuals who would rather colour their hair DIY-style instead of visting the salon.

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I have used quite a number of L'oreal products over the last few years, but I usually use their conditioners most often. L'oreal is really good at doing product advertisements and they frequently use a lot of models to front their products but sadly, I don't really like their conditioners very much. Apart from having lots of hype, I think their conditioners are normal at best. It's nothing too fanciful and it does its job well, but there's just nothing about it that stands out or would make me excited to return to stores to get it again.

The part that I do like about L'oreal though, is that they are quite a renowned brand that deals in a lot of beauty products but yet still offers their items at inexpensive prices. They are affordable even for students like me, which makes it a very attractive option. My mum used to speak quite well about L'oreal but sadly I cannot do the same! I hope to see better from the brand, but as of now, I will still continue to use their stuff because really, I do not have any major cause for complain.

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A good drugstore brand

Everyone knows L'oreal. Their products are available at almost all drugstores and departmental stores and their advertisements are almost everywhere!

They are relatively inexpensive (as compared to other makeup brands such as MAC and those found at Sephora) and are sometimes even better than those other more expensive brands! However, before I purchase a new product, I would look it up on beauty blogs and platforms to read up on reviews before I make a decision. It is also important to note that within a product line, there are certain products that perform better than others. My favourite line is their L'oreal true match liquid foundation and pressed powder which upon application gives the illusion of flawless skin.

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Loreal products never really appealed to me. Their skincare all smell so artificially fragranced! Their stuff just looks so tacky and unappealing to me. Their lipsticks smell of this weird waxy smell? and when I swatched it, it was kinda gummy and odd. I don't think I want to put that weird stuff on my lips. Their magic lucent BB cream was sheer and useless. Tried a sample of it and threw the rest of it away. Powders are alright I guess but it could be more finely milled. Blushes are boring and made up of the same few colors... nothing exciting overall.

Saw a new lip product called the Shine Caresse but it smelled kinda weird so I did not buy it. Despite not liking Loreal, my mom once bought Loreal's eye and lip makeup remover and it was surprisingly good. It still cannot beat my pink Biore bottle but it changed my perception of the brand a little. Recently I tried the Youth Code Eye Essence and I must say that it's really good and helpful. I might consider looking into the brand again.

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One of my favourite brands

When I was younger, the first thing that comes to my mind about L’Oreal is their whitening moisturizer. It is the first whitening cream that I have used that comes in day and night. I was really tanned back then as I was totally into sports and the sun. However I started to find myself having breakouts and looking really dark. I was really thankful that the L’Oreal cream that my sis gave me really worked for me, for the first time at least. I managed to go back few tones fairer than before. Sad to say, it kind of only worked for me for the first bottle I got. The subsequent bottles seem to have no effect.

And then as I become older, L’Oreal came to mean something different, hair care. Everyone was raving about their hair treatment like mythic oil, L’Oreal salon treatment, hair mask etc. I bought one of its masks but it doesn't seem to work. I would probably try its highly raved mythic oil though.

Despite some disappointments, it will still be one of my favorite brands.

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looking at the hair products...

L'Oreal's hair products are constantly recommended by my hairdresser and this brand is also what her hair salon uses to wash customers' hair. However, I do feel that L'Oreal's range of hair products tend to be slightly strong as they are usually used for treatment purposes and should be avoided being used as a daily hair shampoo and conditioner regime.

Also, as my hair can be classified as being on the oily side even though with the proper treatment, it has improved greatly, I cannot use certain hair products as I feel that they make my hair feel heavier and greasier, which is a disgusting feeling, as you just want to bathe again. :/ L'Oreal's products tend to cause such a feeling, albeit slight, to my hair, therefore if you have a hair condition like mine, I recommend using other products/ using L'Oreal sparingly. However, not all is entirely negative as their Absolut Repair Cellular range is rather good and has a pretty okay smell to it, not entirely overwhelming. Be warned though, it is quite expensive for one tiny bottle, and for me, I would rather spend the same amount of money on a different brand!

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