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NTUC LearningHub aims to enhance the lifelong employability of Singapore's workforce by providing high quality, innovative products and affordable learning. 

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Lousy customer service

I only had one association with NTUC Learning Hub, that was when I had to sit for an exam to attain a Certificate of Employment Intermediary in August 2012.

I honestly had no choice in the matter. NTUC Learning Hub was the only provider administering the examinations. I find that their website is not very user friendly. It's like as if the guy in charge is not aware of the problems facing this website, especially if you are searching and applying for courses and exams online. It also looks like it was made on a shoestring budget.

Then there is the issue of payment. I had to go down to their office in Brash Basah to make it, which was fine by me. When I arrived, I tried to get a queue number but it was not working. My attempt to get it rectified was rewarded by a terse "You wait there" by a CSO. Now, I would expect this CSO to approach me to tell me after the machine has been rectified at the very least. Had she come up to me with a queue number, I would have been extremely impressed. Neither happened.

I approached the CSO in question again, and again I received a terse reply "Machine working oreddy, go take number". I was making mental notes at that time and decided to cut this sorry CSO some slack so as not to make myself look like an ass in public.

In the end, I had to wait 30 minutes, just to complete a 3 minute transaction. Needless to say, a feedback letter followed.

Lesson here is: Customer service, being NTUC, expect NTUC quality. Try to find alternatives if you could help it

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Makes adult learning affordable

I've taken a few adult-learning courses at the NTUC LearningHub to expand my repertoire and bolster my resume. The great thing about this place is that there are heavy subsidies for Singaporeans, and further discounts on top of that for NTUC card-holding members. So a course which costs $1200 cost me only $110!

Also, the range of courses they provide also provide people with lots of options in which to gain their paper qualifications. I'm thankful that NTUC LearningHub is offering such a pathway for adult learners. Their classrooms are big and with a class size of less than 30, it's conducive to study in relative ease.

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