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A Roasted Taste of Handcrafted Obsession

Uncovering a coffee’s true potential has become a serious obsession at Tully’s. With an overwhelming respect for coffee beans, every set of hands it passes through plays an essential part on its journey from the field to your cup.

Since 1992, in Seattle, Washington, Tully’s works with the world’s leading coffee growers –true agricultural artisans– in order to source the top 10% of Arabica beans produced. Because at Tully’s the perfect cuppa starts with the perfect bean, hence the pursuit of the finest, highest-quality beans. Using only the top 10% of Arabica beans, across the 65 different varieties of its similar species, these beans go through the toughest and most stringent quality checks, before landing themselves into the Tully’s roasts. And cnce the fruits of their labor are in the Master Roaster’s hands, the real fun begins.

He roasts, and cups, and adjusts a dizzying number of variables until he has found a way to bring the coffee’s truest characteristics to the surface. The beans are then introduced into the roaster where they’re carefully roasted and brought to you in a cup for your enjoyment.

At Tully’s in Orchard Central, she partners in celebration with Quiznos, as part of their joint anniversary celebrations. Enjoy a 30% discount off a cup of Tully’s with every purchase of a 6” sub and vice versa.

That’s a steal, we must add. And the result of everyone’s hard work and dedication?

A cup of coffee that is striking, unique and truly handcrafted.

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The first and last time I went to Tully’s was because I had a few vouchers to use and decided to use them on Tully’s.

I was rather excited to try it out because it seems like a pretty decent cafe and simply because I had not tried it before. However, it was clearly disappointing. Our coffee took a long time to be made and it was really tasteless. It doesn't taste like coffee at all, really diluted and bitter. I ordered mocha and even had to get extra syrup from the counter. My friend only drank a few sips and totally gave up, while I managed to finish half of the cup.

I was quite astonished by the taste but I think I might still give it a try someday. And yes, it is a pretty quiet and cosy place to chill though.

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Too sweet

I ordered the ice blended mocha once and I can say that it's one of the worst coffee I've ever tasted from a coffee chain. I would have been much better off with a 'Kopi C' from a coffee shop. It tasted diluted but at the same time it was too sweet. So this leaves me with only one conclusion: they diluted the coffee and added more sugar hoping that the sugar would be enough to satisfy the taste buds of their customers. Well, I'm not going anywhere near there again. Starbucks and Coffeebean are a thousand times better than this!

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Orchard Central
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A bad cuppa means I'm never going back

The only Tully’s I have had was also at Orchard Central, but I am never having another cup. The place was rather small, and quiet, but also felt rather ‘dead’. I opted for a take-away instead before heading to Quiznos for lunch. I regretted the coffee instantly. It was not only bland and diluted, the taste was all off - sour and probably not made fresh at all. If I remember right, the price was also higher than the other coffee chains. My lousy cup of coffee may have been due to the quiet location (less customers, less brewing) but with an experience like that, I’m not likely to give them another chance even at another location.

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A quiet spot to get work done

The ideal place to get some work done. Located on the third floor of Orchard Central, it is pretty quiet on weekdays if you need a spot to crank out some serious work. With free Wi-fi and available power points, you can chill out here all day with your laptop and a steaming mug of coffee. Quiznos is also conjoined to Tully's so grabbing a sandwich when you get hungry is pretty convenient. Although the samdwiches at Quiznos are nothing to rave about, the Broccoli cheese soup is definitely worth a try. Don’t let the name or the green color of the soup turn you off. It tastes better than it looks and sounds. The only downside of it is that the portion given is rather small. But good things come in small packages!

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broccoli cheese soup
Branch Location:
Orchard Central
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