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112 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068581
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    
We're pleased to bring you the freshest Handmade Gourmet Muffins & Artisan Coffee and Teas!

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Nice, quaint hideout

Nestled at the edge of Singapore's bustling CBD is The Muffinry. It's an awesome little place with really good food, with prices that aren't too steep. I've recently held a party at this place and the owner has kindly helped to customize all the decorative items for the buffet to the theme of my party. The place was awesome and the guests loved it. I had booked the entire 2 upper levels for the party and the guests felt right at home; furthermore, the really enjoyed the buffet spread.

Food recommendations:

Try their salmon sliders, which are basically mini-burgers. Muffins are great too (since they are called The Muffinry heh), try their savoury mufffins like the Pepperoni and Green Egg muffins.

Oh, and the really have awesome tarts. The Creme Brulee tarts at my party's buffet spread finished 10 minutes after it was served -- guess that says a lot about how good it was.

Overall, a great place to chill with really good food.

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Delicious and totally worth it

My friend and I got lost the first time we went looking for The Muffinry. We decided to give it a shot since one of his friends was working there and he invited us over for a visit.

There are three things that you need to try at this place (and I mean you have to) because if you don't, you're missing out on a lot of good stuff.

The first would obviously be the muffins. They have a wide range of muffins for you to choose from that cater to almost every palette. For example, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chips, Banana Walnut, and the Signature Spiced Carrot & Green Eggs and Ham. It's like muffin paradise there.

The second would be the Mushroom and Feta Quiche. Oh my goodness, this was heaven in my mouth. I have never tasted a better quiche in my life. I usually don't like feta, but this balanced perfectly with everything else. It made me fall in love with quiche all over again. Just that nice big chunk of mushroom, just that nice big lump of feta, and that gorgeous pastry all in one bite. Delicious.

And lastly, the Hot Chocolate. Yes, it sounds normal, but trust me, it is the best hot chocolate in the world. It's rich in taste and just makes you feel all warm and tingly on the inside. Not to mention that it comes beautifully designed. I almost couldn't bear to drink it.

So take out your GPS and your wallet and track this place down. You'll love it.

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Hot Chocolate
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what! no reviews?!

I was browsing my friend's facebook when I saw that she had been to the muffinry.
Looks nice so I decided to pay that place a visit. If you have GPS, it is easy to locate. It's sort of between Raffles place and Outram.. Around there. I walked from Raffles place. 5-10 min walk.

It's a very small cafe with narrow walkways-tables on one side in a single file and a narrow walkway and on your right would be the kitchen area. If you're looking at buying the cakes, you'd have to ask for assistance but you can help yourself to the muffins. Place them either in bags to take away or on plates. you can request for heating of your muffins.
They have good muffins, relatively expensive (about $2+ per muffin?) but good. They have interesting flavours too! A must try is their bacon and spinach one. Or something along those lines.. Ham and spinach or something. Check them out online! They have different menus everyday (diff special muffins). Like I got the rum and raisin one which they only bake on a certain weekday. The rum and raisin was yummy. You can actually taste the rum AND raisin.
I've tasted too many muffins that says "white choc" for example, but tastes like a normal vanilla muffin. Meh.

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