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Ang Mo Kio Library 4300 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 Singapore 569842
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Listing created by Iswariya on September 21, 2012    

With various outlets all over libraries in Singapore, Cafe Galilee has positioned itself as the perfect place to have a cup of tea or coffee while reading your favourite book or even while studying or even researching for a project. 

Always having a quiet ambience, Cafe Galilee is also popular with the student crowd for being a conducive place to study. And to whet their appetites, Cafe Galilee offers up a wide range of pastries and cakes as well. 

With their unique bland of mocha and vanilla powder, the drinks are a definite must-try for all visitors to this little library cafe. 

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Love their drinks!

Cafe Galilee is one of the few places (if not the only place) to get food in the library. They serve a variety of Western fare as well as drinks like iced tea and coffee. However, the items on their menu are borderline expensive and hence, not a good place for average students like myself to patronise often.

I remember having tuition classes at Woodlands Civic Center many years back and often, after my class, my mother would get me a drink from the Woodlands Regional Library's Cafe Galilee. I would always end up choosing their Cookies and Cream Milkshake as it was the best milkshake I've ever had! The cookies and cream were blended really well and the drink itself did not taste too heavy.

Once in a while, I also enjoy sitting in the cafe, reading my newly-borrowed books and sipping a hot drink. This is probably one of my favourite 'simple things in life'. Sigh. Can't wait to visit Cafe Galilee again soon!

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Drinks and Ambience
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Woodlands Regional Library
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The Library Cafe

My most distinct memories of the cafe is always having a drink at the library after I have finished searching for books. Having a nice warm vanilla drink or ice blended smoothie while reading a book which I had just borrowed or a reference book was an experience I enjoyed very much during by younger days.

Other than the mains which I have yet to try, the cafe sells finger food like potato wedges, and while they are your run-off-the-mill finger foods, the quantity matches the price well, and that makes these finger foods value for money. This is definitely one of the places I would visit again in future.

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The food is not bad

I really like the food served here, and the general ambiance of the place. The food is tasty and affordable. I especially like the chicken chunks though I think the portions have been reduced slightly though since long ago. I've been going to the Cafe since primary school; it's a must visit whenever I go to the library. During primary school, I visited the library some once every week and always went to the Cafe for food. It was energy-sapping studying so hard. I don't go there as often anymore because no one lives near enough to go with me often, but when I do I visit the Cafe for sure. Sometimes, I go there just for the food because it's actually really cheap. The main courses like the pasta however aren't, so I haven't really tried them.

It is a convenient place for students and the like to go to for food without having to leave the library so I highly approve of it. In fact, I think that they should have one at every library. We might see an increase in the number of people visiting the libraries..

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At least i won't have to step out of the library to grab a bite...?

The only reason why I saw myself going back to Café Galilee so many times years back was because it was close to my school (which basically had nothing around it).

I thought it was a novel idea for them to open a café in public libraries, where you can have your food and read at the same time. Am I glad that Café Galilee was opened? Yes. Do I see myself craving for anything on their menu anytime soon? No. The menu is pretty standard with your usual pastas and chicken chops and the quality if the food is nothing much to rave about.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go out of his or her way to try the food, but the place is decent enough for you to chill with a book in hand.

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The disappearing outlets

There used to be a Cafe Galilee outlet at Sengkang Community Library. Back in my secondary school days, the highlight of the week would be saving up every cent that I could to spend on a mug of hot chocolate or other delights along the same array of products offered by the Cafe.

Saturday morning, I'd journey to the library, pick up a few novels and sit at a table there sipping a drink while reading. In my opinion, this is pure bliss. On some days where I could afford to spend a little more extravagantly, I'll pick up a piece of their specialty chocolate cake for dessert or try spaghetti for lunch. I used to try other food too, but the cafe has been gone for a while that I've forgotten the menu.

Overall, a bittersweet place with tasty though expensive gourmet, embedded with memories of bygone days.

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wish you were still here!

I used to patronize the Cafe Galilee near my previous school several times a week. My friends and I used to spend our afternoons talking over a cup of Frappe. It was a convenient location right smack in the library so even during the weekends I'll be snuggled up in my favourite corner of the cafe studying or reading library books. It's a very light-hearted and peaceful atmosphere.

Food and drinks wise, it was fantastic, probably one of the best value cafes in the east. They serve your typical coffee drinks and ice blended drinks as well as some creative beverages like ice-cream milkshakes and juice shakes. I would recommend the Moo Moo Milkshake which consists of cookie and cream ice-cream milkshakes and the oh-so-heavenly Iced Chocolate.

Cafe Galilee's iced chocolate is and probably will be my favourite iced chocolate for a long time. Most Cafes prepare their iced chocolate simply by mixing chocolate powder with water and ice, pretty much like something you can make at home. Cafe Galilee's iced chocolate consists of iced vanilla as a base with tons of melting chocolate bits. So the iced chocolate has a distinct gradient with white colour at the top and a blending dark brown at the bottom, much like a hot Latte. Most people seem to mix the whole thing up before drinking but that totally beats the point!!! Drinking one full gulp from the straw gives you a flavourful sensation from a milky vanilla to a mild chocolately taste and finally leaving you with a rich taste of chocolate.

I have also tried the cream and tomato pasta, which was not too bad. The grilled chicken leg served with salad was a healthy yet filling portion. Cafe Galilee also has finger food like wedges, mini hot dogs, honey chicken wings and meatballs. I've tried all of them before and they taste alright even though most of their finger food is high-preservative convenience food. And the best part.... Fried chicken wings. I don't know how they can make a simple dish so delicious, it had two or three layers of golden brown crisp apart from the skin, i absolutely loved the crunchy batter.

However, sad to say, the Pasir Ris branch has closed down and I do miss it dearly, for food or for ambience. I will be hunting down the other available branches soon!

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Pasir Ris National Library
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Extra relaxation at libraries

Before I had my children, relaxing at the libraries was part of my favourite past time. At that time, the central library was not the one at Bugis but the one near Stamford Road. It was an old colonial building and Cafe Galilee was outside the main building. There was a small garden just outside the cafe and the environment was very relaxing especially on days with fine weather.

I liked to have coffee and a piece of cake while sitting outside and enjoying the quiet. The coffee and cake was of acceptable standard and at that time, the price was also acceptable. Recently, I was at the cafe and noticed the price had went up quite a bit. I guessed with the prices of coffee going up at coffee shops, I must accept that prices for cafe should go up more.

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Overpriced, little variety, average taste

I am sure most students or working adults who frequent the library are familiar with this cafe. The good thing about it is that it is conveniently situated inside the library itself and offers meals and drinks to replenish the energy of a tired hardworking soul.

I like how the meals are generous in its servings to keep me full for the entire day. Some of the outlets also offers student meals on weekdays till 5pm, around $5 for the main course (you can choose between Galilee Special Spaghetti or Roastery Chicken Leg if I remembered correctly) and a canned soft drink.

However, unless you buy the student meal, almost all of the items here are overpriced. A small cuppa of average quality can easily fetch up to $5. They also offer desserts such as cheesecakes and brownies, but I wouldn't buy them as the serving is miserable and you can easily get similar desserts in other cafes or bakeries at a cheaper price.

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conveniently located inside national libraries
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Just a decent place for a decent coffee.

Their variety already puts me off. But what do you expect from a cafe that is found at libraries? At least that is what i feel.

They just sell a small variety of hot food and snacks, which in my opinion, looks like mere frozen food plunged into hot oil upon every order. Nothing special. However, the one at jurong east library serves huge portions, i spied from my seat at another table.

Being that i was in the library early in the morning and had no energy and will whatsoever to move around to search for a cuppa, i just plonked myself into their comfy sofas and ordered a latte to go. The latte had no latte art (obviously), but it came sufficiently smooth and creamy. It was a huge cup for the price i paid, so i couldn't complain.

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Bad prices. Bad drinks.

I once ordered a Cookies and cream ice blended or something.

It wasn't ice blended, it was literally chunks of ice. And the drink is horribly sweet, and because the ice chunks wouldn't melt, it made the drink sucked really badly.

The ambience wasn't all that good, the seats were really cramped and I couldn't study properly, and the staff were really rude. The drinks were priced exorbitantly, which is horrible if you account it to the quality of the drinks. Almost $6 for a drink that is probably at the quality of a $0.50 one? No way.

One thing though, their cheese chunky potato thing is really good and kinda worth it. $3.80 I think, and it's quite delicious. Although it's really just potato wedges and cheese.

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