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#B1-37, [email protected] 313 Orchard Road 238895
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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has grown into one of the largest privately-owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in the world. Along the way, The Bean, as it is affectionately known, has become the model for a successful coffee and tea company.

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Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu & PH: 9am - 10pm Fri,Sat & Eve of PH: 9am - 11pm
List of Outlets:
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
#B1-04 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6509 6202

Forum Galleria
583 Orchard Road #01-45/46 Forum The Shopping Mall
Tel: 6733 8005

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-18/19 Great World City
Singapore 237994
Tel: 68360177

Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#B1-12 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801 6509 9742 Sun - Thu & PH: 7.30am - 11pm
Fri,Sat & Eve of PH: 7.30am - 12mn

Manulife Centre
51 Bras Basah Road
#01-02B Manulife Centre
Singapore 189554
Tel: 6238 0267

Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-106 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 4577

Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
#02-04 & #02-K1 Velocity @ Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Tel: 6259 9757

One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road
#01-10 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: 6423 9294

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#01-26 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6509 9934

290 Orchard Road
#01-37 The Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel: 6235 4618

Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6396 3610

Suntec City
No.3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-148 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6333 6211

1 HarbourFront Walk
#02-03/04 Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9924


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Good drinks, bad food.

Coffee Bean certainly does provide good quality coffee, as compared to Starbucks. I prefer their iced drinks compared to the ice blended ones. Although a bit pricey, the iced mocha certainly gives you a good kick of coffee, and it is also balanced out with an exceptional taste of delicious chocolate. Their Macaroni and Cheese however, is simply miserable. I was down at the Holland Village branch the other day, and paid about $10.50 for a Mac and Cheese to go. I looked forward to a hot and good cheesy lunch that afternoon. However when I opened up the box of food, I was unpleasantly greeted with a miserable portion of macaroni and cheap cheese sauce I could easily make myself. It is definitely not worth the money at all and the taste is below average. I will certainly never buy CBTL's mac and cheese again, but their drinks are good!

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Branch Location:
Holland Village
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Studying? Please leave.

I had just sat down in my seat in one of the outlets at coffee bean and tea leaf when a staff came up to me and asked if i was going to study there and he told me that I wasn't allowed and asked me to go outdoors if i wanted to. What annoyed me the most was that at the point in time the whole cafe was empty and i was the only customer there and in this case chasing me out was definitely unreasonable. I still decided to stay there even if it meant i had to sit under the scorching sun . I have always loved the vanilla ice blended that they served and I guess the drink pretty much made up for the poor service that I was subjected to. The ice blended drinks are definitely a must try if you visit this cafe.

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Belgium Chocolatey Goodness

I am not a frequent patron of Coffee Bean, being a loyal fan of Starbucks. However Coffee Bean is still able to offer up beverages that even Starbucks cannot compare, and even offers a large selection of food (main courses and desserts alike), something that Starbucks does not provide.

I love the Ice Blended drinks in Coffee Bean, especially the Belgium Chocolate flavoured one. I concede that it is not a caffeinated drink, but still.. It is the perfect answer for any chocaholic on a hot summer day in Singapore. Cooling and refreshing with the sweetness of chocolate, yet not overpowering due to the edge the dark chocolate provides. The hot drinks don't do it for me, though. The standard Mocha and Latte tastes bland and lacks the kick of caffeine I love my coffee to have. The breakfast sets look good and affordable, though I myself have yet to try one. I do recommend the Cheesecakes though, and the other various cakes you can see through their display cases. Oh but not the Mud Pie, it tastes like a weird chocolate cake.

I still have my allegiance to Starbucks, but various items Coffee Bean provide are still definitely worth coming back for. A little pricey, yes, but the variety complements Starbucks well to give us a complete coffee break experience.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Belgium Chocolate Ice Blended
Branch Location:
Junction 8
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coffee only. and maybe cakes

Do. Not. Go. To. Coffee. Bean. For. Their. Food. period.
it's called coffee bean and tea leaf for a reason.
I like their coffee. I think they make much better coffee compared to Starbucks. It's much more aromatic and doesn't have a burnt taste. Personally I think they have done s=justice to the coffee beans. However, I was thoroughly disappointed with the food. The menu looked good so I decided to give their chicken salad a try and my word, the chicken was SO TOUGH!

It was like biting into a 10-day old chicken! It was so tough that it got stuck between my teeth on my first chew.

Their coffee is priced similar to any other coffee places out there and it doesn't have such a nice ambience compared to Starbucks.
Oh I almost forgot, you have to give their Chocolate of a Thousand Leaves a try! The richness of the chocolate and the creaminess of it.... YUM.

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Chill, Eat, Smile

My favourite CBTL outlet is the one at Fullerton Bay, a quiet outlet with an al fresco option. A long-time favourite beverage of mine is their Vanilla Milkshake. Topped with whipped cream and costing $6, I find this the most flavour-filled drink that CBTL has to offer. The outlet is facing the Marina Bay area, and is perfect for a relaxing afternoon teatime. Their cakes aren't that fantastic, to be honest, but they do have really good cheesecakes. Their Chicago Cheesecake and Pine Cheesecake are definite must-try items. The taste of the cheese isn't too strong as it blends with the texture of the cake. Savour each bite of the Pine Cheesecake, as it is only available one a year during Christmas season. Picture yourself having a nice cool drink and a great cheesecake and you'll find yourself at CBTL.

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bad food, normal drinks. prefer starbucks

I only go to Coffee Bean when I am at a place with no Starbucks. There are many reasons for this.

I love frappe and I love it more when it's loaded with whipped cream. With that said, it is probably evident that good whipped cream is important! I adore the whipped cream at Starbucks because of its texture (not overly whipped, nor is it too liquidy) and you can actually get a whiff of nice smell from the cream at Starbucks. Here.. I get none. I get either overly liquid-y whipped cream or stiff ones. There's no consistent quality control and I hate having my cream this state in a cup and another state in my next. Boo!

The taste of their food is a turn-off. I ordered a chicken and mushroom pasta once and it came with a lot of soup (?). I took a taste and it tasted like... Bak kut teh. Okay, that was very strange to me. I'm having BKT pasta at a coffee house. Boo boo...! I left it untouched after the second mouth. It was gross.

Of course, I have my favorite drink there too (if I need a drink and I cannot locate Starbucks anywhere near). I like the mocha there as it is thick and nice. Not too bad especially when I don't have much expectations of Coffee Bean. Of course, I would order it without whipped cream. I really hope the Coffee Bean at the mall opposite my place would be replaced with a Starbucks!

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great for non-coffee drinkers too

Strangely, despite its name, the drinks I come back to Coffee Bean for repeatedly is non-coffee. Its sunrise and hot vanilla are two of my all-time favorite drinks there. The sunrise is an ice-blended fruity beverage with a burst of citrus flavor that is oh so refreshing. It's great that they offer a kids size too so that makes it less filling. There's nothing fancy about the hot vanilla except that it's a simple comfort drink. Warm, sweet and milky - a great accompaniment while you chill out and read there (as many people do). I also love their Cheesecake as it really has that melt in your mouth sensation - definitely worth trying out.

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Best Part:
sunrise, hot vanilla
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Coffeebean, any time

Coffeebean is my preferred choice when my craving for caffeine kicks in (once in a while, but still). Nothing beats that refreshing gulp of their signature Vanilla Ice-blended. Yes, even for the non-coffee drinker like myself. There is something about the rich aroma of blended caffeine and vanilla that is captivating. The combination excites your taste buds, and leaves a sweet aftertaste. This is one of the best drinks I’ve ever had in my life, and I stand by it 100%. Satisfaction guaranteed, indeed.

The Thousand Leaves cake may not be the best around, but I enjoy it all the same. The chocolate taste is strong, yet not overpowering.

Coffeebean now offers an all day breakfast menu, of which I’ve tried almost all items and loved every single one of them. Perhaps it is due to the lack of proper westernized breakfast options around, Coffeebean makes for a convenient location to get my scrambled eggs and bacon fix. They also offer the Salmon Bagel, an innovative dish for the salmon lovers! Hooray. I like the Orchard Central and Millenia Walk outlets for the serenity and peace that they offer. Coffeebean outlets are also all around Singapore, so locating one shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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The weather in Singapore has always been humid. When it's one of those days, I just want a place to chill out with a nice cup of iced beverage next to me. Coffee bean can offer that to me.

Since I was in secondary school, I've always preferred Coffee bean and tea leaf to the other coffee places. I will always try their new seasonal mixes, but if there are none available, I would always go for either the mocha ice blended coffee or the caramel ice blended coffee. They have a menu of food available as well. I quite liked the pasta carbonara as the gravy was thick and creamy, and the portion was decent.

Other than the food as beverages, I like how they have power points access areas within the vicinity of the cafe. This will allow me to spend at least half a day doing my work and not worry about the horribly short battery life of my gadgets. I like the music they play as well. It's a very general type of chill music. It really helps me relax and focus amidst the bustling activities happening around the mall.

I'm actually writing this interview now at the comfort of the coffee bean and tea leaf outlet at novena square! Of course, accompanied with my mocha ice blended on a hot day like today. Working outside the comforts of home has never been so awesome.

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Nice ambience for a quiet break

Coffee Bean gives a very different feel as compared to Starbucks. Coffee Bean gives a slightly more classy feel due to the nature of their decoration and furnishings. It gives me a feeling that this is a place for coffee and also a place suitable for business proposals to be concluded. I also find that the crowd at Coffee Bean is usually not as noisy as those in other cafes.

Coffee Bean serves great coffee and they also provide some main courses. For the main courses, i would say that although there is a variety of food available, i do not think that the food tastes good. I would probably say that the food is just average. Reason being that no matter how many times i eat their main courses, the taste does not really register in my mind.

They also do serve some sandwiches and bread. Of this, my favourite is the bagels. I like the bagels piping hot, as it is chewy and aromatic. I have tried the various flavours, but i think the plain one is the best. I will usually get a brewed coffee to go with this when i am there.

Recently they have came up with a pineapple vanilla ice blended. I tried that out, and i must say that it is a rather tasty treat. The sourness of the pineapple mixes nicely with the sweet scent of vanilla. For those who have not tried it yet, do try it out.

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not a fan

Coffee Bean is always my preferred choice for a drink whenever I get asked “Coffee Bean or Starbucks?” I may not be a big fan of the management of Coffee Bean but I feel that their drinks are much healthier to a certain extent as compared to Starbucks. Their coffee tastes better too, in my opinion.

My favourite drink has to be the Pure Chocolate Ice Blended.

However, the service staff in Coffee Bean has a lot of working on to do, unlike Starbucks, most of the staff I encountered in CBTL were rude and uncompromising. There’s not much to expect out of the food they serve, most of them are made with the microwave so I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on them.

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Pure Chocolate Ice Blend
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CBTL Original mocha will always have a space in my heart.

I seldom buy drinks from large coffee chains as I feel it’s generally a waste of money. But when I make exceptions, it’s for CBTL. I find that their drinks retain more of the coffee or tea’s integrity, not being as sweet as their competitors’.

My favorite drink from CBTL is the Original Mocha, with full fat milk. The ice blended drink has a rich chocolate-y flavour that sucks you in, composing a delicious treat that is perfect to cool you down on a sweltering hot day. As for their cakes,the Chocolate of a Thousand Leaves cake deserves a special mention. Moist chocolate sponge cake is layered with a decadent hazelnut cream, converging into an indulgent cake.

Although prices for CBTL are rather steep, it is still a good place to go for that occasional treat.

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Yummy Tea

I used to be fervently against Coffee Bean because I was a strictly Starbucks kind of girl. Coffee Bean was like the devil to me and I swore to avoid it at all costs.

But then I started to enjoy drinking tea. (Not more than I enjoy drinking coffee though because I feel like my entire existence is hinged upon coffee.) And the teas at Starbucks just don't cut it. So it was with a heavy heavy heart that I entered the Coffee Bean. I felt guilty handing my money over and even guiltier when I took my first sip.

Okay, all the drama aside, the teas at Coffee Bean are pretty good. But that's coming from someone who doesn't know much about tea, I just know they tasted good. My current obsession is straight black iced tea, I could drink that all day every day.

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Decent Drinks, Not So Decent Food

My favourite drink from CBTL is their pure vanilla frappe. You can't get that at Starbucks (I think). But apart from that, their drinks pale in comparison to the ones at Starbucks. I mean, they both sell overpriced coffees but I'd go back to Starbucks any day.

I've also tried their red velvet cake and let me just say it - disappointing. It was quite dry and the cream cheese was too overpowering, I thought I was going to swear off red velvet forever. Their breakfast menu is not too bad but the portions are quite small, I might as well go elsewhere.

Oh, and their festive flavour? You know, the birthday cake flavour that they released some time ago? It was just pure vanilla with coloured sprinkles. I was so cheated.

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Soothing ambience

Being a café hopper and caffeine addict, the renowned The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has certainly crossed my list of stops more than just a few times. Out of all the outlets I've visited, my favourite has to be Changi Airport T3's CBTL. Junction 8's outlet is a close runner-up, but the constant overcrowding makes the experience more hectic.

T3's outlet has a great atmosphere. It has a classy feel but not daunting enough to scare newcomers. The soothing ambience helps you to unwind and take a break from all the hustle. The lighting is a little blinding at times but that's only if you're exhausted off the edge. Though, it helps me keep awake when I'm studying.

The crowd is usually not too big. On weekdays, it's pretty small even in the afternoon which makes it a great place to chat. They allow studying on weekdays and generally won't stop you on weekends unless the place gets crowded.

The drinks really depend on the barista but most of them have done a good job. What I particularly like about CBTL is that they have a wide array of drinks for those who can't take caffeine. I constantly drag my friends to study with me and a lot of them aren't fans of coffee, so it really helps. If you like coffee that isn't overly sweet but not bitter, I recommend a Mocha Latte.

Food is unfortunately, a big no-no. It's overpriced and doesn't taste that good. Have your coffee there and maybe stop by PastaMania on B2 if you're having pasta cravings.

Overall, whenever I'm looking for a place to talk and relax for an hour or two or if I feel cramped up studying at home, I always head to T3's CBTL. The gentle air really beckons for revisits, especially when you're a student wanting to revise without feeling stressed out.

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Changi Airport Terminal 3
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cake-tasting for cafe experience

A nice slice of cake coupled with a good book and fitting ambience; these were what I was looking forward to as I went to chill at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The Blueberry Meringue during a previous trip to the same outlet probably spurred me to replicate a similar experience now. As I looked at their modest yet tempting selection of cakes, I settled on a Chocolate of A Thousand Leaves slice.

Innocently lying behind the glass, the slice was huge and seemed to be a classic example of a chocolate cake. Pure enough, the first bite packed a punch. It was dense, rich, yet not-too-sweet with a hint of bitterness – the way I like it. Layer after layer biscuit crust, cake, cream complemented each other (so many ways to infuse different tastes of chocolate!), resulting in a decent slice that does your taste buds justice.

However, “good things come in small packages”. While the huge size was value-for-money, subsequent bites stripped it of its previous praises. Each mouthful started getting drier, even hard to swallow. It ended on a rather bitter note (pun intended), with a mundane taste. (I don’t even want to think of the calorie count.)

Sitting on outside the outlet in Jem made it bright and refreshing, besides ignoring the white noise from the crowd. In all, I could still get some reading and relaxing done. Just that I’ll probably go back to lighter tastes like the Blueberry Meringue.

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Best Part:
Probably still the drinks from past experiences
Branch Location:
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(Updated: December 07, 2013)

Good study experience

Coffee Bean has the perfect study environment, and it has a much better atmosphere than Starbucks. It also offers better drinks than Starbucks, all those classic drinks and more variety of ice blended drinks. One cup can keep me there for hours.

I love studying there, as the seats are very comfortable. What irks me is that Coffee Bean and Starbucks both have insanely cold environments, so please remember to bring a jacket. Sometimes, it also gets too comfy and you are unable to concentrate. Other than that, the place is very good for studying or doing work. The prices are also quite reasonable.

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Branch Location:
Changi Airport
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(Updated: December 07, 2013)

The Classic

Coffee Bean have pretty okay drinks and is my fall back plan if there isn't any Starbucks around. The reason why I prefer Starbucks over Coffee Bean is because it has more flavours, other than the classics, while Coffee Bean sticks with the classics. Because I love anything that has caramel in it, especially salted caramel and coffee bean doesn't offer a frappe with it.

However, Coffee Bean’s ice blended mocha is not bad; rich blend of coffee and chocolate which is pretty good. The breakfast set at coffee bean is not bad too, with its toasts. Not going to Coffee Bean anytime soon, unless a craving kicks in when there’s no Starbucks around.

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Not the cheapest option

I have visited the CBTL outlet at West Mall numerous times, because the quiet environment with soft relaxing music playing in the background makes it the perfect place to study. I could stay there hours upon hours, accompanied by any chocolate drink and a snack from their large selection available.

My favorite snack would have to be their chicken pot pie, with its crispy crust enveloping the warm and meaty filling inside. That alone can last me the whole afternoon, though sometimes I do appreciate their crunchy cookies as well.

Be warned though, should you plan on staying there for long hours, bring along a thick jacket as the air-conditioning is always at a very low temperature.

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My go to place for overnight studying crash courses

The Coffee Bean branch at Holland Villlage is open 24 hours a day, which makes it perfect for overnight last minute studying with friends. Before my o level exams, my friends and I would stay there for 3 nights in a row to finish up studying before going home to cash in a couple of hours of sleep. What really kept us awake though, was the caffeinated drinks. I'm one of those people that believes that coffee should be caffeinated. So I don't appreciate how stores like Starbucks put in a minimal amount of caffeine into their drinks because it defeats the entire purpose.

I am a fan of the classic black coffee with no cream and no sugar, which Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf does a great job on, it's aromatic and strong and it's definitely not a overpriced sad excuse for a coffee. The cakes are also of good standards. Especially the carrot and walnut cake. It's not too dry but it's also not too dense. It's a good balance that's sufficient to fill the empty stomach.

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Branch Location:
Holland Village
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