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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

Home to Singapore's most talented DJ's and the perfect setting for mind blowing sets for international DJ's, Zirca Mega Club is set to push the boundaries of a modern-day dance club. This new giant which opened in November 2008 at The Cannery(Clarke Quay), has also played host to early hour shows and concerts for global superstars such as Craig David and Datarock. Brace yourself for unadulterated audio-visual bliss every night with headbanging music ranging from electro to house, progressive and trance, accmpanied by stunning visuals - The perfect concoction for a great night out!

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(Updated: November 09, 2012)

It's So Over

I would hate to come across as being judgemental, but the crowd are basically rock star wannabes attempting to live the high life with their parent's money. Gone are the days where you can transient between Zirca and Rebel at your whim and fancy as the management chose to compartmentalise the two clubs. I must admit that I've had pretty good times at Zirca but the entertainment quality seems to be deteriorating at such a rapid rate it seems unsalvageable.

Personally, the only thing worth associating back to this place is the shreds of memories which I try to assemble into a coherent thought. Sure good times had rolled and highs were reached, but its all in the past and we should move on.

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Cant Be Tamed

Zirca, appeals to a more foreign crowd with the place usually crowded with many tourists. It is one of the few places in Singapore which is licensed to sell Absinthe, a potent drink otherwise known as 'the green fairy'. The club is located at a corner that can be quite hard to locate if not for its long queues of people seen outside the club.

Usually blasting through the night would be the trance, dubstep music that would see many enthusiastic dancers shuffling on the dance floors. The dance floor has two 'bird-cages' where people usually take turns to dance in them. Personally, the crowd is usually quite exclusive and it makes it rather intense and uncomfortable on the dance floor sometimes. A piece of advice to take would be to come ready to party and leave those excess baggage at homes as the bag drops are limited and not complimentary.

The bar however, is rather efficient and for those ready to drink to their hearts content it sure would not disappoint. It is also fitted with screens so as to keep those waiting entertained instead of awkwardly waiting at the counter for drinks. Before enjoying the vast selection of alcohol, do however make sure that you are aware of the route to take to the rest room as for the first timers, it might be a little too complicated after has had too much to drink.

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Hype Club

While this is another club that I haven't been able to visit because it closed down before I was legally of age to enter a club, it was also one of the few clubs that many of my seniors frequented when they turned 18. I was always tempted to go down to just see what the night life there was like - I've always had the impression that Zirca was the place to be. I could see different cliques of seniors going to Zirca on the same night without planning. Even their pictures from Zirca featured a crowded and happening background which gave me the impression that Zirca was the in club.

However, when I asked some of my friends about their impression of the club, many responded that it was the people that made the night at the club fun - it was the hype, as well as the excitement in the atmosphere of the club that usually enhanced the anticipation of the enjoyment one could get from that night.

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Too Messy

I went to Zirca only once and the reason for going was simply because it was my friend's virgin trip to a club and my other friends and I have decided to accompany her.

I was thrilled, like them, when we were all queuing up to go in and the atmosphere looked really good. It was a crowded night filled with fun and wild clubbers and we got into the right mood soon after we mixed with the crowd.

However, not long after, drunkards have picked up fights with one of my friends and we were all in shock because we haven't encountered any of such incidents before. To top it off, the clubbers at Zirca were older in age as compared to those who visited Zouk and my friends were not feeling as comfortable as they usually feel at other clubs.

I didn't really enjoy my clubbing experience at Zirca and was disappointed to let my friend encounter such an incident on her first time there.

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The Z-List

I go sporadically on Sunday (boys’) night. Each time I go, I ask myself why I bother. The DJ console gets more and more over-decorated each time, with the addition of flashing lights, raised platforms and whatnot but the rest of the club is falling into ruin. The bar area with the sofas upstairs smells of puke. Nasty! Even in the dark, you can see that the place is looking a bit run down. The dance floor is a joke, it is cramped and uncomfortable because of the unnecessary platforms barricading it. The music is blah, with tired old top 40 hits from at least a year ago. The crowd is not pretty, mainly kids in cheap clothes.

Luckily there’s Avalon for Sunday nights now. Wonder if anyone bothers to do Zirca at all anymore.

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zirca,what a disappointment

Zirca was one of the clubs I went to when I first got introduced to clubbing. It was a fine Wednesday night (free entry for ladies on Wednesday) in 2011. The atmosphere was lively and I see a lot of people having nothing but fun! I remember telling my friends, "Let's go back next Wednesday".

However, upon coming back recently, I was amazed at how different the place has become! Strictly no entry for malay guys unless the bouncers feel that they are okay to enter. So a couple of my guy friends had to club somewhere else. The atmosphere inside was a totally different atmosphere - it's like something died inside!

The music used to be so full of hype but now they are playing things like One Direction (in clubs?!) I don't mind all that but the increase in the price of their drinks and how no cleaner was around to pick up broken glass bits on the floor was just ridiculous. One of my girls actually got hurt due to stepping on glass. What a disappointment. In conclusion, there's no more diversity in Zirca because the place is now heavily populated by the chinese people and the number of people getting pissed drunk and throwing up inside was.. countless.

Also, the place is now smaller ever since they block their direct entry from Rebel and 2nd level lounge/bar area. I love you, Zirca but that night was one of the worst nights I've ever had hence, I now frequent other clubs in Clarke Quay. If you're looking for a good clubbing experience and FUN, then you should too.

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The place to be on Wednesdays

This place is God's club.

I adore Zirca. It was the 2nd club I ever went to and it exceeded my every expectation. The music here is fantastic, the mood is right, the drinks are fine. Oh and I love the cages, it is my must-go when I'm drunk out of my mind.

Maybe it's because I'm a lady - this happy fact makes my regular visits free and wonderful. I get drinks from the party promoters and entrance is no issue. There are many guys around the bar who'd gladly buy you drinks and my friends delight in exploiting that. So for ladies, expect to pay nothing and have everything.

The VIP area is really nothing too amazing. I'd prefer the normal dance floor. Most nights here are great, I have never left Zirca early before. Always stay till the lights turn on.

Go on Wednesday's, it's the reason why you should be alive.

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The last in my list.

No doubt that Zirca used to be one of the clubs I frequent due to the number of people within my circle who enjoy going there for several events. However, I find the level of enjoyment and experience deteriorate rapidly since two years ago.

I can't deny that the music is great, but this club is also famously known as a place where younger boys think they are good enough to hit on women of an older age. It seems to me that these people who are below the legal age managed to slip into the club, when at the same time there are many number of cases where ordinary people get bounced off due to the management refusal of letting them in.

I personally think that there are countless other clubs in Clarke Quay that are more happening, affordable drinks and better music.

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good music and vibes

One of the clubs that I frequent. There are a lot of events going on from time to time and the best one that Zirca ever held was the one with Dita Von Teese! The queue to get into Zirca is usually very long but if you can get onto guest list, you would not need to join the common queue. Most major clubs work this way. With every entry, you get 1 complimentary alcoholic drink. The bar is a tad small and is usually crowded with people ordering their drinks. However, the bartender has never got my orders wrongly.

Zirca has also three clubs housed under it. Zirca itself, Rebel and Yello Jello. If you like techno, head to Rebel and retros would belong to Yello Jello. Each club has its own entrances but once you are in Zirca itself, you can definitely head to the others at no extra costs. The sound system of the place is pretty good and satisfying. I always enjoy my time there.

If you drink, don't drive. There are plenty of cabs available. But if you leave late (which is early morning 4 or 5am), expect to be competing for cabs from everyone else as everyone is looking for cabs. Leave earlier to avoid this situation. As it is a one-way street, traffic can get chaotic during that time where everybody's rushing to head home.

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night out:)

It was my first time at Zirca the other night and it does indeed live up to its reputation.

I headed in before 11pm to avoid the queue, and had free entry as it was a Ladies’ Night. If you’re looking for a place to chill out and party your way through the night with some friends, Zirca is the place to go. It’s also connected to it sister club Rebel, but I much prefer the crowd and music that Zirca offers. The music truly is awesome and it was a great place to let my hair loose after mugging hard for the past week.

Zirca is also conveniently located in the heart of Clark Quay and it is also surrounded by pubs and restaurants. Despite the awesome fun we were having inside, being an avid soccer fan, I desperately wanted to check out the FA Cup Finals, so after awhile, I headed out for some fresh air and to catch a few sneak minutes of the game at a nearby pub. After heading in again, time did indeed fly and before I knew it, the night was over and exhaustion kicked in.

On a side note, the smoking room is a tad small, and at times it was a little hard to fight your way through when people were crowding around its entrance.

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(Updated: April 25, 2012)

Poisonous Absinthe

One of the few licensed to deal the potent alcohol Absinthe, Zirca tears through the night with House, Trance and Dubstep beats. Located at the heartbeat of Singapore's clubbing scence, don't miss out raving at this hot nightspot with your friends.

Although hot, Zirca has an uncanny habit of rejecting people for unknown reasons. Once my friends and I were bounced and we could not figure out why we couldn't enter when it was still early and the club's admittance quota could not have been exceeded at that hour. None of us were drunk or creating a scene but Zirca somehow refused entry to us. After reading this, don't be surprised if it happens to you, you have been duly warned.

Zirca often release good alcohol deals such as Jagerbombs going at half price and birthday bottles made more affordable, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Nothing is more important than having more affordable alcohol in a party, because when it's more affordable equates to more alcohol, and more alcohol essentially means more fun for the night.

Also, Zirca has an interesting way of dealing admission tickets. They go cheaper before 11pm. So hurry down early and save money on admissions!

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Nights out!!!

Want to have an awesome night out with a group of friends or want to dance your heart out? Zirca is one of the popular club located at Clarke quake area. To me, though it isn’t very big, the interior design is actually quite stylish. You’ll pass by the bar before stepping in to the dance floor with two cages at the sides and three mini stages in front for people to dance on.

The music is fantastic. Singing along with the blasting music and dancing with your friends and simply have a good time. Though the music and interior design is quite good, I would say that the dance floor isn’t that big enough to accommodate that much amount of people. But, again, I guess this is a situation you’ll see in popular clubs.

The last time I went was on a Wednesday which is a Ladies Night. It wasn’t really that bad. For those who don’t like to queue too long, I would advise you to go earlier and queue. If not, the queue would be seriously long and you’ll have to wait for quite some time before you can get in and have fun.

Overall, my experience at Zirca was actually quite awesome. Beside my friends and company, the music was no doubt the best part of the experience.

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