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#01-08 The Foundry 3B River Valley Rd Singapore 179021
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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on January 08, 2016    

F Club is a by-product of Fashion TV, and this 10,000 square foot venues aim is to successfully integrate fashion and music. It is sectioned into two rooms, the Diamond Room and the Ruby Hall, taking inspiration from some of the most glamorous places from around the world. 

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Pretty LIT appears to attract a younger, more hip bunch of crowd targeting under 25s. Furthermore, the main populace of this club are very well dressed under the clubs dress to impress policy. The is the place where it's happening, especially after zouk moved over to CQ, where it has lost quite a bit of its former lustre, especially with the gender ratio. C'mon zouk is now a sausage feast with a hefty cover of 35 dollars? Still zouk is irreplaceable, being the virgin Exp for most Clubbers in Singapore. For Fclub, The dance floor is pretty lit, with one room playing edm and the other playing TOP50s , R&B and a bit of hip hop here and there. In my many nights here , it has not failed to disappoint! However, watch out for the bouncers at this club as they can get quite handy at times, especially with drunk guys so ya. Also, drinks may get a lil exp so ya may wanna check out the chupitos bars beside for a quickie prior. Still overall a great experience! 9/10 satisfied

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Over priced, over crowded and below my expectations

My experience at F Club was both short lived as well as miserable. As well as being ridiculously overcharged for entry, it was a new level of cramped that I have never experienced before and I also saw the worst fight break out since moving to Singapore. So all in all I guess I could say that I’ve had more successful nights out.

The two free drinks promised to me on entry, most likely to try and stop riots breaking out over how much we were charged, never happened despite my best attempts at trying to get the bartender's attention for at least half an hour. I ended up giving the tokens away out of despair. The interior was good, I liked how it seemed to recreate the inside of a very odd looking house, but it was a tiny venue for the amount of people in there. Squashed against hundreds of sweaty clubbers is not my idea of a good night and makes dancing with friends pretty much impossible.

I remember the music in general being okay and I liked how the club was split into two main rooms, but all the little negative details just made it a nightmare to be there. Not only did I lose my friends multiple times in the sea of people and not manage to get a single drink, but when waiting outside I watched a man come out dripping with blood and another trying to get another punch in. Nice to know that I was in there with those people the entire time, the one covered in blood could have been anyone. F Club? More like fight club.

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A F-antastic night!

I’m not much of a clubber, but my favourite nightclub would be F-club, a nearby alternative to Zouk. I still shudder at my less-than-satisfactory experience at Zouk, where I couldn’t walk around without having to shimmy my way through.

Although F-club is much smaller than Zouk, it is waaaay less crowded and there is still ample room to dance and hangout. The decent crowd also gave me enough assurance that I would not be dancing alone and awkwardly on the dance floor. I loved the vibes and the lighting as it provided satisfactory club experience. The bartenders were very friendly and we were amazed by the nimble tricks they did with the cup while making the drink. Being quite picky with my music, I was pleased with the EDM tracks F-club used as they had the usual funky rhythms and occasional “drop-the-beat” moments.

Do give F-club a try if you are looking for a clubbing experience without the uncomfortable crowd. Ladies get free entry on ladies’ night like many other clubs, but F-club also provides 12 free drinks to those on their guest-list. I will definitely visit F-club again!

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