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Cotton On is an Australian retail chain operating in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Germany, South Africa and the United States. Cotton On caters to both males and females, providing highly affordable and trendy casual streetwear which, in addition to clothes, includes shoes, bags, shades, jewellery, accessories and nail polishes. There are many Cotton On outlets located in Singapore at primed locations - accessible heartland malls and malls in the ever-lively roads of Orchard.

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Guess Who's the Next Giordano

I used to love the clothes from Cotton On because it was both trendy and affordable, especially if you're comparing with brands like Topshop and Zara, which are a little more on the pricey side.

However, recently, the clothes just aren't trendy anymore and lacks creativity. Let's just say I have not had the urge to spend any money in Cotton On for a long time. The prints on the dresses are unoriginal, repetitive and plain. Considering some plain dresses go for $29.90 seems a little steep to me.

Nonetheless, on the plus side, Cotton On is still a decent place to get cheap basics like tank tops, plain t-shirts and shorts.

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Reminds me of beach wear

I've never gotten anything there though. Everytime I walk in, I'll walk away empty handed. Their clothes remind me of beach wear.

Their prices are in the affordable range and their designs appeal to students with limited budget. Also, it might be popular with the youngsters because their material is thin and light, making them wearable in our hot weather. But their quality is really poor and you're better off getting from Uniqlo.

But if you just want something fashionable and cheap, this might still work especially since they have a huge selection. Their basics work too but you need to hand wash their stuff or they go out of shape easily.

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(Updated: December 19, 2014)

Can't Complain

I've always liked Cotton On for the simplicity the brand carries. The material is thin and lightweight, the cutting is often flattering, and best of all, they have frequent sales. Now, with their sub-brand (?) Cotton On BODY, they have a really wide selection of clothes including sportswear and swimwear (and also really cute underwear). What's not to love?

I'll tell you what's not to love. Their casual wear comes in really huge cuttings and it hangs off a small frame without doing much for it. Thankfully, they do carry a wide range of designs and even if you can't find a certain design in your size, you can always just find another that you like. One, hopefully, that doesn't only come in a large cut. Plus, its simplicity can easily be taken as poor quality, and not worth the price.

During their sales, they are worth checking out, and given the comfort and simplicity of their clothes, Cotton On's clothes are definitely a wardrobe staple.

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Used to always go to cotton on back when I was a teenager. They offered clothes that were okay, trendyish for cheap prices, However, recently I realised that, increasingly, they are increasing the prices and selling clothes that are falling in quality. After a few washes, the clothes will just go out of shape. So nope, not going back there again.

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(Updated: May 15, 2014)

Nothing Fancy

Whilst Cotton On are rather up to date with fashion and sell several trendy pieces, you are sure to find many others owning the exact piece of clothing you found from their racks.

Well you can hardly blame them, after all, they sell cheap and presentable clothes. However, do not expect quality goods. I myself have purchased several tops from there and its material can only be described as flimsy and see through. The material is so thin that one has to be careful not to put holes in them.

Personally, I think Cotton On is best visited for last minute needs (as they do sell a variety of clothing items), or for its Basics.

There is also hardly any service there as you are left alone to grab whatever you would like to try. This could be a plus point for some as hovering salespersons do annoy many customers.

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Cheap Basics
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Nice designs, not so nice quality.

Cotton On is the place I turn to whenever I'm tight on cash. They have trendy and pleasing designs and often have sales. It's possible to get cute clothes at $10 and below which is really quite an impossible feat when it comes to clothing chains nowadays. I like their cotton shirts a lot as there are many designs to choose from and they're really lightweight and comfortable and gives you space to breathe. The only setback is that some of the lighter designs are rather see-through, but Cotton On also offers cheap tank tops to wear inside.

One thing to note though is that Cotton On may offer cheap clothing, but there are disadvantages as well. Their clothes stretch easily and after probably a few weeks of wearing them, the seams start to come loose. That's when you have to frenziedly start cutting away the many loose strings hanging from the edges of your clothes.

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Decent but lacks quality!

I admit, when I was younger, I was super naive and bought into the whole Cotton On craze. I would visit Cotton On whenever I could because I thought the clothes looked chic and were amazing. But, oh, how I thought wrong. The quality of Cotton On clothes just disappoints me over and over again.

I wish I could say I wouldn't buy anything from Cotton On again but I'd just be lying. I think what appeals to me the most from Cotton On is the design of their clothes, basics to be exact. I love their skirts. But to be honest, it's super overpriced in the Singapore outlets. I usually order from the online store because it's so much cheaper! Furthermore, you get free shipping if you spend more than $50!

Even though the quality of their items are pretty crappy, I can't resist how cute their tops look, especially those that are available online. Tip: NEVER buy from the stores, just buy it online. I'm not kidding. You'll be glad you read this.

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You get what you pay for

Cotton on is a place where one can get affordable and trendy clothes. It's fairly cheap for those who have yet to grasp the ability to make their own clothes while on the other hand, it's extremely overpriced for fashion designers. For those of you who have intricately observed the stitching of their clothing, you'll noticed that Cotton On clothes are just pieces of cloths being sewed in a slipshod manner.

Despite me describing cotton on in such a atrocious manner, I do own numerous pieces from Cotton on. What can I say, I'm a girl whose very attracted to their sales which happen oh so frequently.

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Frequent sales
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Only during sales

A few years ago I bought a grey sweater for $5 during one of the epic Cotton On sales. Till now, my sweater is still in mint condition, one of my absolute favourites and a definite necessity for colder days. This really gave me a good impression of Cotton On products. Sometimes, you can find really good deals, like my indispensable purple crop top or casual tanks I wear to gym or trainings.

However, their products are usually over-priced, and trust me on this, that adorable skirt you adore so much will definitely go on sale in about 3 months. It is kind of annoying to see that skirt you bought for $30 going for $15 and then $10 and eventually $5.

Its sister store, Typo, offers adorable and trendy stationary items you do not want to miss out on. Need a decision dice to help you decide what to wear today? You've come to the right place.

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Over Priced

I used to be very excited when walking past Cotton On outlets. That was the era when H&M haven’t made their entrance into the Singapore fashion scene yet. As for now, it is a vastly different story.

The quality of the clothes is not that great for the price tagged. I can never stand low quality chiffon and -- lo and behold – Cotton On dedicates shelves to that ghastly material. But of course, it is still a place for me to stop by to pick up basic essentials. One can never go wrong with their regular skater skirts and camisoles. If you are looking for unique pieces, you will have better luck searching in other places.

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