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Film Garde Cineplex is an independent theatre in Singapore.


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Film Garde is definitely, and has got to be having the most expensive and over priced movie tickets! I will NOT recommend going to Film Garde, because the atmosphere and experience do not differ much from the other cinemas (i.e. Golden Village, Shaw etc); yet you are paying so much more!

Even with student promotions, ticket prices are still above $10. Nevertheless, I have to say that the cinema is pretty quiet (at least relative to other cinemas), especially on weekdays. So, if you don't mind paying about twice the price for a more peaceful atmosphere; by all means go ahead!

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Cosy, brightly-lit and welcoming cinema

Despite the countable number of outlets they have (yes only two or three), the outlets that I go to to watch a movie always never fail to satisfy.

I personally am not a picky movie-goer - I don't demand the softest and cosiest seats in the house with first class dining experience. Give me a movie in the dark with surround sound and a chair and I'm actually good to go. Even so, the decor of the place always entices me to go in. Unlike other cinemas such as cathay or GV with dim lighting, Filmgarde actually has brighter lights which make the place look warmer and more cheery.

Even the corridors are brightly lit - the bugis branch is especially nice since the corridors leading to the movie cinemas are furnished with nice sofas and classy glass dividers. How divine.

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good movie-watching experience!

Singapore's newest cineplex, with only two branches rather close to each other in Bugis and Kallang, Filmgarde is not very well known to most. Hence, I feel like seats in Filmgarde are less quickly snapped up than in other cinemas, for instance the Shaw cinema in Bugis Junction a stone's throw away. It's more likely that you'll be able to get good seats in Filmgarde for popular movies.

The quality of the movie-watching experience is quite good, and I really enjoyed the surround sound system. It makes quite a large difference, especially when watching a movie like Frozen! The popcorn tastes fresh and better than average, too.

Unfortunately, Filmgarde's prices are slightly steeper than that of other cinema's.

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The Past

It's been a very long time sine my first ever visit to Filmgarde but it left me with a good impression. I visited Filmgarde back when it was still housed in the building called Illuma which has apparently already been renamed to Bugis+. It was still relatively new then so everything was clean and spick and span. I went there to catch the movie "Dear John" with my friend and found a suitable timing and tickets were also affordable.

The best thing I remember about Filmgarde was their popcorn. I was sick of tasteless and bland popcorn from other theatres but was pleasantly surprised at how well-coated and tasty Filmgarde's popcorn was. Seats were also comfortable and well-placed and I liked the spacious legroom for me to stretch out my legs.

That was then, but I'm not sure about how Filmgarde is now. Hopefully it has still retained its quality or improved on it. The next time I'm in the Bugis vicinity and itching to watch a movie, I'll definitely pay Filmgarde a visit once more.

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(Updated: November 17, 2013)

Pleasant movie experience

Being a frequent visitor to the National Library at Bugis, it inadvertently led to me visiting illuma and hence noticing a cinema with a name that is not really familiar to me : FILMGARDE. Hence, priding myself as someone who won't shun new things but instead try them out, I organised an outing with a group of friends to try out the cinema.

It was overall a really pleasant experience. The screen was able to accomodate swashbuckling action that seemed almost life-like, I liked the layout of the theatres, the seats were comfortable such that my movie experience was spent resting my backside on top of a layer of heaven, and the toilet was nearby.

However, what stopped me from giving the place 5 stars would be the price. Filmgarde charges slightly higher prices as compared to other cinemas, which I deemed an unwise move as Filmgrade does not command a reputation the way Golden Village and Cathay does. While I understand that Filmgarde does not have that many outlets in Singapore and hence it is hard for costs to be spread around, higher prices will deter customers who could simply just cross the road to watch the show at SHAW Bugis, located in Bugis Junction. Moverover, in the long run, it may be labelled as a classy brand which is not in touch with customers whom are in the lower income group. My take on this is that in spite of the slight difference in prices, when word gets around, it tends to get blown out of proportion.

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(Updated: July 18, 2013)

New, clean and spacious

Filmgarde has nice spacious clean cinema halls complete with a state of the art sound system. The visuals are spectacular as well with most movies being screened in the digital format, producing a crystal sharp quality.

The only gripe I have with Filmgarde is how inaccessible their showtimes are. Unlike other major cinemas, I am unable to check show timings using an app on my phone and checking show timings on their website on my mobile tends to be rather cumbersome. Another issue I have is that ticket prices tend to be rather expensive as they run fewer promotions (e.g. credit card) in comparison to other cinemas.

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