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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on November 03, 2012    

Saint Andrew's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in Singapore, the country's largest cathedral.

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(Updated: February 03, 2015)


St Andrew's Cathedral is stunning. A stroll around this beautiful compound takes you back in time to the Victorian gothic era of the early 19th Century, as this landmark was heavily influenced by the Neo-Gothic architectural movement of that time.

St Andrew's Cathedral is the perfect place to wander, find solace in God, reflect and even ponder on the meaning of life. I was there to witness a dear friend's baptism, and I left feeling spiritually and emotionally recharged. On top of that, I left with many pretty pictures on my iPhone which allowed me to update my instagram for days.

Whether you are there to attend a church service, ponder on life's big questions, escape from the stress of the concrete jungle or just to find a place to take your next pretty #ootd, you will leave this glorious landmark feeling beyond satisfied.

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The best word to describe St Andrew's Cathedral: Beautiful. Situated right in the heart of Singapore at City Hall, it is hard to miss this sprawling white building as one comes out from the MRT. The church grounds are open to the public and also to tourists wishing to take a look at the magnificent English-esque cathedral. St Andrew's is Singapore's oldest cathedral, and hence the insides of the building are exactly like what you would find in the cathedrals of England. It is always very therapeutic to feast your eyes on the stained glass windows and old wooden benches and the giant pipe organ. Even for locals, this is a place that I would highly recommend visiting at least once!

I also like that they have kept up with the times and have built newer sanctuaries underground to house the ever-increasing number of Christians that flock to their many Sunday services. Tourists and even locals may even wish to visit their gift shop, which has many different Christian bible study materials and small gifts.

If you ever need a quiet place to reflect and be at peace, try St Andrew's cathedral. Just like what a verse on one of its banners: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

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Beautiful Architecture
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City Hall
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(Updated: July 05, 2013)

Captivating Beauty

Sometimes when I walk past St. Andrew’s Cathedral, my friends always say they’re gonna have their wedding photoshoot there when they get married, Christians and non-Christians alike. I always wondered how it would look on the inside.

So there was once when I needed to cross over to the Parliament House area and St. Andrew’s Cathedral seemed like a shady shortcut. I went in, I went out with tons of photos snapped both interior and exterior. The exterior was great, English Victorian style and the interior was simply mesmerizing, it was oozing with charm and beauty. I especially love the stained glass windows (which was dedicated to Sir Stamford Raffles, John Crawford and William Butterworth)

Later on, in one of my tourism projects, I was asked to research on a particular attraction in Singapore and since most of my classmates did on mainstream places like USS or MBS, I chose to venture on cultural tourism and picked St. Andrew’s Cathedral instead. That’s when I truly understood the historical meaning behind this beautiful attraction.

Here are some interesting facts I found while conducting my research! In 1942, shortly before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, the cathedral served as an emergency hospital. Did you know? It was being struck by lightning twice in 1845 and 1849, and there were rumors of evil spirits before it was rebuilt.

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Where is the nearest exit?

Give me a break. Whenever I go into a church, the first thing I do is to look up into the lofts or choirs. Does it have a pipe organ?

Aha! It does. Wonderful.

Does it work? No. Shock! Horror! A cathedral without a pipe organ is like a church without a cross: it lacks something essential. I know, it is not the organ that makes a church a church, but if what makes it a church is not what interests you, then why not feel disappointed?

There is little to charm in this rather austere building. From the road outside, it certainly looks impressive as the sole occupant of its own verdant city block. But inside, it is a ho hum place to visit. Of course, it is not built for tourists. I know that. But the way church attendance is going, it might as well be. Unless of course they learn lessons from those who run the profitable monster churches of thousands of worshippers in Singapore’s shopping centres etc.

Did I forget to mention that there is a scrap of the carpet in the Epiphany Chapel which was used for QEII’s coronation.

Now you will want to go.

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Unexpected epiphany

I went there for the sole purpose of capturing some pretty interior shots for my school's project, but I was eventually really amazed by the awesome interior and architecture of the church. It was almost like a time capsule that brought me back to history with their vintage style.

While my main purpose there was sole for aesthetic purposes, surprisingly, i found peace and comfort within that area itself. The people there were really friendly and offered tour guidance, which we politlely rejected.

Im guessin that I will be back on a weekend to hear about their sermons and services :)

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A place where I find peace and time with God

St. Andrews Cathedral has always been a place I simply love to stand and stare at. It's simply gorgeous! I remember a couple of occasions when I bumped into people just because I couldn't take my eyes off the cathedral!

I have also entered the building to spend some quiet time with God. Unlike many churches in Singapore, this church is open to public during the day. The place is so beautiful that sometimes I love to take a walk in the garden and around the building where the public is permitted to enter. Whenever there are no services in the old sanctuary, I would sneak in and kneel behind one of the pews where I like to spent some time reading the bible and praying.

My favourite part about this cathedral is the old sanctuary. Honestly despite being in the younger generation, I love ancient and traditional architecture. Especially those that involve a Victorian and English feel. I feel that modern building are all so "box-like" but these older buildings are unique and has a special, silent beauty about it.

One day when you feel that you need some peace and quiet or just need a place to communicate with God, my suggestion is St. Andrews.

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Old sanctuary
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