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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 12, 2012    

Located in Mandarin Orchard Hotel, they feature an array of Singapore's local cuisine like Chicken rice and laksa.

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Hawker Food in a Hotel

Tried Chatterbox for the first time last weekend with my family. The 6 of us ordered Fish Curry ($24), Seafood Hor Fun ($22), Hokkien Mee ($27), Lobster Laksa ($36) and 3 portions of Chatterbox’s Signature Chicken Rice ($27). Most dishes tasted better than average though I didn’t find them very value for money given the price tagged to each dish.

My favourites were the Fried Hokkien Mee, Lobster Laksa and of course, the legendary Chicken Rice. I like my Fried Hokkien Mee slightly wet with some broth so the one at Chatterbox worked well for me. The Chicken Rice was fragrant with subtle hints of ginger and didn’t clump together. I ordered the Chicken Breast which came in a sizeable portion.

As for the laksa, I’m rather torn. While I liked the chunks of lobster as well as the gravy, the bowl of noodles never seemed to arrive piping hot. We returned the first bowl because the dish was slightly lukewarm, but the replacement came at the same temperature which was really strange.

Nonetheless, I appreciated the quiet dining ambience at Chatterbox but will think twice about coming here solely for the food.

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Ambience, Chicken Rice
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overrated, overpriced chicken rice!

Chatterbox is well known for serving the best chicken rice in Singapore. I believe it's also the most expensive, at over $20 a plate! It's possible that you're actually paying for the lovely, classy ambience, a marked difference from the hot, noisy hawker centres we're used to savouring chicken rice in.

However, the chicken rice itself fails to live up to our expectations. The chicken was juicy and flavourful, yes, but isn't much better than a good hawker's. I thought that the rice was better than average too, as it was very fragrant without being too oily. It's a pity though, that it was served lukewarm, and not piping hot.

Overall, it's nice to be able to say that I've "been there, done that" - in this case, tried the 'best' chicken rice in Singapore - but I don't really think it deserves its reputation.

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The most expensive chicken rice in Singapore

So i came here several years ago to try and tell everyone that i have had the most expensive chicken rice in Singapore, i guess this is a big draw for many Singaporeans, big on the been there done that especially for food and drinks.

I remember the initial price tag was about SGD18, but when i went a few years back it was about SGD24, not too sure how much it cost now.

There was also a huge draw back then because the hotel was renovating and shifted Chatterbox to the 37th floor, over looking the entire city. Mandarin Orchard was making its first 4 floors Mandarin Gallery, for all you kids out there, the first floor facing Orchard used to be the hotel lobby and also the favourite spot for wealthy people with exotic cars to showcase their gems. I love walking by back then.

Anyway, i came back a few times to try their local favourites like Nasi Lemak etc and they were all very decent, and i came back mostly for the gorgeous view of the city. Now that i heard it has shifted back into a normal restaurant setting without much of a view, the draw is no longer there for me and i will not visit it again.

Also, seriously, there are many better chicken rice out there.

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Are you willing to spend for good food?

I have been to this restaurant 4 times and in terms of the food, it just keeps getting better. I have tried their nasi lemak, chicken rice, fish and ships and their special rojak. The food was generally of a high standard and that is not surprising given it's high price. However, the ambience and service has always in my opinion, been a let down.

Given it's location right in the heart of Orchard Road, I feel that their design and concept of the restaurant could definitely be improved. The seats were generally quite uncomfortable and bulky to shift around. Their service on my first visit was also pretty appalling. My dad had asked the waiter for extra chili sauce and the staff acknowledged evidently, only to be forget about it when he went back to the kitchen and we had to ask another 2 waiters for it twice. Not to mention, the waiters are kind of too engrossed in their work that they fail to see raised hands within the restaurant premises.

Yet, on the bright side, I would definitely return to this place for it's food. Let's talk about what I have tried at this place. Their famous well known chatterbox chicken rice certainly never fails to impress. Their chicken is so tender and the portion serves your tummy well. Not to mention, the soup which comes along with the set makes the whole set meal complete. The Nasi Lemak I tried was also another interesting dish which was generally well served. However, for that price, I would not give it another try. Next once the fish and chips, well I must say the chef was really generous with their fish serving. I am normally one who is able to finish up every bit of food on my plate, however, when it came to their Fish and Chips, it was just not possible as they served me two big pieces of fried Fish. The fish was not too oily too fishy which was a plus for me. The fries which came along as sides was also generally tasty and a good balance.

Lastly, one good recommendation I would definitely share with you is the rojak. Though small in portion, is a very special dish which left my entire family craving for more. The sauce was indeed a special mix never tasted before.

Overall, my experience with the food at this restaurant has been good and i would definitely come back craving for more, however, for that price, much could be done to improve the ambience and service. Also, remember to make reservations on weekends!

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Yep, it's worth a try!

I remember the days when Hubbs and I were still dating and after an evening movie at CIneleisure, we would pop by Chatterbox for a meal. Lobster laksa, Chicken rice and Grilled ham and cheese sandwich. That's what would rotate between the two of us.

The quail eggs and gravy in the Laksa are the pulling factors for me. The other ingredients (thick rice noodles, lobster, fish cake, dried beancurd) are well, just there to make up the numbers. Their famed chicken rice is really famed for all the right reasons. Tender, springy chicken with chili, minced garlic and soya sauce, it is really a a joy to eat with mouthfuls of their fragrant rice. Grilled ham and cheese sandwich is a staple for Hubbs. More often than not, he will order that and a glass of Fresh orange juice. He likes all-day breakfasts, my Hubbs. Grilled cheese will make an appearance in all his meals, if he has his way.

Overall, an 9/10 for us.

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Mandarin Orchard
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I have been to Chatterbox on several occasions, and they keep on changing their location of the restaurant. The first time I went, it was a corner in Meritus Mandarin. The second time, it was on the top floors. In my most recent visit, it is now on the lobby floor.

They are most famous for their Chicken Rice, which has been deemed the 'best chicken rice in Singapore'. I would find that hard to believe, as the chicken is somewhat tasteless, and the rice too oily. Even the ginger and soya sauce are lacking. For $20, it is also extremely expensive.

The other dishes on the menu are Singapore favourites, such as Laksa and Prawn Noodles. The Laksa is marginally better, with prawns and cockles in a decent broth. However, it is still very expensive, and you would probably get better Singapore hawker food in a hawker centre for 1/5 the price.

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