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36 Yio Chu Kang 36 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore 545553
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Listing created by juzsimplicity on May 23, 2012    

The restaurant serves up a range of seafood, including crabs, prawns and many others.

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Worst experience ever

Bought a Dealprimo coupon offering 50% savings on 700-900g of crab at House of Seafood. Made our way down and when we arrived, we were greeted with sullen faces from the China waitresses.

There was a miscommunication with the coupon and the brusque waitress almost refused us service till the manager of Dealprimo sought things out with the waitress over the phone.

After a short wait, our tiny black pepper crab arrived, barely the size of my hand! I was stunned because every other table was served huge crabs with legs that were twice the size of our whole crab shell!

My boyfriend and I ate our measly portion in silence and left as quickly as possible.

On a good note, the black pepper was tasty but the crab was not the freshest that we have tried. Additionally, the service and attitude towards the customers was the worst that I have ever experienced. We were not promised 700-900g of crab. (probably 300-400g)

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Joo Chiat
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My family and I decided to try this place out as we were craving for some nice crabs, and the array of seafood looked quite promising. However, we were disappointed by the service and quality of the food.

We went into the restaurant and asked for a table. There were a couple of empty tables with the remnants of the previous diners, but no one bothered to clear them up. We saw a couple of staff just standing around aimlessly by the side, so we told them to clear the table for us, but we got ignored. In the end, we only managed to get a table after 20 minutes of waiting.

The food was bad. We waited 45 mins for the food even though it was past lunch hour and the restaurant was relatively empty. All the dishes were extremely salty! The fish maw soup, steamed fish and crabs were too salty for our liking. The salted egg yolk and butter crabs were a huge disappointment. They looked really nice and promising, but the amount of meat inside was pathetic. All in all, this place is a mess. Bad food, disappointing service and expensive. Not going to come back here again.

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Good crabs, but really too expensive

The family were back from a day at the beach and were ironically craving for some crabs, so we decided to try House of Seafood.

To say the crabs were large is an understatement. They were so huge it actually made us feel a little uncomfortable thinking of what and how much those crabs had ingested. We had the butter crab and the black pepper crab, which is their speciality.

While people would say they offer one of the best black pepper crabs in Singapore, I would disagree. I actually found the butter crabs tastier! It was different, unique; the sweetness of the crab not masked by any spicy and fragrant sauce. Also, the black pepper was just above average. I've had better black pepper crabs on Pulau Ubin.

However, it is really expensive given the size of the crabs. The service was also quite terrible. Although the waitresses were free and walking about they were rather slow to respond. Juicy crabs yes, but the prices were too exorbitant, and we decided it was our first and last time dining there.

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Black Pepper Crabs to die for.

House of Seafood claims to have Singapore's Best Black Pepper Crab and I must say they they really live up to expectations. The crabs are good sized and succulent. The black pepper sauce is to die for. Slightly creamy, with just the right blend of black pepper and spiciness, it does not overwhelm the taste of the crab like most black pepper crabs do.

Their chilli crab, however, falls rather short of the mark. The chilli overwhelms the crab with its spiciness and even eating the sauce with mantou does not help.

Aside from the food, the location is makes parking rather difficult. The service while not top notch is acceptable and prompt enough.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Good alternative to Melben Seafood but service can be improved

First tried this place after purchasing a Groupon coupon for their crabs. I must say that their crabs are not half bad and a good alternative to queuing at the oh so popular Melben seafood stores at Ang Mo Kio for the crabs. Parking along the road can be a problem especially during peak periods but there is a rather huge public carpark just 100m down where you can get cheap parking if you are willing to walk.

Otherwise they offer valet services. Service wise can be improved because they take ages to respond to you and sometimes the order goes missing. It might be because they are so crowded but that is not a valid excuse. Overall though food is good if you can tolerate the service.

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Not your daily meal

The branch at YCK was very big. To me it is an enlarged zichar stall, which it actually is, but they do bring zichar style up one notch. They provide valet parking services for $4 [if I remember correctly] which is not cheap at all.

They food is considered good but I believe people went there for the experience. Like, I think people don't eat 3kg crabs everyday right? The service at least was commendable and they are not stingy on bringing in a couple more plates or pieces of cutlery or sauces. I think they can improve on the hand washing area though. They still have just one pathetic sink the last time I went.

If you do eat there, make sure you go with stomach empty and pocket loaded.

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

Just okay

The crabs and other seafood are all very fresh hence fulfilling the basic criterion for a good seafood meal. The crabs that we have for meals are quite large and quite fleshy as well unlike in some restaurants where there is a lot of air instead of flesh in the shell. The chilli crabs were especially good and the gravy was extremely appetising, coupled with fried crispy mantous, the dish was perfect! The staff were very friendly as well and often made jokes and small talk, this may be due to them recognising us as being regular customers.

However, the prices are on the high side, but this should be expected for a seafood meal.

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Always heard people raving about this place and it happened to move near my home! So my family just had to visit it. We heard about the terrible experiences of people getting there since the parking was limited, so we went at an off-peak weekday and parked somewhere else before walking down. There are typically long queues and a long waiting time as well, although valet parking is offered to alleviate the jam. Do take note and try to book in advance if possible!

The place is always bustling and crowded with many waiters walking about. Business is brisk. My family had to order their signature chili crab with fried golden mantous. It was good but nothing spectacular, honestly. What was interesting was that they wrote a 4D number on the crab shell which I found really amusing.

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