Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry

Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry

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#B1-16, Marina Square 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore
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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on January 20, 2014    

A small restaurant dedicated to Dim Sum. Tucked away in a small corner at Marina Square but now easily accessible with the linkway via Esplanade Mrt.

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Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00
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Hidden find at Marina Square

This is one of the few HK restaurants in Singapore that sells the Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun. It is comparable to the ones in Tim Ho Wan and you don't really have to wait for the one hour long queue =)

Other dishes that I enjoy:

Steamed custard bun ($4.20) / Liu Sha Bao: The custard bun was great too! This dish is best enjoyed when hot. I liked this a lot because the custard filling was neither too runny nor too dry.

Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters (S$3.60) An interesting combination where the handmade silky and slippery rice noodle roll is tightly wrapped around the fried and crispy golden brown dough sticks. Served with their very own special peanut and seafood sauce, Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters is a dish that has lost its tradition. Definitely an eye-opener for people who have not seen this and is best eaten when it’s hot.

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For light bites

A lover of Dim Sum, I was elated when I chanced upon this little store at Marina Square's basement 1. My friend and I decided to check it out without hesitation and was simply over the moon when we found that they sell Creamy Custard Buns too!

We immediately settled in and started picking out dishes the traditional way - using a pencil to tick them off a sheet of paper before handing them in at the cashier. Prices were rather affordable but sadly the choices were limited, just like the infamous Tim Ho Wan.

All the dishes came quickly and they tasted pretty good! Especially the Fried mango and mayonnaise pastry. Their Baked Honey BBQ Pork Bun deserves a thumbs up too! All but our favorite Creamy Custard Bun, for when we took the first bite and realized it was all hardened up inside. Yes just like a whole fully-cooked egg yolk. It tasted horrible.

That made us quite disappointed for it was our favorite dish but when I looked it up, it seems that it isn't their usual case. Many were raving about their hot piping overflowing custard buns so it was probably just our bad luck.

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