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Wang Cafe specializes in home-made kaya, toast bread, soft boiled eggs, coffee and tea. The brand was founded in Singapore in 1953 and handed down four generations. Its name literally means "Prosperity Corner".

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List of Outlets:
Choa Chu Kang Mrt
NTUC FoodFare Clementi Mall
Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Esso Petrol Kiosk
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Thomson Plaza
[email protected] Hub
[email protected]
Novena Square 2
KK Hospital
Bukit Merah Centra;
8 Shenton Way
Habourfront Centre
One Marina Boulevard
Suntec City
Macpherson Esso Petrol Kiosk
Terminal 1 Arrival Hal
Terminal 2 Transit
Terminal 3 Departure Hall
Terminal 3 Transit
Century Square
[email protected] Chomp
[email protected]


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Great toasts and high quality dishes

Wang’s cafe has my favourite kaya toast out of all the chains i’ve tried. The toast is thicker than normal but still crispy enough. The kaya is fragrant and they are very generous with the slabs of butter.

Their renditions of the various local delights are also of a higher quality than most other places. The chicken curry is my favourite, thick and creamy so it goes really well with the rice.

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Decent food, decent prices

For an average-priced meal, Wang Cafe does a pretty okay job, but doesn't leave one wanting more.

Their Mee Rebus was alright; I didn't think it was fantastic but I don't have anything to complain about. It managed to fill my stomach, and that was all. Then again, I'm not much of a fan of Mee Rebus so perhaps that's why.

Their toast was decent, and tasted fresh but I think Ya Kun and Toastbox do a much better job. Wang Cafe was however quite generous with their servings of kaya and butter, something that made me rather pleased.

I still wouldn't really recommend it to anyone; maybe only if you don't know what to eat and are hungry.

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Lower prices coffee and toast joint

I liked going to Changi Airport for meals or suppers for some odd reason, perhaps it being a short drive away from my house.

Wang's cafe at Terminal 3, both the branches (yes, there are two of them, one located at the arrival hall, the other in the departure hall), serve the same food. This is one of my studying haunt in the late nights for they are opened 24 hours daily. While most of the chairs aren't exactly comfortable for long sittings, the sofa bench would be a good option if you manage to lay your hands on one. Having it being located at the airport, you can expect people around any time of the day and during nights with multiple flights, it might be hard to even get a place.

The food is acceptable but not fantastic but I do like the part where they give you 2 free slices of kaya toasts if you order a meal (approximately $5+). I've tried almost all of their local delicacies and my favorite would be the Laksa or Mee Siam whereas I least liked the curry chicken (it seemed to have lack a certain fragrance). Usually I'll swap the set's coffee or tea for a chilled drink and ended up paying a little more for my meal.

This is more of a cafe, not a restaurant so don't expect service to be good. Ordering has to be done at the counter (and payment there as well) and you'll be given a number. They will flash your number when your food is ready and you'll have to collect it yourself as well. Nonetheless, you really can't expect much for the price you're paying isn't it?

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Free accompanying toasts with set
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Changi Airport Terminal 3
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Love the Laksa

Wang Café is similar to Yakun and other traditional coffee shops that have become a novelty. I like the laksa, although the portion is quite small. The taste is traditional with just the right amount of spice, and it is always served to you piping hot. The drinks and toast I find are similar to other franchise coffee shops. The price is slightly lower though.

As for the atmosphere, Wang Café does decorate its branches to look like traditional china town tea houses with the wooden tables and seats, so you can get an authentic feel of old school coffee shops.

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Local favourites!

Wang Cafe is not only affordable, it sells our favourite local delicacies. The 2 delicacies that you definitely must try in Wang Cafe is the mee siam and the siew mai! In addition, order a cup of ice milk tea to complete your meal.

They have one of the best mee siam I've ever had, the thickness, spiciness and the sourness of the gravy is just nice. I usually get the sambal chili accompanied with the siew mai which gives a complete flavour. The tender meat just goes so well with the spices in the chili!

Furthermore, they offer set meals which are cheap and fulfilling. Wang Cafe is a place where all Singaporeans must try at least once in their life time.

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Mee Siam and Siew Mai
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Good Kopi C

I always only come here for the toasts and Kopi C. Kopi C simply means coffee with condensed milk. I find theirs quite good and rich enough. However, it can be too sweet so I avoid stirring too much of the sugar to let it sink at the bottom.

The toasts here are not bad. It's the same as Yakun's style, which divides one piece of bread into two thinner slices. So when you order 2 pieces of bread, you get 4 slices of bread. It's crispy enough but Yakun's is still a little better. Nevertheless, it was a good place to spend my break time while I was working at Raffles Place. Not to mention affordable too!

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Isn't this Yakun but a tad less capable?

I have personally never finished a full meal here.

But I came to join some friends and I tried a bit of everything they ordered so here's a small review about the food there.

Their laksa is pretty good. I remember snatching for seconds from my friend's bowl and she was trying to protect her food so that made a mark. Mee siam was pretty bad, I took a bite and told my friend she shouldn't pay for sensory torture and she ignored me heh. The toast is not too shabby, I'd still prefer Yakun's though.

The coffee isn't too bad, I'm not a fan of coffee so I'd give it a 3/10? Once again, it's nothing Yakun can't whip up so my advice to you: switch pseudo-kopitams.

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Nice place for drinks when it is too warm for coffee shops.

If you want to have a drink at one of our local coffee shops, but find the weather too warm to bear with, then you can always settle for a drink at Wang Cafe, where it's indoors and comfortable for all.

Though I have never eaten here before, I know that they sell local food such as laksa and toasts. Wang Cafe is no doubt a good possible location to go to for a nice meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even tea!

The drinks are Wang Cafe are really similar to that of coffee shops. The only downside is that they are slightly pricier, but I guess that is the price to pay for a nicer environment... I tend to enjoy coming here for a nice cup of teh xi or teh peng, depending on the temperature. A toast would go nicely with the drink once in a while!

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cheap meals

I see Wang Café everywhere I go – definitely a good thing. I must say their set meals are definitely very worth it. I mean $5.90 for a bowl of chicken macaroni/laksa/curry chicken/mee siam with two slices of kaya and butter toast, with a choice of coffee/tea is just so damn worth it. I have to say though – the quantity of the main bowl of meal is not very much, but enough to fill your stomach.

I have to say – their food is pretty nice! Those who have weaker stomachs and are unable to handle overly-spicy foods should take caution when ordering spicy dishes (laksa, mee siam), as these are comparatively much more spicy than the average bowl of laksa or mee siam.

Their dishes are usually cooked splendidly – noodles or macaroni are neither too soft nor too hard; cooked for just the right amount of time.

Their soft-boiled eggs are a must-try! Not too watery or too boiled (unlike other restaurants), the texture of the yolk just has that “oomph!” factor! Absolutely mouth-watering.

Their drinks are 100% home-made, very authentic! Their ice-lemon tea quenches your thirst in such an amazing way – not too sweet nor too bitter (you can taste the tea!). Definitely worth a visit!

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Nothing special..

Nowadays, Wang's is as commonplace as Ya Kun Kaya Toast, and even serves mostly the same food items. However, in my opinion, Ya Kun's kaya toast is unrivaled, even by Wang's.
Beverage wise, there is nothing particularly unique or special that Wang's can offer. Food-wise, aside from their chicken macaroni which makes for a good breakfast after a long night or partying, similarly nothing that would attract me as i passed by the cafe.
Service staff are usually quite brusque with their exchanges with patrons, since they often have to maximize time to be efficient.
In short, the only thing that, in my opinion, keeps customers going back to Wang's would be the convenience of its many stores, especially those located conveniently around the CBD area.

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