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#B2-01/02 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Singapore 569933
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Soup Restaurant is a cantonese styled restaurant serving "sam sui" style dishes. Apart from their unique takes on soups, they have very popular ginger chicken dishes.

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List of Outlets:
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #B2-01/02
AMK Hub S(569933)
Tel: 6555 7787

Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 2 #036-086
Viewing Mall North S(918141)

90 Hougang Ave 10 pm #02-21
Hougang Mall S(538766)
Tel: 6386 6188

290 Orchard Road #B1-07
Paragon S(238859)
Tel: 6333 6228

101 Thomson Rd #B1-10
United Square S(3075391)
Tel: 6254 0400

150 Kampong Ampat
KA Centre #04-01
Singapore 368324

1 Woodlands Square #03-01
Causeway Point S(738099)
Tel: 6894 2322

2 Tampines Central 5 #B1-01/12/13
Century Square S(529509)
Tel: 6781 8885

1 Sengkang Square #03-16/17
Compass Point Shopping Centre S(545078)
Tel: 6881 0886

1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-33
Jurong Point Shopping Centre S(648886)
Tel: 6790 7797

3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-059
Suntec City Mall S(038983)

1 HarbourFront Walk #02-141
VivoCity S(098585)

180 Kitchener Road #04-17/18
Singapore 208539

450 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
#01-10 Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre

23 Serangoon Central #02-15/16
Singapore 556083

3155 Commonwealth Ave West
#03-62 The Clementi Mall
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Soup Restaurant
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Serves more than just soup

The soup restaurant is a chinese restaurant that has 9 outlets in Singapore. Besides serving soup, they are famous for their ginger chicken and the other dishes available are rather delicious as well. I’ve visited a couple of their outlets but my favourites are the ones at United Square and Terminal 2 as the ambience gives a very pleasant dining experience.

The quality and taste of the dishes vary according to outlets, which is something that can be improved upon. Other than that, the prices of food items are affordable, service is great, and food is delicious! Would recommend!

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Can I have more ginger chicken please

I don't know how to describe the exact level of my love for Soup Restaurant's ginger chicken. I swear I can have this for dinner for at least three days running and I will still not be sick of it. They probably put crack in the ginger or something, I don't know how else to explain my love and craving for this innocuously simple meal. My order never varies (at least when there are only two people eating), "Small ginger chicken, steamed minced meat with salted egg, two rice, two iced Chinese tea thank you very much."

Some days I think I can finish the entire meal on my own, who needs other mouths who are bound to steal the yummiest pieces of chicken that you have been eyeing for the past five minutes?

The standard of the restaurants do tend to vary, I found that the Nex outlet served smaller portions of chicken as compared to the Clementi outlet. This is course somewhat subjective, maybe I visited the Nex outlet on an off-day but whatever it is, the Clementi outlet has never failed to please.

The prices there are reasonable, at least to me. For those who get their first job and find themselves in the position of having to treat relatives to a proper restaurant meal, Soup Restaurant is a safe bet. My relatives (especially the older ones) usually stick to the safer and more familiar cuisines and you can't go wrong with Soup Restaurant. At least it is a proper restaurant and you can't be accused of being stingy and trying to skimp on a dinner treat. Yes, I know I sound like I have encountered this before; take it from someone who has been there and done that, you can safely bring a group of 10 or even more people to Soup Restaurant and not have it break your bank account.

Soup Restaurant has been a favourite since my childhood, my family used to frequent the Woodlands branch. I am so glad that there is now a branch at Clementi Mall that provides exemplary food each time for the satisfaction of my cravings.

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Best Part:
Ginger chicken
Branch Location:
Clementi Mall
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Soup Restaurant
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Family Favourite

Soup Restaurant is the default place my family will go to for dinner during the weekend. The food has remained consistent over the years although the prices have been increasing.

You definitely must order the Samsui Chicken which comes with an excellent ginger sauce that you can wrap in lettuce. If only they served chicken rice as well instead of just plain rice. A few of my other favourite dishes include the garlic curly prawns, Spinach with 3 kinds of eggs and their fried home made tofu.

Although soup restaurant sells chizhar standard food at more expensive prices, its the quality and consistency that will keep me coming back each time.

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samsui chicken
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Delicious Chinese Food from the Past!

This is one of my family's favourite Chinese restaurants. As I did not grow up in Chinatown, I've no idea what Chinatown food is like. This restaurant gave me an 'education' on Chinatown food in the past. For some strange reason, the ambience is not really suitable for chit-chat. Once we have totally consumed the food, we would immediately ask for the bill. Somehow we didn't feel like staying on for a chit-chat after a meal. Don't know why.

Although my family tried to vary the dishes each time we visit the restaurant, 2 dishes remain constant in all our orders--the Samsui Ginger Chicken and the Spicy Sweet Potato Leaves. My hubby told me that in the past, our ancestors were very poor, and they often go out in the streets to pick up some stray sweet potato leaves to bring home for food. Now, the sweet potato leaves have become a rarity among the Chinese vegetable dishes.

The other dishes worth trying are the Steamed Fish (Steamed San Yu), Beggar Bowl Tofu and Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup. The Beggar Bowl Tofu makes me wonder whether there were many Chinese Buddhist monks in Singapore in the past. After all, Chinese Buddhist monks carry alms bowls and eat tofu, right?

My family never ordered rice as we are afraid the rice would take away our enjoyment of the dishes by making us feel full :-)

The restaurant has prepared the Chinatown food so well that sometimes I wonder, if we were to travel back in time to get a taste of the Chinatown food, would it taste the same, and would we have enjoyed it as much as we do in Soup Restaurant.

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Signature Dishes
Branch Location:
Jurong Point
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It's like eating homecooked food

The decor of Soup restaurant gives a historic days heritage feel during our grandparents era. While it is commendable, i wish their seats would have a back rest as my parents' back will tend to ache after sitting throughout the dinner.

Food wise, I love their samsui ginger chicken and toufu prawns! It is their signature dishes. Although they are acclaimed as 'soup restaurant', i felt that the soups were normal and not really fantastic. Their signature dishes stole the limelight away! Soup restaurant is an ideal place for families as the food offered are tasty and healthy. They also have set menus to cater to different family sizes which is a thoughftul action. Prices are also relatvely reasonable.

A cozy place to come back for with families for a home-cooked feeling feast

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Samsui Ginger Chicken Fanatic!

I still remember a long time ago when I was still young, I actually celebrated my birthday at the Jurong Point outlet. I could never ever forget the delicious, succulent and tender juicy chicken that my mother wrapped it with cabbage and a bit of garlic sauce, it was probably one of the most delicious food i have ever taste

Not too long ago, I went out with my friend to eat in the same restaurant but different outlet located at VivoCity. He had the member card because his uncle was one of the original stakeholder in the company. And oh my, I actually ordered 3 servings of rice that very same day because I could not help myself to that awesome food.

There is still of course other food in the menu, but if you were to ask me what is my favorite food. Definitely the Samsui Ginger Chicken, you will regret not eating it.

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Reminisce the past at this fine Kitchen

When hunger pangs starts and I want to kick back and slow things down, no place does it better than Soup Kitchen. Even the queue to enter this place slow the pace down of your life with an average waiting time of 30-45minutes during dinner and lunch time for both weekends and even weekdays.

From the initial point of entry, the decor seeks to grab your attention with its prestige chinese layout and woody furniture with marble top table. This is however slightly more casual and affordable compared to the really prestigious chinese restaurants scattered all over the island.

My firm favourite meal will include the following dishes, Samsui Ginger Chicken, Spicy Kankong, rice and claypot tofu. I would then wash this wonderful meal down with chrysanthemum tea. One might ask why do I go to soup kitchen when this is readily available at your local coffee shop for a small portion of the price. The portioning and the experience is the key in my opinion why I keep coming back for it.

The samsui ginger chicken is served with a hearty portion of chicken with the bones removed which is a definite plus for a lazy guy like me. It is served with a cucumber around the plate with ginger in a separate bowl. Accompanying this dish is the lettuce which differentiate this chicken from your chicken rice at the coffee shop. The way to eat this is to use the lettuce as a wrap covering the chicken with a good serving of ginger. The taste I would say works spectacularly for me as an individual as the chicken is moist even if it is breast meat which is a good sign of the detailed recipe that they value themselves behind.

The claypot tofu is a wonderful side dish to accompany the chicken and its flavour-filled starch sauce make me scrap the pot for more. The tofu is rich in that flavour too and is not plain. The tofu is very soft so be careful if you attempt to pick it up with a pair of chopsticks.

The spicy Kankong is just perfect. I like this dish with rice any day but it is always ruin by being too small a portion, too spicy for my taste or simply too oily. This is cooked with a great crunch and the sambal is just nice and does not put on a fighting front with the other dishes offered here.

As a soup kitchen, their soup is what I will choose randomly every time I'm here. I change my mind every time because there is just so much flavour in it and choosing one is simply too difficult.

The chrysanthemum tea make the meal a pallet cleanser for me and the flowers being present in the tea gives the purist touch I love about my tea.

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Best Part:
Claypot Tofu, Sambal Kankong, Samsui Chicken
Branch Location:
Vivo City
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One of my favourite places for a family dinner

As the name suggests, this restaurant boasts soups of exceptional richness in its taste. The soup I ordered the last time I was there was the Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup which was really savoury.

The most popular dish and a must order would have to be the Samsui Ginger Chicken. It is served with their special ginger sauce in the center surrounded by boneless chicken slices and cucumber slices, served with fresh and crunchy lettuce. This is definitely a dish that you cannot find elsewhere!

While the food was of high quality, the prices may be perceived as rather steep.

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Best Part:
Samsui Ginger Chicken
Branch Location:
Causeway Point
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great place for family dinners! suitable for the elderly and kids!

Brought my family out for my grandma’s birthday and all of us including my grandma enjoyed the dishes! Here a few dishes we ordered:

I don’t feel a need to introduce this dish. It’s a must-order and of course the highlight of your meal at Soup restaurant. It is none other than the samsui chicken! This samsui chicken is sliced into small pieces and served with ginger and cucumber. This is also my grandma’s favourite! The chicken is soft and tender and therefore, very suitable for children and elderly! If I didn’t remember wrongly, they provided us with lettuce to wrap the chicken as well! Kids will definitely have fun with this!

My family also ordered their beggar tofu and I love the sauce which goes with it! However, we’ve ate better tofu dishes at much cheaper price so probably wouldn’t order it again.

Overall, I love the ambience of Soup Restaurant and the uniform of their staff. It is perfect to arrange for family dinner here as the food are suitable for both the children and elderly. However, the price are a little on the high side. One more thing to note, make reservations! I’ve no idea why but they always seem to have long queues whether weekends or weekdays!

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A place with authentic chinese cuisines!

The Soup Restaurant offers a unique range of chinese cuisine for their customers. You would have the feel of dining at a old heritage restaurant when you stepped into the various outlets of Soup Restaurant. Not only the atmosphere and ambiance fulfill the criteria of the traditional heritage feeling, the food is also of top quality and would satisfy the cravings of customers.

The more famous dishes are the Samsui Ginger Chicken and the herbal soups with very strong and unique taste. By dipping the Samsui Chicken into ginger sauce and by wrapping it with lettuce, it simply tastes awesome. The freshness and tenderness of the chicken is also a plus point for this particular dish.

The staff over there are very friendly and welcoming, which makes the restaurant a better place to dine in. Its top rated service and quality good food also attracts many customers to visit and dine in the Soup Restaurant.

If you are looking for a restaurant that sells traditional chinese cuisine, the Soup Restaurant is certainly the best place to dine in. The food they sell might be a little pricey but it is still worth it for its quality of food!

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Best Part:
Samsui Ginger Chicken
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