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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 19, 2012    

Part of the Crystal Jade group of restaurants, Crystal Jade Kitchen sells authentic Hong Kong dim sum, noodles and rice dishes. 

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Delicious Spring Chicken

This year, we celebrated Mother's day at Crystal Jade. My mum loves fried food especially fried chicken. We ordered 1 spring chicken and 2 plates of fried fish with rice and a signature ice drink.

The spring chicken came piping hot and very crispy. Shared among 4 of us, it's very tasty, much better than KFC. Fried fish was also crispy and delicious with the sauce. We had a very full and satisfying meal, though I had a sore throat for the next few days.

On my next visit I will try the dim sum and other dishes.

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Spring chicken, signature ice drink
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Bedok Mall
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lovely food by the crystal jade group

I remember going to crystal jade la main XLB restaurant being a weekly affair for my family for we loved their exceptional handmade pulled noodles and steamed soup buns which we would gobble down one after another. Then after that came the popping up of one after another crystal jade chains which got us intrigued.

We decided to enter the crystal jade kitchen to give it a go. It basically sells chinese tze char dishes. The food certainly didn't fail me, with simple chinese dishes cooked with such skill and flavor unlike the ones you can get other places. . Though definitely not all the dishes would be stellar, but I pretty much loved their fried rice which was oh so fragrant and infused with smoky flavors.

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the xiaolongbao is a must try!

The Chinese food served at Crystal Jade is probably about the best around for such mid-range prices! I usually order the soupy chicken noodles. A deceptively simple dish, the flavours are mild and subtle, perfect for those looking for a light lunch, and taste oh-so-good with the springy noodles. It's difficult to stop once you've started!

The beef noodles are quite good, too. The broth is very flavourful, for those who like the flavours to come on strong. However, the beef can be a tad too tough.

Don't forget to order the xiao long baos, which are a must try!

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xiao long bao
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Amazing Char Siew Bao and Egg Tart

The soft, crumbly crust of the egg tarts; the puffy, white skin of the char siew bao together with the sweet, juicy meat; and the yellow, bouncy noodles make the perfect afternoon tea. Dim sum at Crystal Jade has always been an experience for me unlike any other dim sum place.

With your little own clipboard for the ordering of your dim sum, this place seems to offer a huge selection of dim sum and snacks. This place, with its fast and efficient service always leaves a good impression on my family - for afternoon tea, this is one of the places to be for Dim Sum other than Yum Cha.

What I especially love would be the egg tarts and the char siew bao: their steamy goodness when served hot is just amazingly pleasing to my taste buds. In fact, I love them so much I always have to drop by Crystal Jade Bakery to bring some home!

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Crystal Jade is a real gem of a restaurant

Oh man...this restaurant, right here, this darn restaurant was my childhood.

Every birthday and Christmas would be eagerly looked forward to - not for the silly cakes or lousy gifts, but for those rare, amazing trips to CRYSTAL FRICKIN' JADE. Seriously, how do little gifts like toy cars or gameboys or Xboxs even compare to one meal spent here?

Of course, everytime I went there, my family'd order a few selections of dishes like their wine-duck thing and this meat roll-up thing (ok oops I just realised how terrible I am with food names) but we all knew that there was only one thing we were there for - their small dragon bags, or "Xiaolongbao". In retrospect, it was a very bad idea to write this at 3.30 a.m. because I am salivating and ravenously hungry right now just thinking about it...oh boy there goes my diet.

Anyway, it's ambrosia. It's God's gift to Earth. It's to die for. It' get my point. The tender, succulent meat, coupled with the juice that explodes in your mouth is a lethal duo that threatens to overwhelm your senses, rendering you into a hot mess of a xiaolongbao-guzzling zombie i.e. I couldn't help but eat like a barbarian and endless shove those baos down my mouth crudely because who cares about table manners and social image when you've got food this damn good?

On the downside though, the service wasn't the best. Staff were never particularly warm or welcoming, but hey, I'm just there for the food, so what do I care? As long as it doesn't take too long to arrive (it doesn't), it's clean (it is) and it's mouth-wateringly good, I say go for it! It's worth every last cent and more.

Man I am so going to dine there next week.

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Hello my darling

I love Crystal Jade. And I would get a 2 week tattoo of this proclamation of love.

I generally only eat dim sum at Chinese restaurants. I never trusted any of their porridge. But for Crystal Jade, I took an exception and ordered their century egg porridge with pork and it was so good, I thought the sun smiled at me.

I am extremely hard to please but their porridge was so delectable. The century egg was slightly salted, adding more flavour to an already satisfying dish. There were the occasional peanut and unidentified pork in the porridge and it added to the taste supremely.

Needless to say, I ordered their xiao long bao and custard buns and har gao too (you can never leave a Crystal Jade without stains of these forementioned dishes on your serviette) and it's the kind of food that makes you feel glad you're alive.

Especially their xiao long bao.

Oh thank you for giving me the meaning of life.

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Convenience (they're everywhere!)
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Comfort food

Crystal Jade to me is the ultimate comfort food, this could be because I am not just Chinese but Cantonese as well.

Whenever I am feeling slightly under the weather, a bowl of warm congee from Crystal Jade is what I crave for. The texture of the porridge is perfect, it has been cooked over a slow fire over a long period of time such that the rice has blended and the porridge goes down smooth. The dim sum at Crystal Jade though not the best I admit is of a certain quality and I can be assured that each time I have it in the restaurant I would be satisfied.

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simple and satisfying bowl of "sui kow" noodles

Crystal Jade is a place I go to whenever I am craving some quality Cantonese food like roasted meats and "sui kow" (big shrimp dumpling) noodles. I especially love the sui kow noodles here. Nothing fancy, just a bowl with al dente springy egg noodles and a few big, fat and juicy shrimp dumplings all submerged in an aromatic and flavorful stock. I don't usually eat dumpling noodle soup because little places do it well. The noodles found outside normally have too much "kee" (the yellow thing that coats the noodles) and when the "kee" goes into the soup, it just spoils the taste. The noodles here do not have such a strong "kee" taste so the soup remains clear and sweet the whole time. Dumplings have thin skin and big fat juicy prawns with well-marinated meat. Hearty and simple are the two words I would use to describe this dish.

I like the ambience of Crystal Jade although I think some might not like it. The noisy clanking of utensils and waitresses conversing in Cantonese makes the ambience even more enjoyable for me because that's what I like to feel when I'm in a Cantonese restaurant! Prices are at the steeper side but for the quality you are getting, I think it is worth it. Most of the waitresses/waiters here converse in Mandarin or Cantonese and basic English. Service I have encountered among different outlets are generally great even though they can get busy during peak hours. Would always come back for my dumpling noodles!

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Poor service

Honestly speaking, I was totally appalled by the poor standard of service Crystal Jade Kitchen offered. I mean, I’d expected more from Crystal Jade! Perhaps too much expectation breeds disappointment. The service staff did not receive us as pleasantly and warmly as what you would expect most restaurants to do, and they took long to respond to our orders. Furthermore, when taking orders, the service staff came off as a little rude and unwelcoming. Having ordered tea, they even shove the empty tea set on our table and did not offer any further service. Environment wise, where we were seated, the air-conditioning was lacking and it certainly wasn’t pleasant to eat in such a hot and humid environment.

The only saving grace of this particular dining experience would be the food served. While I was not so impressed with the service and environment, I thought that the dim sum I ordered was not too bad. I’ve tried the Salted egg yolk custard bun, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling ‘Ha Kau’, and particularly liked the crispy texture of the Pan Fried Beancurd Skin rolled with minced pork and shrimp.

While the quality of the food wasn’t so bad, what left a bad impression of this restaurant on me was the poor service offered, which made me think that it wasn’t such a great value for money after all.

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Decent, Mid-Range Chinese Cuisine

This particular branch at Suntec is currently undergoing renovations (as at March 2013), so you should venture to other branches if you want some simple, uncomplicated Chinese cuisine.

Recently revamped with some new items on the menu, the chain runs like clockwork with most food served within 15 minutes of order. And any longer like the salted fish with minced meat dish, the waiters are well-versed enough to let you know the approximate waiting time.

I do find it surprising that while the rest of the Chinese restaurant chains seem to change waiters as often as they top up their soy sauce, the waiters at Crystal Jade tends to be a faithful lot, which is good, as I’ve managed to strike up some good conversations with the regular waiters.

The down-to-earth porridge series is delicious including chicken, century egg with pork, beef. The porridge base is the same and it is seasoned so you can eat it plain if you wish. Depending on which branch you go, some branches have Dimsum serving include the Xiao Long Bao which I daresay, rival the ever popular Ding Tai Fung. Worth a mention are the appetizers like the salt and pepper Dou fu (bean curd), deep-fried wantons which can be eaten as main dishes. But by far, their best dishes have got to be the roasted pork and soya sauce chicken. The pork is roasted to salty perfection with a crispy skin and served with a special wasabi-like sauce. And the soya chicken is simmered till the chicken is light brown and served with a special ginger-spring onion oil sauce which seems to go well with almost every dish. But they are rather stingy with the sauces and if you request for more than the tiny sauce dish that it comes in, you will need to pay (I think it was 70 cents or 80 cents for an extra dish of sauce) – which is misplaced high-handedness.

If you dine alone, fret not, as you can also settle for one-person dishes like their assortment of fried rice (at the last count there were four different types) or the series of dry/soup noodles like shrimp dumpling, char siew, wanton noodles – although personally, I do find the wanton noodle soup a trite bland.

For a mid-range option, Crystal Jade does offer some respectable Chinese dishes – either for lunch or dinner for a group or a party-of-one.

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