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Listing created by kh on September 29, 2012    

Chinese restaurant offering Shanghai dishes.

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Bugis - 200 Victoria Street #02-53 Bugis Junction S(188021)
Plaza Singapura - 68 Orchard Road #02-01 Plaza Singapura S(238839)

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nothing much.

As usual, a chinese ramen place selling all the same dishes as din tai fung, crystal jade etc.
My favourite place to have xiao long bao (steamed pork soup dumpling) would still be Crystal Jade restaurant. Even this place didn't change my mind.

One of their specialty would be extra large soup dumpling, the size of a bamboo steamer. The skin can be eaten however that is not the point of the dish. The highlight of the dish would be to use a bubble tea like straw to suck up the soup in the huge dumpling. Unlike the normal xiao long bao with pork inside, this does not have.

The highlight being the soup, didn't wow me. It tasted just like- soup. No big deal. It's just that it is packed in an edible casing, that's all. Nothing to go crazy about here.

They do sell quite a lot of other unique dishes which cannot be found in other chinese restaurants. For example the yam pastry. Yam paste is stuffed in between a slice of bread, dipped in egg and white sesame before going into the deep fryer. Bonus points for creativeness. It tasted well, not too bad. Though, once again, I wasn't wowed.

All in all a rather affordable chinese restaurant to dine in considering their reasonable prices coupled with large portions.

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If you haven't eaten here before perhaps it's time you should

A lot of must try dishes from this restaurant!! This place is definitely packed during lunch and dinner hours. A lot of times there are long queues during the peak hours. So if you are coming in big groups, be sure to ‘chope’ a table by making a reservation!

Firstly, I think their interior decoration is really cool and attractive. I’ve only been to their outlet at Bugis Junction. They actually use those xiao long bao baskets (Sorry Idk what’s that called) to form a ‘wall’.

I’ve tried a lot of dishes and most of them are to my liking I must say. I’ve tried almost all their xiao long bao and they’re good. Most of the chef’s choices stated on the menu really are the recommended picks. Personally I think some must try dishes are salted egg yolk prawn, wasabi prawn (this dish taste good sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t), homemade beancurd, crab roe soup in prawn ball, spring roll with crab roll stuffing, golden pumpkin cake and yam pastry with sesame. The dishes taste so good they make me ask for more!

However the prices may be a little pricy. One portion of their main dish is actually filling. So if you want to try out their yummy side dishes its best you come in bigger groups so you can order more food! I personally think it is quite a pity if you merely try out their main dish (rice or noodles). Their side dishes and desserts are kind of more like the highlights to me.

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Bugis Junction
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