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Located on Sentosa on a hill overlooking Siloso Beach. Locals and holidaymakers can opt to stay in one of the 34 Deluxe Rooms, or get rustic in a Kampung Hut - a cosy accommodation that gives a taste of 1960′s Singapore for up to 4 people.

Prices from Sunday to the middle of the week are significantly cheaper.

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Deluxe Room $199
Kampung Hut $119
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Ulu resort!

My goodness, the walk to Costa Sands Resort is so draining that when you finally reach the place, all you'd want to do is take a nap on their cozy beds. There's a pathway from Costa Sands Resort that leads to Siloso Beach which makes it convenient but if you're travelling from Beach Station to the resort, be prepared for a long walk. Plus, this means that it's far away from McDonalds and all the other fun activities such as luge. Apart from the terrible location, I have nothing else to complain about.

Their rooms are squeaky clean although it's a bit tiny. I didn't get to take a dip in the pool either but I absolutely LOVE the waffles that they sell in the cafe. It's simply delicious and my friends and I ate two waffles each. Pigs, I know.

It's probably the cheapest accommodation you can find in Sentosa so if you don't mind walking a lot and don't have lots to spare, it's a good place to spend a night or two in.

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Resort like experience

"Damnit, where's the place. Oh there it is, turn in, turn in!"

The intertwining roads and confusing signboards make the secluded location of Costa Sands Resort slightly frustrating to the patrons who drive there, especially me. Yet on hindsight, the location of Costa Sands wasn't so bad - there was a side gate that led straight to the beach, and even from the front, it is a bare 10 minute walk to Siloso beach.

At the counter, the staff were nice, approachable and friendly. The atmosphere of the place resembled that of a weekend resort - it was beautiful. From the room, with the curtains drawn apart, the view of the pool basking in the golden sun rays make the resort experience even more vivid. The rich blue texture of the ripples in the water enticed me to go down for a swim, which I unfortunately forgot to do due to the packed schedule I had during my stay.

Room wise, the room was a little small, but the beds were neatly made. It was comfortable and still cosy despite the size.

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May be the cheapest accommodation on Sentosa

This may be the cheapest accommodation on Sentosa other than on the beach but cheap is relative. If you compare the price and the condition of the rooms, the price is really not cheap. If you are adventurous enough to try the kampong hut, then you can relive Army life when you need to use shared toilets and bathroom.

I was not adventurous enough so I booked a room instead. I really regretted choosing this place. The room was small so there was a strong push factor for you to get out of the room to explore Sentosa but the location of the chalet did not make it a convenient starting point to explore Sentosa. The consolation here was the place really forced me to do more walking which was a good exercise for me.

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(Updated: January 14, 2013)

A tranquil and serene place.

Costa Sands known for its wide range of accommodation has yet to improve the chalet also known as Kampung Huts in Sentosa to cater to customers of all ages. NTUC members like me, although given premium discounts upon booking expect to have a pleasurable yet affordable stay. No questions on affordability to be precise but more on the comfort and cleanliness of the huts. It is quite complex for families with children and senior citizens since it has shared toilet and bath that needs more cleaning and maintenance.

The hotel is also located far from other spots and there is only one choice of restaurant and convenient store. As a whole, it is fitting for people who long for serenity and tranquility but not for visitors who wanted to explore the whole island adventurously.

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Beach Time with some BBQs

The chalet rooms are not that spacious and it can only hold about 4 people per room and if you are planning to add more, make sure you are used to sleep standing up. Furthermore, it is not so accessible and it may be quite a hassle to bring your "barang barangs" to the chalet as it is situated right inside Sentosa.

However, the lack of space can be compensated by the various activities can be done. For starters, Costa Sands has a private pool exclusive for chalet occupants. You can enjoy basking on your "private" space. Moreover, you can still try the rides Sentosa has to offer such as the luge. After those exhausting rides, basking, and not to mention the barbeques eaten, you and your friends can spend some quiet time at beach at night.

For those prince charming wanna be, take your special someone to the beach and watch the stars while lying down. Do not forget your jacket because it's really windy at night. You are welcome.

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