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Listing created by delilah on February 28, 2012    

Wanderlust is a left-field and totally experimental boutique hotel set to draw madcap voyagers and curious travellers to its doorstep. Located in Little India, the building was originally an old school built it 1920s. With four thematic levels of 29 rooms by award winning Singapore design agencies, each group was given full creative freedom.

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Wanderful Experience

Booked the Wanderlust hotel through Agoda and stayed at the Computer Room. Service staff were warm and friendly, explaining every detail of our stay, even reading out the wifi details. Kudos to them.

When I walked into the room I was greeted by tall ceiling, artistic wall design, and wonderful interior design.

Although it the area sq ft was rather small, it actually felt spacious thanks to the great interior design and architecture. The bed was super comfy and I had to climb up a steep flight of stairs (it was more like a ladder) to get to it. I think the ladder is a little to steep and could be hazardous if you're not careful. And there at the foot of the bed was a TV! Approximately 35" if i remember correctly... It was the perfect room setting.

Aircon was strong enough to cover this tall room layout and I slept really well through the night.

Woke up next morning for the free American Breakfast and it was delicious! Felt like staying another night but had to go back to work the next day. Definitely revisiting.

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Interior Design
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Boutique hotel in a correct way

Finally, for once, Wanderlust is a boutique hotel in a right way- whimsical decor that is scattered throughout the building, from the check in lounge, the attached cafe, the rooms and the outdoor jacuzzi on the 2nd floor. I stayed here during the new year's eve countdown as the option that I initially wanted - Novotel - was fully booked.

The pros:
I booked the pantone room; which was slightly bigger in size than the lower priced category, but did not opt for the loft-themed rooms. the rooms were smallish in size (as usual for a boutique hotel), but the themed for the pantone rooms were consistent throughout- the lighting could be changed to different kinds, the floors were wooden flooring and there were little gifts in the rooms like travel adaptors and wifi that was strong throughout the room. The outdoor jacuzzi was not heated, but for a warm day, a refreshing soak in it was good. Toiletries were by shanghai tang, which was a plus as well.

The cons:
As a boutique hotel, the rooms were naturally small in size. showering area was attached to the room as a glassed-walled cubicle and another similar one for the toilet bowl. as such, drying yourself is impossible in the cubicle as well, and you would have to step out to dry yourself. no gym, no swimming pool, only an outdoor jacuzzi. buffet breakfast was a joke- the only thing that was buffet is toast bread, coffee/tea, and fruit juices. mains were NOT buffet styled.


Similarly to Studio M, only book it if there's a special promotion/offer going on. it's not worth the price.

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I had a very good experience at Wanderlust. I did not know that this hotel is started by people who are behind New Majestic Hotel and Hotel 1929 until i saw my free bottled water with the various hotel labels. They are old players in the Boutique Hotel industry and are good at it so this immediately gave Wanderlust added credibility.

It will be quite hard to spot Wanderlust from the outside because they kept and retained the beautiful old facade of the building. You will enter a different world upon stepping in and i do like the whole layout and design of the place.

My room is the space room on the top floor, a corner loft room that i believe is the biggest in the hotel after studying the fire escape map. It was spacious, magical, and i love the 'stars' everywhere around the entire room. The room is futuristic and painted entirely black with little white lights (stars) peeping out all around the room and on the roof to make you feel like you are sleeping under the stars.

Breakfast is also pretty delicious and served in a french inspired cafe that has a very good vibe.

Shower gel/shampoo are from Shanghai Tang and they smell great.

Now for the not so good, my room lamp could not work. I was excited to have Nespresso but the machine was not working as well. Feathers from the bed came out. Not sure from where or how because the room is too dark and i am too lazy to find out. Breakfast staff gave me the finger to the direction of salt and pepper instead of giving them to me. A little expensive at about SGD400 after tax.

Still had a good stay though!

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my starry room
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space room!
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Wanderlust is situated at Little India – a bustling cultural enclave where Indian immigrants once settled. Little India and Chinatown are the two biggest cultural enclaves to explore in Singapore and you could probably spend half a day immersing yourself in the culture there.

The hotel building itself was once a Buddhist association before becoming an old school and you can see its Singapore conversation title proudly displayed at the front of the building. It is the wildest and most inventive hotel I've seen! Each level of the hotel has a completely different radical design created award winning Singapore design agencies.

I was at Level 4 for my staycation where the theme was “Creature Comforts” with designs that exuded a playful child like vibe with a friendly creature guarding the room. The ceilings are high and spacious and the rooms here are all lofts so you have to climb a flight of stairs to your bed. I love that feeling, it feels like you’re sitting on top of the one with your loved one, and there is a TV right in front of your bed where you can cuddle and watch together!

We stayed in the “Tree” room which had the roots of the tree painted on the floor, followed by the tree Bark on the wall and leaves at the top of the ceiling. When I went up the bed it felt like I was living in the tree house that I never had!

The bad thing were the lack of facilities (no swimming pool!) and the location was kinda on the outskirts of Little India so be prepared to walk. Make sure you do some research online before booking so you get the room you desire as each one is different. We still feel its a real bargain to stay in such a zany wonderfully designed madcap hotel, it will probably be a completely new experience to you!

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Great experience

I was here for a night's stay as part of a project in the past (we had some connections), and it was indeed a remarkable experience.

The one thing that really impressed me was the room. I was checked into a Pantone Room; cannot exactly remember which one though. However, I remembered the decor of the place. It was extremely cozy and minimalist, with a vase capturing my attention. In addition, frosted glass was in place of the bathroom's walls and doors, making it look rather 'exhibitionist'.

The PR and marketing people here were extremely understanding, and did not hesitate to assist us in our queries and requests. Do make time to have a stay-cation here if you are looking for a mini-getaway. Highly recommended.

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Small but Definitely a Charmer

Truthfully, I did not stayed in any of the rooms at Wanderlust Hotel. However, on the other hand, probably EVEN BETTER, I got a free tour around the hotel as part of my pretty intensive project. I know the hotel almost at the back of my hand and I got to visit, firsthand, one or two of each room on every level.

The first level of Wanderlust is themed Industrial Glam, with raw-looking walls and the look of oxidised steel, furbished with designer furniture - carefully sourced overseas and even salvaged locally (you could find an old-school dentist lamp and barber chair as part of the owner's personal collection) by the owner. The first level also boasts of its French restaurant Coquette, selling communal food with a rustic allure. On weekends, it is wise to make a reservation before heading there.

The second level consists of pantone-coloured rooms. The colour of the door on the outside corresponds to the colour of the room inside, with song lyrics to a classical pop song in neon light over your bed. There is a play of space in the ceiling above which resembles origami. The best room of the level would be the Yellow Submarines (The Beatles) room which is the deluxe room that only has a bathtub on that level. Also, there is a mini, cozy jacuzzi located all the way to the left when you step out of the lift.

If the bright pantone colours are too garish for you, the third level, inspired by monotones, might strongly appeal to you. There are two sub-themes on the third level - Origami and Pop-Art. The Origami rooms are self-explanatory but still worth checking out, while the Pop-Art Rooms have quirky doodled art of furniture popped-up along the wall backed by light (which you can switch off).

The last level gets even more exciting. In fact, the rooms of the last level are the most popular, wherein they are lofts (ceilings are high and you have to climb a flight of stairs to your bed) themed by a cute and friendly monster/creature somewhat guarding the room. You could choose from the Typewriter Monster, Tree Monster, Space Monster and ASCII Monster. The besttttt room of Wanderlust is the Space room whereby at night, the only source of light comes from under the stair and, imagine this, the stars on your walls. Such a surreal experience, I must add.

Aside from staying in the hotel, if you consider doing a project on the hotel, I strongly encourage you to. Unlike other hotels, Wanderlust received us with open arms. The advertising and PR-in-charge of Wanderlust actually came down from her main office to receive us promptly at the hotel, gave us all the information and high resolution pictures we need, and a lot of free reign in exploring the hotel.

The only downside to the hotel is that the rooms might be a little too small and claustrophobia-inducing. Also, there is no free parking. However, the charms and alluring queer of Wanderlust would most probably cause you to overlook that. A stay in Wanderlust is an adventure in itself.

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(Updated: May 08, 2012)

the perfect staycation

For my boyfriend’s birthday, I decided to present him with a getaway staycation within Singapore in order to accommodate our busy schedules. Pouncing on this little hideout Wanderlust was everything I could I ever dream of in for a staycation.

I booked us a Pantone Room, and upon arrival, the administrative staffs checked us in to the Green Room which was claimed to be the largest and most spacious of the Pantones. The room was cozy, and of course, very green. I absolutely adore the stylish minimalist décor that the entire room reflected and I am just dying to return for another staycation. However, Wanderlust is probably more geared towards couples looking for a short getaway together. The bathrooms doors and walls have been replaced with frosted glass, and while it does provide some privacy, the upper half of the glasses are clear, so… it might not be the most ideal for friends looking to share a room together.

Situated in the heart of Little India, we also took a stroll around to explore places for our dinner after checking in. The room package also comes with a free breakfast buffet at the restaurant Cocotte.

I didn’t get the opportunity to check out the other rooms, but will definitely return in future, as I have fallen very much in love with what Wanderlust has to offer.

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the room decor
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go with your other half:)
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