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Listing created by thescarletsg on April 25, 2012    

The Scarlet, Singapore’s first luxury boutique hotel, made her debut in December 2004. Vivacious and uninhibited, the interiors of this 80-room hotel pulsate with an eclectic tension, offering all who enter an adventure for the senses.

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Winner – Singapore’s Leading Boutique Hotel, World Travel Awards 2014, 2015, 2017
Winner – TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, Certificate of Excellence (2011-2017)
Winner – TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2016
Finalist – Architecture (Historical Building), Asia Hotel Design Awards 2015


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Honestly, the first time I looked at the name of this hotel, I thought it was reminiscient of a brothel/red-light district - not that I have a problem with that, I just thought it may be seedy.

Far from being seedy, though, it's actually a really sensual and romantic place - good for couples looking to go on a staycation date. The rooms are tastefully decorated to look like a lady's boudoir, and the alfresco bar provides a wonderful view of the city.

This place is a cross between a Middle Eastern opium den (or, frankly, what I would imagine one of them to look like) and a high-class call girl's bedroom, and I love the atmosphere of romance and magic.

The price, however, is pretty unaffordable for me, but if you, unlike me, have a steady income, this just might be a good place for you to relax for a bit!

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Scarlet Attraction

The grandeur of her entrance seems to beckon at you to come closer. The moment you enter her doors, time halts and it feels like you've chanced upon a sacred palace, wanting to explore deeper.

Nestled in the quieter corner of Chinatown, the Scarlet was not what anyone would expect to find. Boasting a bold style of lavish and opulence, with awfully pleasant staff, Scarlet has given me and my girlfriends one memorable staycation.

Her rooms were cosy, but the downside was that majority came without windows, so claustrophobics, you may wish to request for a room with windows before embarking on your adventure with Scarlet.

We spent an awesome afternoon tanning and catching up at Scarlet's roof-top jacuzzi, and dinner was hosted at her roof-top alfresco seafood bar & grill restaurant, Breeze. We ended the night perfectly, over cocktails and seafood, with quite a magnificent view of the CBD from this cosy little sanctuary.

Definitely will be coming back for more rounds!

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Jacuzzi and Breeze
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not quite what I expected

I haven't stayed at this hotel before, but I did go for an interview there while I was job hunting. So I won't be commenting much about the actual accommodation itself but the overall experience (minus the interview session, of course).

The Scarlet Hotel is conveniently located next to Maxwell Food Centre, which is a plus for anyone looking to stay there who is a foodie. Which also means the place isn't hard to locate - perfect for anyone who isn't street-savvy (like me). In fact even with all the worry that I might lose my way, I was there within ten minutes from exiting from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. It was really that simple - walk straight and turn left at Maxwell Food Centre. You'll see it. It is also located very near to Chinatown, ideal for tourists looking to delve into the various cultures of Singapore.

It might have been because I wasn't familiar with the concept of a boutique hotel, but the reception area gave me the feeling of having stepped into any regular hotel. Yes it is smaller than the usual one but it is boutique, after all. There was a chandelier in the middle of the reception, and I really liked the design of the place. It was a different experience altogether once you got off from the pavement along the row of shophouses where the hotel is located and stepped into the place. There was even (what I think is) a conference room, and a place for guests to gather and just, well, talk. And the sofa had this elegant/royal/sophisticated feel to it. In fact, the place itself did.

Service, as far as I could tell, was also good. The concierge attended to my friend and me upon our entrance and walked with us to the front desk. The front desk staff was also all smiles even though we weren't guests there.

In short, I believe the service and the feel of the reception area, including its ideal location, were enough to make me a potential guest at the hotel.

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One of the first

I have never stayed at The Scarlet and i do not intend to because of the stories i have heard about it. There are ghost stories about the hotel and one of my friend even changed hotel after staying a night there.

My own experiences however is not that bad. The Scarlet is one of the first who brought the idea of Boutique Hotels to Singapore and they are definitely a very good big brother for others to follow because have you seen its lobby, its so nice and grand, especially in the evening! Perfect place for photo whoring especially when you are young and fresh out of college. (me back then)

The open roof bar is lovely and a perfect place to bring your date. My friends and i came here once and we had a perfect spot overlooking chinatown and a great place to sip champagne and just chill.

I also visited a friend who stayed here and i found the room small but cosy. Well maintained but i think many of the room are windowless. If you are chinese and believe that sunlight is needed to chase the bad energy away, this hotel will not be for you. For angmohs(caucasians), this will be a perfect hotel for you.

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Quaint little hotel right in the heart of the city

Nestled in a corner of Tanjong Pagar, this boutique hotel is located right across the street from the famous Maxwell market, and can be found along a lane of shops housing products by local designers.

Food is very important to me, so it really helps that you can just step out in the mornings and head over to Maxwell for a hearty breakfast of mee rebus/porridge. DVDs are available for free at the counter, so you can actually loan a DVD from the hotel desk and put it into your DVD player which can be found in each room.

I booked a standard room for my girls' night out, and we did have tonnes of fun. The room was clean, with nice soaps and shampoos provided.

However, instead of providing us with a queen sized bed, we got two single beds joined together, so it was quite annoying for the person in the middle to have to sleep there.

Another strange thing was that the chambermaids burst into our room twice (once in the day, and once in the morning) .. without even knocking at our door. We didn't put a do not disturb sign, but I've never had the unpleasant experience before of a hotel staff suddenly bursting into my room even when the do not disturb sign is not hung from the doorknob.

I guess this hotel really does need to work on its beds for one, as well as the training of their staff. The price has since gone up substantially from when I last booked it, so perhaps they now have more cash in their accounts to work on those two aspects.

Aside from that, the room itself was pleasant enough, as was the decor of the hotel.

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