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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on March 10, 2014    

The School Never Asked is a 35 page comic book created by artist Felicia Low's 2 year residency at The Substation. It is a milestone setting book in that it allows young teenagers a better platform to understand sex and love in a way which the relatively conservative environment they grew up in does not permit. This is especially the case in schools, which focuses more on academics rather than the well being of children in the midst of growing up. Based on a series of interviews with young women, the comic book is made available online, in the hopes of better reaching out to its target audience


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In conservative Singapore, where there is a fine line demarcated clearly about the subject of sex, it is hard for adults to broach the topic openly to teenagers who are starting to experience puberty and are curious about sex. Without open and honest discussions on the topic, it inevitably leads to teenagers' perceptions on the topic being distorted, especially with the play of vulgarities that describes sexual organs.

Hence, I found The School Never Asked an excellent medium in which to openly broach the subject to curious teenagers in an interactive and entertaining manner. For starters, being a comic, it is easily understood by the audiences it is trying to reach out to. Furthermore, being freely available online, it has the potential to a wide proportion of its target audience. Moreover, the experiences of the 3 girls are very real examples to the life experiences faced by many young girls as they start to mature. It deals with a variety of issues, from having proper sex to feelings for the opposite gender.

However, I felt that Felicia Low should have given equal proportion to the feelings of young boys when it comes to puberty instead of just making it all to be about girls. It is normal for many young boys to be curious and lost when it comes to sex, and the lack of focus and attention to them meant that later on, they fell under the negative influences of pornography and the likes of experimenting with sex when they are not ready.

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