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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 07, 2013    

Alvin Pang, Singapore's forefront writing fathers, wrote this book from experience and love. Published by Math Press, it is now available at local bookstores.


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A beautiful book

I adore this book.

I picked it up by chance and I was absolutely delighted to carry this book everywhere I went for a whole week after my timely purchase of it - thank god for the random cafes I go to which eventually bore me, giving me time with this precious piece.

I was afraid to read it too fast because I didn't want it to end, but my hunger for it eventually led to me finishing it and I just kept rereading it afterwards.

This book is about human traits given a life of their own. They have their backstory, they have parents, they have lovers and they have a future written for them.

Of all the characters, I adore Hope and Purpose the most. Purpose for the sole reason that it is the single thing I've been looking for the most in my life, and Hope because I need it very desperately now more than ever.

It is a beautiful piece and I wish there were more to devour, and now I'll be keeping an eye out of Alvin Pang's books.

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