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Listing created by equina on February 19, 2013    

NoQ store – Asia’s online bookstore offers the customers a brand new shopping experience when they shop for books online. Stocked with over a million international and Asian titles. Customers can enjoy speedy delivery from the online shopping trolley to the doorstep at just S$5 flat within Singapore! 

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(Updated: September 22, 2014)

Cheaper books, but long waiting time

I had not bought books from an online book retailer before, so I decided to give it a try. I was intending to buy a few Laos to English dictionaries to donate for a Overseas Community Involvement Programme, but I could not find any existing hard copies in brick-and-mortar bookstores. One of the bookstores brought in the dictionary series, but I was informed it was out of stock and would only come in only a month later.

Luckily, on NoQ store, not only did I find it, but it was at a much cheaper price as well! It retailed for about SGD$39.90/copy at the store, while I ordered it for only SGD17.00 per copy! Not only that, coupon codes and discounts were available when I bought it, making it even cheaper. With such good savings, I bought more dictionaries then I intended to to donate to the needy.

The only negative part was the long waiting time. The overall process, from the moment I ordered online to the moment it reached me, took about 18 days. Hence I would only recommend others to use this service if there is no rush to get the books.

Do note tha my books came in a small box, with each book in its individually sealed plastic, with the remaining space in the box filled with paper.

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(Updated: July 02, 2014)

Sometimes, its better to buy from bookstores

I will not recommend shopping online for books, for I had quite a few haphazard experiences with online book retailers. As with other online book retailers, I find NoQ has the following common faults.

Firstly, the time taken to deliver the books. On the site, the company states that it'll take 7-14 days to deliver the books. No doubt in terms of working days, it translates into around 2-3 weeks. However, it can be excruciatingly painful if you've been anticipating that book and now have to wait. You're much better off buying from a brick and mortar bookstore in this case.

Secondly, customer service is relatively poor. For instance, upon emailing the company with regards to a book that is lost along the way, the most common response is 'I can't really help you with this.' No effort was put into tracking the book, and the customer service officer simply tells you that the book will be re-despatched upon rejection by the mail (Taking it for granted that this will always be the case and that the fault lies in the customer instead of the company). Moreover, if it turns out that the postal service auctioned off the book because the bookstore did not provide a return address, you do not get a new copy. No effort is put into ensuring that the book is delivered to the customer in a timely and efficient manner and that ultimately, the customer has a good experience. For instance, in the above mentioned case, I would expect the company to despatch another copy of the book to me instead of letting me bear the loss. Horrible customer service!

To be fair to the retailer, the variety of books and paying methods merits a mention. You can literally find any genre of books on the site and one thing about the paying methods that I like would be e-NETS, which you rarely find on other sites. Moreover, prices offered are competitive and you can save much indeed buying from here.

Overall, NoQ is feasible if you're one for online shopping. But for the traditionalist reader like me, nothing beats the joy of spending an entire afternoon browsing through books and making random, unexpected discoveries!

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WORST online shopping experience EVER!

I do not even want to give any rating but the system made me rate it at least 0.5!

Had the WORST experience with NOQStore!

The books took a long time to arrive and wrong book was delivered. Emailed them and received a hasty and insincere email from the Customer Service asking me to call the courier myself for an exchange of books!

I called the courier only to be told that Tracking no. shown as delivery is completed in their system and any further delivery will have to be arranged by vendor and not the customer!! I had to keep following up with the Customer Service but more than a week and i still have not hear any updates.

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Great prices with many promo but expect prolonged delivery period

Great value as the book I bought from NOQ is by far the lowest price found globally - only during special promo and using special code. However, the email response is lousy and they seem to respond best through Facebook if you have any enquiry. There is no delivery during weekend and public holidays and they expect you to include these days in the delivery calculation.

I thought they were an online store which delivers internationally but they expect you to observe Singapore public holidays when expecting delivery. Overall, customers require effort when shopping with NOQ.

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Great prices and savings! Satisfactory experience.

I, too, had a somewhat interesting experience with NoQ. While I agree with the other reviews that the delivery times are long, I think it's a fair trade-off for the huge savings I enjoyed.

NoQ's books are already significantly cheaper than other brick-and-motar stores like Kinokuniya, and are on par with Book Depository's prices. The plus point is that they often have promotions of 15% - 20% off, and even $10 off orders for short periods! This translates to even greater discounts and I managed to save $30+ on my order, as compared to if I had purchased my books from anywhere else.

As for the delivery timing, it is stated on their website that delivery takes 7 - 14 Working Days. I think this is the area which most of us shoppers gloss over - 'Working Days' are vastly different from just... Days. 'Working Days' translates to Mondays - Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays. As such, my delivery from NoQ arrived on the 22nd of January when I had placed my order on the 3rd. I, too, missed out on this detail but their customer service staff explained it to me when I called their office. Try calling their office if you're unable to reach them via email; their phone operators are quite nice!

Overall, I'm really happy with my experience with them. The books arrived safely and in pristine condition, all nicely wrapped up! I will definitely be repurchasing again! Looking out for the next promo code, of course. Haha.

One point to note though - their books do go out-of-stock sometimes, so if I really need a book I would quickly place an order instead of waiting for a promotion to pop up.

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Affordable prices
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Poor customer service and delivery time.

My experience with Noq was so exasperating, I felt it was necessary to share this with others, so they are warned of the potential frustrations of ordering through Noq. If you have had an otherwise positive experience with Noq yourself, please feel free to share and/or comment!

I made some orders for Christmas gifts and books on Noq store, and understood from the website that delivery would take between 7-14 days. (This is indicated under their shipping information which you can find on their website.) To be honest, I didn't mind receiving the items after Christmas as I was only going to meet a few friends to pass them their gifts after 25th Dec.

I have to say thought that I've been quite frustrated with the lacklustre service standards and delivery time. Todays marks the 3rd week since I've made the orders and I've yet to receive a single item!! Gosh, where do I even begin.

I received an email upon confirmation of my order, to say that my order was acknowledged and that I would receive another email from them in 48 hours when the order is "processed". (Note: If you plan to make orders from them, there IS a difference between an "acknowledged" versus a "processed" order.) I never received the email to confirm that my order was processed, and had to in fact email customer service to clarify regarding the status of my order. Customer service took 3 days to respond to my email. It turns outs Noq does not have ready stocks available, and puts in an order to overseas suppliers when an order is made through their website. So, when I tried to cancel my order and ask for a refund; I was informed the overseas supplier had sent the items across to Noq and they are thus unable to cancel my
order. Happy days.

I actually ordered from Noq as pricing-wise they are competitive (I gave them a 1 for value, versus 0.5 for the other ratings) and better value compared to other online/brick & mortar stores. On hindsight however, I would negate those few dollars of savings and buy my books from Book Depository or Kinokuniya (have had recent experience of excellent and responsive customer service with them.)

I've just left Noq a message on their website to check in regarding the status of my deliveries, and am keeping my fingers crossed that my friends can receive their gifts in 2014.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed.

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Good pricing but very bad delivery

NoQ does not handle the delivery itself. Currently, the delivery is by Ta-Q-bin. The delivery company is not reliable. I had to chase for my parcel for 3 days.

The service recovery is bad. When asked when can it be delivered, they actually said "I HOPE it can be delivered the next day." There is no particular person looking into the matter. In the end, my parcel came in later than what was promised by NOQ.

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