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Listing created by rockinruth on February 09, 2013    

Bookaburra offers a wide range of children's books, ranging from timeless classics to newer additions to the genre. Storytime is 4pm - 5pm on Wednesdays at Forum and 2pm - 3pm on Saturdays at United Square. Book fairs can be booked at 62861303.

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(Updated: December 19, 2014)


This store will always hold a special place in my heart, being the store that helped me to cultivate my love for reading as a child. I'll always remember those week-long mini book-fairs in primary school held by Bookaburra.

The endless selection of books neatly placed atop rows of lined canteen tables was like paradise to this book-loving child. Though it has been quite some time since I've purchased from them. The books were affordable, which is why I was allowed to buy them. The joy those books gave me, though, is priceless.

Through these warm fuzzy memories, I can safely say that Bookaburra has a great selection of books for children that will help to pave the way to good reading habits. A child would find a book that piques her interest here, no matter what genre that may be.

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(Updated: May 02, 2013)

bookaburra prunes the old book tree

Bookaburra is, without a doubt, one of my top bookstores. Oh, I know, there's Kinokuniya, Times, MPH, Prologue... and this is a kids' bookstore, what can I even buy here? A lot, actually. Bookaburra doesn't just hold children's books, as I've discovered, though I appreciate those as well.

They also have a more mature selection which I'm sure is not for kids - and while this might be limited as compared to other bookstores, I usually approve of it. In a way, Bookaburra filters books for me so rather than looking through all the books available elsewhere, I can buy books I want with much less trouble. You could say, I suppose, that we have the same tastes. Though that might just be me, so don't take my word for it! If nothing else, this place is definitely best for kids (and parents who want book-loving kids).

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