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Kiss Jane
Listing created by Kiss Jane on April 17, 2012    

KissJane introduced a new concept to Singapore by becoming the physical storefront of the most popular blogshops. They have four malls, located at Bugis Junction Mall, Singapore City Link Mall Vivocity and Century Square.

In KissJane, you will find exclusive design pieces by their brands that are not found anywhere. They carry brands such as: Amber Avenue, Finding Dressabelle, Megagamie, AllThingsLovely, The Tinsel Rack, The Velvet Dolls and over 40 other brands from blogshops, allowing you to try them in store.

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Such style and class

I love KissJane for their great class and upbeat style.

They have regularly wowed me with their collections, be it online or in stores. Lately, though, with more and more of their outlets popping up, my friends have stopped going to their site and instead choose to visit their outlet to see the clothes up close.

I went into the one at CityLink with my friend and honestly, without the photoshoot and enhanced photos, the clothes do look a little disappointing. And most of the material made the clothes look less desirable. We also couldn't find the items online that we wanted to see up close in the store. And all in all, it was too over-crowded to find anything in particular so we gave up shortly.

Time to go back online!

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Citylink Mall
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Breathtaking amount of choices

I was so enthralled at the thought of visiting their outlet at Century Square and when I reached there, I was glad the experience didn't disappoint me. Racks and racks of gorgeous apparels greeted me, all in different colours, designs and materials. What I like about Kiss Jane is also that they collect a range of clothing from different blogshops which suit the crowd around that area.

I couldn't make up my mind on what to get myself, I wanted almost everything on the shelves. I am usually a rather picky shopper, leaving shops after a very quick glance. But Kiss Jane made me stay for so long just flipping through all the gorgeous pieces.

I have a feeling I'm gonna be back to get more.

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(Updated: December 06, 2012)

Try the clothes at kissjane but buy them online

This is my frequent hangout because i am an addict to online shopping. Kissjane has 3 outlets located in the prime area of bugis, cityhall and vivo and i usually visit the bugis outlet, but i hear that their newest vivo city outlet is the biggest. They have many blogshop brands like Thetinselrack, the velevet dolls, amber avenue etc.

However i usually do not make my purchase at Kissjane because their items are priced about 4-6 SGD higher than the online retail price probably because of the service and the ability to try on before buying. Hence, i usually will check out the new arrivals at kissjane, try them on and buy online if i like anything to save money and to assess the quality and fit.

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(Updated: October 26, 2012)

Quality vs Price

KissJane is a retail store that features clothes from several blogshops such as Momoteapots and MGP. They also provide online services for the convenience of customers who wish to browse through the clothing featured in KissJane in the comforts of their own home.

The shop mostly features dresses, tops, skirts, shoes and a few other accessories. The clothes they feature are mainly chosen to appeal to girls whose style tend to be more girly in nature.

A bad point about the clothes in KissJane is their quality. Many of their outfits are made of poor quality materials such as poor quality chiffon. Sometimes the hems of the clothes are also not sewn on properly. Therefore, for the price that they charge, the clothes are not very value for money.

I personally had a bad experience from buying from their online store. A dress I saw in their online store caught my attention because of it's gorgeous design. However, when I received the package a few days later, I found the quality of the dress to be atrocious. For the price I paid, I hadn't expected the dress to be so filmsy to the point that it was semi see though. A definite waste of my money.
In my opinion, I would rather pay slightly more to get assurance that my clothes would be of good quality!

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Want to try your blogshop pieces? Kiss Jane has it!

I've always like to see the clothes that are selling online through blogshops. However, I have never made any purchase before even though the clothes are so attractive. The reason why I have never purchase online is because I fear that the measurements may not be accurate and I may end up with a something that is oversized for me which I cannot exchange or refund.

But Kiss Jane solves the problem as many blogshops take up a space in Kiss Jane to sell their online pieces, which means what I see online I can get it at Kiss Jane. I'm still quite skeptical about buying clothes online as there are many people saying that the quality may not be the same or the size may be incorrect when you received the clothings. So I feel Kiss Jane is a great place where I can try the clothes that the blogshops are selling before I make any purchases.

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(Updated: July 09, 2012)

Overpriced for the quality

To many online retail store owners, setting up their very own brick-and-mortar shops is one of their biggest dreams, and these dreams were partly materialized when Kissjane was set up.

When I first stepped into Kissjane, I was awed by the myriad of brands housed. But upon closer inspection, I found that the quality of the clothes on the racks were rather lacklustre, and did not appear to be as flattering or gorgeous as they look in the photos posted by their respective blogshops. Well, to be honest, poor quality chiffon, uneven hemlines, and sheer dresses are part and parcel of online blogshopping. In my opinion, Kissjane would be a good place to go to if the brand you have in mind has a rack in the shop, and you want to gauge their standards.

Do note that the prices of the items in KJ are slightly higher than their online retail prices. For instance, a pair of denim shorts retailing at SGD26.50 on theclosetlover's website was selling at SGD32.50 in Kissjane. Customers are paying more for instant gratification and more imptly, the ability to try on the clothing. However, many brands actually stock up their items in kissjane before the actual launch on their website. Thus, you may try on the clothing in kissjane and if you're satisfied, buy on the website when it's being launched later... Talk about being a savvy shopper!

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Branch Location:
Bugis Junction, Citylink Mall
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Online shopping brought to life

KissJane is the shop that features all the online apparels, it is made tangible for the shoppers to try them out before purchasing to make sure that the clothes fit them, in which is the disadvantage of online shopping. I frequently visit the outlet at Bugis Junction because there are more online blogshops featuring their apparels there, as compared to the one in City Link. 

Despite so many of pretty apparels displayed in the store, I feel that the quality is not up to my expectations. Some of the tops have flimsy buttons that looks like it could drop anytime. And some others would have the threads coming out all over the parts and that's one of the reasons why I choose not to purchase the clothes. The service staff is good, they leave the shoppers to have our own freedom to look around and try the clothes out. Well, I prefer it that way. 

Apart from that, I also noticed that the apparels cost slight more expensive than the online blogshop. So, some girls would try out the apparels at the store and purchase them online. 

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For the girly and sweet at heart

KissJane is a local shop featuring clothes popular local blogshops, characterised by splashes of vibrant spring colours and oozing of feminine and flirty vibes. The store is very easy to navigate. Products are arranged in different sections according to the different blogshops which is a great idea as consumers can easily find the piece they’ve been interested in online and try it out at KissJane.

Service is surprisingly good at KissJane. Retail assistants are very warm and good at handling with customers (I’ve witness good service provided by them not only to me but to Japanese customers). Despite the store’s small size, KissJane manages to utilize the space to its advantage, accommodating to a fairly large amount of clothes and two or three changing rooms.

However, I must say that the clothes are not suitable for every girl. The clothes are generally skewed towards the girly and summer/spring feel, with more emphasis on dresses and skirts. The shop is not hard to miss with its pink sign plastered on its glass exterior.

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A place with Singapore's online shops' self-manufactured pieces, quality wise....

Kiss Jane was an apparel shop, kind of like a combination of Singapore's online blog shops brands like Oh So Fickle, The Tinsel Rack, Dressabelle, etc. If you are looking for nice designs of Singapore's self-manufactured online brands, this would the place you would not miss!

They have a wide variety of brands as well as designs. Not only apparels, they do have accessories and outer wear. I must admit that some of the designs you have seen in Kiss Jane might be similar to those pieces in luxury brands. They do offer fitting rooms so that you are able to try out the apparels before making a purchase. I'm sure no one wants an impulse purchase whereby they browsed the internet for the pictures; turning out none of the apparels fits you. The pricing wise, some pieces are kind of a much higher price than the others, majority are reasonably priced and probably few dollars more than what you have bought online.

The materials of the clothings are not as good as I've thought, but probably better than those bought in Bugis Street or Far East Plaza. I have always been a 'quality first, price later' kind of mindset when it comes to shopping, and I'm most probably not a fan of Singapore's self-manufactured online brands when it comes to clothing.

This shop's definitely a no-no for me, in terms of quality.

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Fitting Rooms, Singapore self-manufactured brands
Branch Location:
City Link Mall
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Online Shopper's Haven

KissJane… Where do I even start?

I’m an avid blogshopper, and have been at it for almost 4 years now. I am so glad that there’s KissJane which group a lot of the blogshops under one brick & mortar shop.

The good thing about KissJane is that I get to try on the apparels first before making any purchase, and just having a feel of the clothing (material, etc). The store has a wide variety of clothes from various blogshops, and they are usually freshly stocked on almost a weekly basis.

Sure I can get the same piece of clothing for a cheaper price by camping online before a launch, but here’s the catch: there are some pieces in “limited edition” colors that are only available at KissJane, which makes shopping a lot more exciting. There are also “limited edition” designs by these various blogshops made available only at KissJane. And of course, KissJane will always get the stocks first before the online launch, and that means I get to try (and maybe even buy) before anyone else.

The downside is that there are very few KissJane outlets. I really hope there will be more outlets, and that they will collaborate with much more blogshops. And of course, the prices are hiked up a little bit as compared to online prices. But what’s a few bucks more, right?

Overall, it is the best shopping haven there is.

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