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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 24, 2013    

"RemSg" as he prefers to be known ia a fiercely private blogger who goes through great lengths to document and preserve Singapore's heritage and history on his blog.

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I thought the blog is quite unique as it gives us young ones a useful insight into what were some of the old history of Singapore. Certainly didn't know got so many interesting places until I came across this blog.

It's a good resource for tourist and even locals who want to visit the places. If you got no program and want to do something interesting, some of the places highlighted seem quite interesting to visit. There are a lot of pictures on the blog for reference so at least you can get some idea before heading there.

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A blog to record Singapore history

I believe this blog provides a useful source for future generation to know Singapore history. Iconic landmarks in the past that have vanished due to development of better facilities. This blog certainly preserves the memories of Singapore's heritages.

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