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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 28, 2012    

A former FHM model, she is a blogger and model, and has also opened a blogshop.


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Congenial and Natural on screen

Perhaps Kay Kay would be what most people think of as the epitome of beauty - I wouldn't beg to differ, I think she's indeed a pretty lady.

She terms herself as 'online personality' and is active on social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Blogger. I've watched her Youtube videos - both on her own channels and when she was still with clicknetwork and I find her quite entertaining as a person, who is natural on-screen, non-shy, congenial and friendly with the public and audience.

Her Youtube videos which features episodes of her experimenting with different vocations ('Babe of All Trades') really presented the daring and spontaneous personality that she has, which I admire.

She's been recently embroiled in a nasty brawl with the famous blogger Xia Xue, with screenshots of chats on Whatsapp being leaked online, tarnishing her professional image. I am in no position to judge (and neither do I want to take sides) so I'll continue to stick with my current impression of her.

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Writes quite well

Read her blog only recently cos of XX's remarks. Found her blog very plain and a bit hard to navigate. Her style is okay, rather straight forward. Can't say about her writing style but so far, seems clear and well organised. At least her grammar is quite good.

Her pictures are not as interesting as that of the other bigger bloggers. Kind of plain and quality rather lacking. Of course the fact that she is a model means she can attract some traction for her blog and she does not come across as too fluffy.

I may continue to read occasionally.

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Chick vs Dick

First off, I really don't get the comparison between Jill and Kay Kay in the Chick vs Dick show. They are two different characters, you can't possibly compare apple and orange. For those who don't yet know of the show, Chick vs Dick is a show by Click Network TV; it can be easily found on YouTube. It basically puts its two hosts/characters - Paul Twohill (the "Dick") and Jill (the "Chick"/ formerly Kay Kay) through really weird but funny tasks. These tasks might be a little overboard at times, but hey, anything in the name of entertainment, right? These tasks encompass reliving childhood games, and basically doing really weird challenges to see who comes out as the champion i.e. Chick vs. Dick.

Kay Kay was the former and first "Chick", thus having the fortune of not having any former "Chick" to be compared to. I must say that she was quite skillful in being quite sporty - going all out to do what was required of her, yet still being able to remain her glamour and "poise". Kay Kay has since left Chick vs Dick due to personal commitments, but she still appears occasionally on various show on Click Network's YouTube channel. I have to say she had quite a number of waldrobe malfunctions during her Chick vs Dick days - donning unflattering hairstyles and outfits that I felt did not do justice to her aesthetic features.

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(Updated: August 08, 2013)

Very pretty

I love her Chick vs Dick episodes. She's obviously really witty as evident from her quick thinking in those episodes. She's such an eye candy too! Totally a model material.

I don't really enjoy her blog or twitter to be honest. Her tweets especially, can be quite annoying. Last time, I followed her on Twitter and she's always talking about Yutaki and whatnot, I find it annoying that she's always tweeting mindless stuff as if she's begging for so much for attention so I stopped following her.

She was quite mean too in S Factor, so I dislike her in that show. She's much nicer in Chick vs Dick, probably because there are no other girls.

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Wonderful blogger

I first caught my eye on Yan Kay Kay when I chanced upon an interesting episode of "Chick vs Dick" on Since then, I have been reading her blog, following her on Twitter and Instagram! She's really hilarious and straight to the point, whether it comes to her blogging style or just screaming at Paul at "Chick VS Dick". I also think she's one of the more alluring females in Singapore (I'm not homosexual!).

Someone like her really deserves more recognition! With a cheerful personality and a great sense of style, more people should check out her blog and various social media accounts. Plus, "Chick VS Dick" is one of the best shows around!

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A few gems scattered around

Capable of writing very well, especially if she tries. Though that isn’t the most common kind of entry on her blog. She does have a few gems of posts nestled among the typical posts about beauty products and hair ties though. Many times, I can’t help but feel that she’s capable of much more meaningful posts.

Like most female bloggers, she undoubtedly has the face and body to be uploading numerous pictures of herself. She’s interesting in that she appears to have a distinctly different background and skill set from other bloggers. However, her main income stream and focus likely isn’t on her blog, seeing that it isn’t updated the most often. If you were just looking for something to pass time with, other blogs might be more suitable.

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Contains a certain standard to be able to join and win multiple beauty contests.

I first learnt about her through Xiaxue, being that they both were pretty good friends. Then, she made the most impression on me was during the show she was hosting on with paul twohill, "Chick vs Dick". During the show she challenges paul to various challenges and does win the challenges during some episodes.

Many have criticized her on some episodes commenting how much of a spoilsport she is and etcetera, however, i can't really say much for i do not really know her personally. The only thing i can judge her upon is based on her outlooks. And i can definitely say she does have the looks and the physique to qualify for beauty pageants and contests. More siginificantly is being able to make the cover page for FHM.

Not only is she beauty, but brains too. She has opened her online shop, Kandy Kayne, selling various clothings and miscellaneous accessories. That said, she also comes from a chain of rather dignified schools.

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