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Listing created by Iswariya on November 10, 2012    

Lady Iron Chef is a regular online food reviewer on his popular blog, his honest opinions are refreshing and he also offers travel insights as well. 


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It's a guy!

Do not be misleaded by the malefic misleading title, because ladyironchef is actually a guy! Imagine my surprise when I first found that out. Gender aside, his blog is very well written.

The photos make the food seem a lot tastier than they would actually be! Having been disappointed countless times by the wonders of lighting in pictures (, I'm glad to say that the food featured by him are great and worthy of the look they are given in the photos. When I hear recommendations by my friends, I first google and see if he's written any entry on them, before making my decisions.

Although there was a fiasco a few years back about him asking for free food (i can't confirm this), I'm glad to see that he's still around. His website has accumulated quite a number of entries over the years, and it is likely that he has an entry on any restaurant that you would like to visit. Do check him out!

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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

Saves me money

Lady Iron Chef is a well-known Singaporean food blogger who goes around this sunny island eating and comes back with feedback and opinions.

His blog has indeed saved me much on cash. This is because I often hear about places to go to eat, but wasn't sure of whether I would like the food there. My go-to website is Lady Iron Chef's blog, because he provides insightful opinions about the food at different restaurants, and about 90% of the time, my sentiments are the same as his.

This is saved me from going to places that I would probably not enjoy, and this has thus saved me quite a load of cash. Good money should be spent on good food. I am eternally grateful for this blog.

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The god of food?

The famous food blogger "ladyironchef" is perhaps the biggest foodie of them all. I can do a Google search on the name of any restaurant, eatery, bar, cafe, bakery, cakery and so on, and I'm almost bound to get a link to this guy's blog. He has dined at so many places that it's almost insane, and I sometimes wonder if he spends his life doing nothing but eat.

His blog posts are generally very helpful, not always as well-written and informative as I like, but the pictures usually suffice. I also like that he ranks his personal choices regarding certain kinds of restaurants, like buffet restaurants and all-day breakfast places, which is helpful for people with very specific tastes in food.

It's also helpful for the readers that he visits and writes about some places more than once as this gives them an idea of whether the restaurant they're reading about is consistent in terms of food quality.

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Comprehensive food guide

I got to hand it to Lady Iron Chef — he is definitely one of the best food bloggers in Singapore. I enjoyed reading his blog when it was less commercialized (which translates to much more authentic opinions) and when he was really on a roll with all the chic and trendy cafes. I still go back every now and then for his updates, but they are less frequent and not as exciting as the past. Maybe that’s because he’s already covered the majority of dining places?

If you want a comprehensive guide to dining at Singapore, LDC would make a good one.

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the man behind the ladyironchef disguise

ladyironchef provides insightful reviews on interesting restaurants in Singapore, some of which even I have never heard before! His style of writing is both personal and enjoyable to read, and he offers many tips on places to eat in our little red dot. Every time I do a search on a restaurant in Singapore, his blog is bound to be among the top few results and I enjoy trawling through his writings to learn more about where to go to have a taste of unique Singapore.

His photography is also very professional, and the food looks even more appetizing thanks to his skills. Do check out his informative site, it is highly recommended (:

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My secret

If you do a search for review of some Singapore restaurants, most likely that one of the results will show a link to Lady Iron Chef. I had been directed to the blogs many times and each time I was thankful that the search engine had returned such a good link.

I had been tasked many times to find restaurants for some events in the company and this blog definitely helped a lot. I would be confident that if the blog said that a restaurant was good, it would definitely be good and I need not worry about bringing my colleagues to some bad restaurants serving bad food. In fact, many times, my colleagues had said I had good taste and really know where to find good food. I would keep this blog my secret so I would continue to be tasked to find better restaurants for our events.

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good food, pictures and reads

I respect ladyironchef for all the things he provide for the readers. He is able to "bring us" to all the great eating places in Singapore, make really good compilation of places and provide great pictures!

His food recommendations is really great. Even as a Singaporean, I didn't even knew that there is so much to eat here! Through him, I believe many people, including foreigners, are able to know a lot more about Singapore each day. Thus, I am proud that he is able to make Singapore's title as a food paradise known abroad.

And now, aside from recommending just Singapore delicacies, he provides really good posts/tips about eating overseas. You can also follow his Instagram to see constant updates of good food, good stay and interesting quotes.

I also admire his courage to be a full time food blogger. I think behind all these glamour, there are loads of hard work and efforts put in. It takes courage to take on such an unconventional job and I hope he will continue to do it well :)

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

ladyironchef is a -gasp- man

Well, this man sure had all of us fooled. Ladyironchef, what kind of man will name his blog that? Seriously, wow.

This blog is pretty amazing if you are looking for a place to eat, or you are super hungry at 2am and you like torturing yourself with lovely pictures of food and more food, go for it lady, man.

I feel pretty cheated however as i pictured the blogger to be a fat office lady, eating and eating good food, with all that food adding to her waist and her life revolving around eating and food and pictures and she has no one but food loving her. Surprise, surprise! Ladyironchef is a man! Not gay also, got girlfriend okay? What kind of straight man will call himself Ladyironchef? This world is getting pretty screwed, so many straight men running around acting and looking oh so fabulously fag. Seriously.

And if you have heard that video kill the radio star, I'm glad this blogger doesn't show his face.

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(Updated: January 14, 2013)


I want to become LadyCopperChef, but i will probably get sued for copyright infringement. Ladyironchef really inspires me. He has an awesome collection of reviews of almost every restaurant in Singapore. From western cuisine to hawker fare, to dessert buffets, Brad Lau has it all covered. Just google his 'ladyironchef (name of restaurant)' and most likely his review will pop up.

Going beyond that, he even has posts on places to visit, hotels to stay in and food to eat when overseas. I became his fan because of his honesty in his reviews. If its bad, he will say its bad. He will not coat things with a layer of sugar and make things sound nicer then it should. Also, it is because we have kinda same taste in food. What he likes, usually I will like too, with few exceptions.

Visit his blog if you need to find a quiet place to chill or if you just want to experience a slightly different dining experience, not the usual dining options.

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Very informative food blog

Ladyironchef is a popular food blogger in Singapore and i believe hes still a student as i see him in school at times. He usually post reviews on eateries in Singapore, and occassionally does compilations on where to find the best cupcakes, where to find the best korean food etc which is comprehensive and provides many choices for viewers.

Ladyironchef will always appear whenever i google for the restaurant name so i gather he really has a wide range of reviews under his blog so you can visit his blog if you want more information or ideas on the best 'xxx' in town.

However, just a small gripe i had about his reviews, he tend to reviews places that are not really as affordable as he claims. Maybe hes just rich/popular but sometimes 40 dollars a meal per pax seem cheap and affordable to him when it may not be likewise for other students reading his blog

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