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Listing created by hhisprincess on May 11, 2012    
Located on the second level of The Plaza, Revive serves as a sanctuary for the working professionals after a hearty day’s work, the bright and airy interior giving you a sense of inner-peace and tranquility.

With the rapid advancement of technology, we are constantly upgrading and improving our services, products and loyalty programmes to serve you better. Our products are by Institut Esthederm, one of the leading skincare brands in the French Market. Its uniquely formulated products help rejuvenate and bring out the natural glow and radiance of your skin.

‘Beauty is only skin deep, true beauty emanates from within’ - at Revive, we pride ourselves as the leading advocate for the treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Meridian bodyworks. This new fusion therapy combines the Eastern and Western therapies to enhance your body’s immune and circulatory systems. It emphasizes on both mental and physical health of our customers, thereby, boosting their self-confidence to unleash their hidden beauty.

Mental wellbeing and healthy lifestyle is the crux to beauty, and beauty itself is a lifestyle. Not only do you need to eat the right food and have regular sleep, we strongly advocate a combination of our fusion therapy to ensure shapely figure and glowing radiance from within. Our body needs to unwind, so pamper yourself with our wellness treatments and massages. With Revive’s research and well-crafted beauty procedures, you will be in good hands. Just lie back and let us provide you the paradisiacal seclusion you deserve.

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Recommendable place for Brazilian Wax

I did Brazilian Wax in Revive Wellness and it was so pleasant. The ambience of the room is so cosy, dim-lit, and makes you feel like you are having a spa treat in a high class resort. The bed and the pillow were comfortable and I could see some rolled towels nicely displayed at the side.  Oh , the kimono robe is really cute and i do love it! My therapist was very friendly and chatty. She made me feel comfortable and assured that I'm in good hands. 

The chocolate wax smell is so calming and good! From the smell itself, I could sense that the chocolate wax used is original and it made me wanting to eat them. I know that is impossible but that was how good it smelt. 
The whole process is hygienic, gloves and spatula used. I would not say it is painless but my therapist was so nice to tell me what to do or to ask me to breathe deeply and exhale so that the pain can be reduced. 

After the session, I was served with a cup of herbal tea and I made payment for it. Unlike other spa and beauty center, they did not hard sell anything to me. 
They just told me about the facial package that is going on promotion and they asked me to consider getting it. The price was quite reasonable and so I purchased it. Now, I am looking forward to my facial treat in Revive Wellness. 

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I'd go back again!

I have been to Revive Wellness for a session of Brazallian Waxing as a deal that I bought from a website.

When I first stepped into the place, I was amazed at how nice smelling the place is, and how cozy the entire outlet is.
I was also served by really sweet and pleasant staffs who were attentive to my needs, and immediately offered me a cup of tea.

As they went to prepare the rooms for the session, the staffs outside made sure I wasn't bored by making small talks with me, and telling me more about what the package would include and what I would be provided with.

I was then led to a room where they had private showers so you can wash yourself before the brazallian waxing session.
They gave me a nice kimono bathrobe which was really silky and comfortable.

The staff were really gentle throughout the entire session especially since they knew it was my first time.
They also explained to me what they would doing, and what I could do to lessen the pain.

Even after the session was over, the staffs still took care of me, and even asked for my feedback.
Of all places I have been for brazallian, I have to say, Revive Wellness will be my Favourite!

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The Plaza
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