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1 Raffles Place Rooftop One Raffles Place (OUB Centre) Singapore 048616
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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

1-Altitude Gallery stands at 282 metres and boasts a spectacular 360-degree view of Singapore.

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6pm - 2am
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6pm - 4am (Sundays 6pm - 1am)
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For a chilled night and Great Views

This is a great place to go with some colleagues, stand around with a drink in hand, admire the view and have a chat. The rooftop ambience makes this bar. It's a great setting. Because the upper deck wraps around the main floor, there are enough pockets of space to feel like you have your own little corner, rather than one massive shared space.

The music and dancefloor is not the main reason to come here, but if you're in the mood then yes you could get down too.

Best come dressed up and ready to spend on cocktails. True about really bad reception. Tricky if you're arranging to meet friends, but hey its great to really detach and enjoy the moment.

Also perfect if you're showing someone around town.

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(Updated: February 03, 2013)


I went to 1-Altitude for the Hyperise party some time ago. The view was breath-taking. Aside from that, there really isn't much else to recommend about 1-Altitude. This roof-top establishment has all the trappings of Singapore nightlife: mediocre music, over-priced plonk and snooty wait staff.

For some reason, the drinks are served in disposable plastic cups. Classy. Presumably, this is a pre-emptive measure against killer litter since any glass object tossed over the parapet surrounding the entire roof venue would surely prove fatal to passers-by.

The music was so bland I can't even recall what was being played. Top 40 rubbish probably. Anyway, who needs a dj with a view like that?

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The View
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so high that most phones have no reception

I have only been up there 3 times, and they are all private events which is by invitation only, so there is no need to purchase any ticket to go up. The view is lovely especially during sunset, but that is provided the weather is good. There is no shelter if it rains and if I remember correctly, they have some kind of drink discount promotion going on for rainy days.

One of the inconvenience I have experience there is that there is either totally no reception or intermittent reception for Singtel and M1lines, and only Starhub seems to be working but the connection is bad too. So if you are meeting friends there they may not be able to contact you if you go up first.

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(Updated: October 24, 2012)

Great chill-out place with awesome views

I've heard rave reviews prior to visiting 1-altitude for the first time.

I decided to head there for some drinks in the evening on a weekday. The ticket cost us $25 each which includes 1 free drink.

It was 64 stories-high and the views were breathtaking! You can have unlimited viewing and it's accompanied with great music. It's a really nice chill-out place with such pleasant ambience and magnificent views.

Frankly speaking as I've been to the observation deck at MBS before, the entry to 1-Altitude gallery was so much more worth it. Could be due to the gallery being located at a higher level than the MBS observation deck. All i know is, the bar definitely plays a part.

The only downside is that it can get really crowded at times.

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breathtaking views
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Wonderful experience

My absolute favorite place to chill out with friends for a couple of cold ones.
What better way to enjoy a weekend night out than relaxing with your friends at one of the highest points in Singapore, enjoying the view, listening to the house spun tracks by One Altitude's very own Djs and drinking? (reasonably of course)

Answer? Almost nothing. (Maybe except striking the lottery but fantasies aside)
Service there is one of the best I've ever had.
From the moment you exit the lift and step onto the patio, you'll be greeted and led to your seats and have your orders taken.
No awkward fidgeting or the meek hand raise trying to get the idling waiter/waitress' attention like I've encountered in other places.

With an open roof concept, you must be thinking 'What if it rains?'
Of course they've got it covered. In the situation where it rains, you will be guided to a few levels down into another bar , where your fun can continue.

This is one place I see myself returning time and time again.

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Best part:
The view
One Raffles Place
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